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It's over.
The first CFP-National Champion has won his title and the winner is .... OHIO STATE.


#2 Oregon vs. #4 Ohio State @ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX
I did pick Oregon, but I was aware that Ohio State has a monster O-line and Oregon will have to play basically perfect offense to win.
Well .. that didn't happen.
Oregon started well, first drive, first TD.
Then they did held Ohio State good enough in check to force a punt.
On the very next drive they had only 5 plays and were also forced to punt.
Ohio State answered with a nice drive, highlighted by a rumbling 33 yard rushing TD.
Game tied.
Oregons response was weak and Ohio State was able to score the next drive again.
Buckeyes up front 7.
Then did both teams check out the defenses and were not able to move the ball much.
The second quarter started and Oregon got another scoring chance.
On 4th and goal, on OSUs 3 yard line did the Ducks decide to go for it, and rushed into the big defense line of the Buckeyes. No TD.
Ohio State went over the whole field, most of it by a 47 yard pass, but fumbled the ball in the Oregon redzone away.
Oregon on the other hand was unable to do anything with the ball and punted a few plays later.
Ohio State got the ball at midfield and was again able to score a TD.
Ohio State up 14.
Oregon motivated themselves again a bit and were able to move down the field.
But again, they were stopped in the redzone, this time they kicked a FG.
Buckeyes lead cut to 11.
Oregon did everything (except an onside kick) to get the ball back and they really got 2 plays before the half, tried even a lateral play, but they went into the half trailing by 11 points.
Still an open game.
At that point I was disappointed that Oregon was so ineffective on offense.
Ohio State was able to dictate the game speed, which helps them a lot.
The 3rd quarter started with a boom.
The Buckeyes got the ball and went down the field, until the ball was intercepted. No return.
Next play, Oregon TD, 70 yards.
Ducks down by 4.
Ohio State went for another drive and fumbled the ball, Oregon recovered and despite the great field position (OSU 23) they were unable to score a TD.
They kicked a FG and were only down by 1 point.
Momentum swing?
Not so fast.
Ohio State did create a long drive and finished it with a rushing TD.
Buckeyes leading by 8.
And then did everything go down for Oregon.
Oregon was not able to move the ball; Ohio State scored a TD the next drive.
The next drives, both teams were forced to punt, only Ohio State was 15 up front and did run down the clock.
Oregon got the ball with 4:17 to play and deep in their territory.
4 plays later they were forced to play 4th and 11 to maintain a chance for victory or give the ball back and lose they game almost for sure.
They played the down, did not get the 1st down and Ohio State did cash in.
That's it.
What went wrong for Oregon?
Offense: Unable to get the dynamic offense rolling, lots of errors, penalties and yes, a good Ohio State defense.
Defense: Unable to stop the run and that cost them not only points, but also time.
Oregon was 2-12 on third down and 0-2 on fourth down. A disaster. (Ohio State 8-15 on 3rd and 3-3 on 4th).
Ohio State had 296 rushing yards, which kept them alive the whole game.
Oregon had 10 penalties with 76 yards, Ohio State had 5 of 30 yards.
Teams can overcome such number, but those things should nat happen at a bad time. And for Oregon they did.
Congratulation to Ohio State for the win.
#2 Oregon 20 - #4 Ohio State 42 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 21-18

That's it, the college season is over.
Thanks for reading!

'Til next time

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