2016-05-22 15:09

Huh...what's that?

Since RedZoneAction went online back in 2011, one topic is the probably most stressed: how to write an Offensive Playbook that works in most situations, and keeps the Defense of my opponent busy all game long?

Some managers spend hours over hours in writing Playbooks several 100 lines deep. Others try to find so called holes in the game engines logic. Sometimes managers create so called lopsided tactics. A simple translation of this would be "use the same formation all game long".

Since a few seasons the simulation checks for such lopsided tactics, and gives the Defense some advantage. This is to reflect real life, where you would hardly win a single game when playing "shotgun trips right" all game long.

As in every other simulation some of our managers play a game, while others enter "science mode", and try to find exploits, odds in the engines balance. This is where “Coaches karma” comes in.

On top of the already existing try to find lopsided tactic settings in advance and to weaken this kind of tactics, the Karma calculation works “after the game”, by checking how the game was played, finally. If it detects “strange settings”, the Coaches karma will lower. The game will tell you about this in the Matchstatistics. Right now this Karma has no effect, so consider this to be a temporary stage for the moment. But the future lays clear in front of us: earlier or later this Karma will influence certain levels of your team if it is ongoing low. Possible results can vary from much less spectators and therefore income from games, up to much more effective Coaching of the opponents’ defense.

But to make it very clear: right now, the karma won't result in anything than a dumb display for the moment!

So what to do? Check your karma level, and try to have a more sophisticated offensive play calling.

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