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This weekend had not many really thrilling matchups so it' no wonder the espn Gameday circus did chose this weekend as their FCS weekend, hosting James Madison vs Richmond.
The FBS teams did of cause play and in fact some of the games had stunning results, but it's hard to know this up front.

For most teams, it just was another weekend, beating another opponent to stay on the top, or to get the spanking they expected, to stay in the shadows.

Still , the playoff contenders got some hits this weekend and we are moving slowly to the final month, playing the last October matchups next weekend, so it's time to get nervous.
More later.

Now let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 8

Sat. Oct. 24 - 12:00 pm ET
#6 Clemson @ Miami (Fla.)
This game went not as I expected it to go.
I did expect a 40-21 win, or something like that.
It went 21-0, 42-0, 45-0 and 58-0 as final result.
THAT was a statement.
Miamis QB got hit and had to leave for concussion check.
For Clemson it's now a road game to NC State ahead and then comes the showdown against FSU, at home.
At the moment it looks all very perfect for the Tigers.
On the other hand does this loss not help Al Golden to keep his job.
The pressure did increase dramatically, since many Alumni did ask for his head and that's always a threat for an university, since they can't effort to lose boosters.
Clemson 58 - Miami (Fla.) 0 -> Jacks Score: 22-8

Sat. Oct. 24 - 7:00 pm ET
#9 Florida State @ Georgia Tech
After the dramatic finish between Michigan State and Michigan, I did not expect to see another one soon.
Well, I was wrong.
FSU did control Georgia Tech good enough to win the 1st half 16-10, but Georgia Tech came back in the 2nd half and tied the game at 16 with less than a minute to play.
Not so fast.
With 8 plays in 36 seconds did FSU go from their own 20 to GTs 38 yard line.
Now 4th and 6, they lines up for a 55 yarder to win the game.
Then this happened:

Not THAT dramatic as the MSU-MU-finish, since at that time MU was in the lead, but still.
"What a time to be alive!"
Well said.
Did I pick the Yellow Jackets?
Yes I did.
Florida State 16 - Georgia Tech 22 -> Jacks Score: 23-8

Sat. Oct. 24 - 7:00 pm ET
#15 Texas A&M @ #24 Ole Miss
Another to that way expected games.
I don't want to take any effort from Texas A&M away, but they did not play very well and lost this one with a way higher margin than I expected.
The Aggies did score only once, with a FG.
And it's not like Ole Miss did play perfect, their QB did throw 3 interceptions (and only 2 TDs) and they also miss a FG.
At the end was A&M here not on their heights and will have to play way better the next few games to stay in the hunt for the division and a good bowl spot.
Ole Miss did stay alive in the same hunt, with just 1 conference loss on the same spot as Alabama and 1 game behind the unbeaten LSU.
Texas A&M 3 - Ole Miss 23 -> Jacks Score: 24-8

Sat. Oct. 24 - 7:30 pm ET
#3 Utah @ USC
Huh, and then it happened.
Utahs QB had a very bad day and Utahs defense did their share on top.
The 1st quarter was still OK, but the 2nd quarter did already shift the momentum to the home team, winning the half 28-17.
But that was not the end, USC held Utah scoreless in the 3rd and allowed only 7 in the 4th, while they did score 7 each quarter on top.
This loss by Utah ends the PAC12-club of unbeaten teams, which was only Utah was still a member of.
From sports point of view, this was great, but from PAC12 point of view, this could end in a 5th or worse spot on the playoff list, which would mean, the conference will be left out.
The next games will decide this, but at the moment, it looks like every PAC12 team can fall every weekend, and at the end, all other conference are the winners.
To have a word on USC: They did look good, on offense and defense.
Only time will tell, if they do rebound or if this was more consequence of Utahs down day.
Utah 24 - USC 42 -> Jacks Score: 24-9

More interesting results:
Arkansas State did beat Louisiana-Lafayette 37-27. Now ASU is in good position to take control of the Sun Belt, but they need to win against Appalachian State in 2 weeks.
UCLA won against Cal 40-24 and did send them that way more or less out of the playoff hunt. The Bruins did keep their division hopes alive that way.
Temple overcame East Carolina 24-17 and is now 7-0 the 1st time in school history.
Appalachian State handed Georgia Southern their 1st Sun Belt loss 31-13. The Mountaineers do have to battle the conference out against Arkansas State.
A high scoring game did end with 66-42, giving Memphis their next win, now 7-0, losing team was Tulsa.
San Diego State wins against Utah State 48-14. SDSU is now the best MWC team.
Alabamas defense and their rushing game had to step up big to beat Tennessee 19-14. Many did see Alabama on an upset path here, but they did survive and are still in the hunt for the division.
Toledo did need a big 2nd half to win against UMass and stay unbeaten. Score was 51-35.
Duke did almost fall to Virginia tech, but survived on the road with a 45-43 in 4 overtimes.
Pittsburgh wins against Syracuse to stay on top of their division. Final score of the game was 23-20.
Texas beats Kansas State 23-9. Texas does still need at least 3 wins to get a Bowl spot.
Northwestern came up with a win on the road against Nebraska, 30-28.
Another 4OT game at Arkansas. The Razorbacks did win at the end against Auburn 54-46.
Louisville did bounce back and won against Boston College, 17-14. For both teams the main focus has to be now to get the 6 wins for a Bowl. Both have 3 wins so far.
North Carolina won against Virginia, 26-13. UNC now on the same level as Pitt for the division. Next week will be the clash against Pitt.
Buffalo did win against Ohio, 41-17. Ohio with some ups and downs this season, not good enough to be a player in the conference, but good enough to play spoiler.
Washington State was able to win against Arizona in the desert. 45-42. Wazzu now 5-3, but 3-1 in the PAC12, right behind Stanford in the division.
Vanderbilt got their 1st SEC win this season. They won against Missouri 10-3.

'Til next time

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