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Eindicken (means to concentrate/to condense)

What a wild weekend.

The group of unbeaten teams got cut down by 5 teams (Toledo, TCU, Memphis, Michigan State and LSU). Only 6 teams are left unbeaten.

Most of those losses by unbeaten teams were upsets, not expected.

But the wildest play for me came in a game which only had an influence on the SEC standings, but was not the biggest game of the weekend.

It happened in Overtime were the Arkansas Razorbacks were trailing 45-52, Ole Miss had scored a TD plus XP and Arkansas had the ball.
As you hopefully know, the teams do get the ball at the opponents 25 yards line, without a kickoff and do start with 1st and 10.
Arkansas did struggle big time and with penalties and a crucial sack by the Rebels it was soon 4th and 25 on the 40 yard line.

Then this:

A wild finish, a gutsy call and a sad ending for the Rebels.

The consequences of this game are, that Ole Miss, prior to the game still in the driving seat to win the SEC West, has now to hope for several losses by Alabama and other teams to stay in the game.
Honestly, this upset did push them very likely out of the SEC race.

For the Razorbacks, this is sugar on a bad season so far and I think they might even reach a bowl now, thanks to a 3 game winning streak so far.

Now let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 10

Sat. Nov. 7 - 12:00 pm ET
Duke @ #21 North Carolina
This was a slaughterhouse.
The score after each quarter were
1st: 3-21
2nd: 10-38
3rd: 24-59
4th: 31-66
UNC did score 60+ points the 1st time ever in that series.
For UNC, the ACC Coastal Division is now up for grab, but they still have to play 3 games and are leading 1 game against the next team Pitt, against whom they won already.
For Duke there is only very slim chance to win the Division. All they can do is winning and hoping for upsets.
Duke 31 - North Carolina 66 -> Jacks Score: 28-11

Sat. Nov. 7 - 3:30 pm ET
#17 Florida State @ #3 Clemson
Dabo is dancing.
The coach of Clemson did some dancing after the game, which they won by 10 points (which is less than I and Vegas did expect) and which did seal the Division Title for the Tigers.
Until the start of the 4th quarter, this game was more or less even. It was tied at 13.
Then did Clemson score and FSU not, resulted in a 23-13 victory over that rival that did destroy their seasons the past few years so often.
Clemson has two games left to play, but is leading 2 games ahead of FSU and Louisville, so this one is sealed.
They will play in the ACC Championship game.
The only thing they have to secure until then is, not losing.
Because if they lose, they will drop in the playoff race.
One strange outcome of that weekend: Clemson is now ranked #1 in the AP polls and did jump long time leading Ohio State, even when the Buckeyes did NOT lose.
With Syracuse, Wake Forest and South Carolina it looks all set for a perfect season, but as some other teams which lost this weekend regarding easy games.
FSU now has to win the remaining games to secure a big paid bowl, nothing more to play for.
Florida State 13 - Clemson 23 -> Jacks Score: 29-11

Sat. Nov. 7 - 3:30 pm ET
#5 TCU @ #12 Oklahoma State
This game was destined to know 1 unbeaten team of the list, since both were unbeaten before the game.
Many had TCU as the favorite in the game and they most have been in a shock watching the game.
The 1st quarter was fine I think, the Cowboys did lead only by 5, but then did TCU not score in the 2nd quarter and was unable to stop the Cowboys.
With 28-9 at halftime, this was far from over.
Unfortunately it went even worse for the Frogs.
With 42-16 ended the 3rd quarter and the final few minutes did see a slow comeback by TCU, but only for the final score of 49-29 for Oklahoma State.
TCUs luck did run out and they got the 1st big knock in the playoff rankings and also in the Big12 Standings.
For Oklahoma State does the wild season continue, for TCU it already did start to become a hope and fear season.
They can still win the Big12, but it's already hard to predict, if they will get a spot in the playoffs, if they would win the rest.
TCU 29 - Oklahoma State 49 -> Jacks Score: 30-11

Sat. Nov. 7 - 8:00 pm ET
#4 LSU @ #7 Alabama
Alabama did lead 13-10 at the half and had the LSU star RB in check, while their RB did run wild so far.
Both teams are well known for good adjustments, so everything could have changed after that halftime break.
Well ... it did.
Alabama did pull away with 17 unanswered points and LSU did only score again in garbage time.
That loss did end LSUs streak as unbeaten team and Alabama is now in the driving seat for the division title, thanks to Arkansas win over Ole Miss.
Alabama has to play 2 more games and both won't be that easy, but should be easier than LSU.
LSU has to hope for an Alabama loss and has to win some games to get back in the hunt for the division.
Overall it looks like we will see the Tide against the Gators in the SEC title game.
LSU 16 - Alabama 30 -> Jacks Score: 31-11

More interesting results:
As mentioned in the preview, Toledo did lose against Northern Illinois 27-32. Now is Western Michigan leading the division, but Toledo still has to play them.
Baylor did look quite good with their freshman QB against Kansas State, winning 31-24.
Arkansas State won against Appalachian State 40-27. They are now leading the SBC alone and each of their remaining 3 opponents did not win more than 2 games in the season.
Michigan State was unable to come back and Nebraska did win their 1st close game to knock off unbeaten MSU 39-38.
Iowa did win a close one against Indiana, 35-27 and are now very close winning the division.
Florida was almost knocked off by Vanderbilt, but did score a game winning FG in the 4th quarter to win the game 9-7 and the SEC East with 2 games up front against the next teams and 1 conference game left to play.
Navy did the unthinkable and knocked off Memphis from the ranks of the unbeaten, in Memphis, with a 45-20 win.
Auburn did show some live beating Texas A&M 26-10. A&M is bad since a few games.
Northwestern won against Penn State, 23-21, but lost their QB.
Houston stayed unbeaten winning against Cincinnati 33-30.
West Virginia got their 1st Big12 win against Texas Tech, winning 31-26.
Middle Tennessee won against Marshall 27-24 in 3OT. Marshall now 1 game behind Western Kentucky in the CUSA East Division
New Mexico did beat Utah State 14-13. Now the Mountain Division is only a 2 team race, with Utah State now 1 game behind those 2 teams.
Oregon did beat Cal 44-28. Cal lost now 4 in a row.
On the other hand did USC beat Arizona 38-30 and won now 3 straight.

'Til next time

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