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The season is far from being over, but for some teams it sure feels like it is already.

The 3rd week did give some teams their first loss, some even their crucial second loss, which is not automatically a playoff exit card handed to them, but for sure there are a lot of things which have to happen until a 2-loss-teams gets serious consideration for a playoff spot.

Next week, when the warmup phase is over, more and more serious games are scheduled and the cupcake-games are reduced to a minimum, I will start to give you a list of the teams in the lead for a playoff spot, which are in the hunt and which are in need for a wonder.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 3

Sat. Sept. 17 - 12:00 AM ET
#2 Florida State @ #10 Louisville
How does it feel when you are told you can win it all, by the coaches, the press and for sure by your friends and families and you have your eyes on the biggest enemy Clemson and you get flatten by a blindside hit from Lamar Jacksons led Cardinals?
Season over?
Not 100%, but that deam of a championship season got a major blow.
That was a major shift of power this weekend.
Before that game FSU was ranked #2 in the country in the AP polls and got 4 1st place considerations, while Louisville was #10.
After that weekend FSU dropped to #13 and Louisville did rise to #3 with 6 1st place considerations, which are more then #2 Ohio State got, having 4, after a big win over Oklahoma.
The major opponent Clemson is at the moment ranked at #5 and Louisville and Clemson will battle it out beginning of October. Can't wait to see that.
FSU had never a real chance to win this and they were trailing very early and never recovered.
A not so epic game regarding the margin, an epic game regarding the shift of power.
Florida State 20 - Louisville 63 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 4-6

Sat. Sept. 17 - 1:30 PM ET
#1 Alabama @ #19 Ole Miss
Ole Miss did blew it, again.
After blewing a 20+ point lead against FSU in week 1 did the team now blew a 20+ lead against Alabama.
The difference here is, that this loss will cost them much more than just a game, it will eventually cost them a trip to the SEC finals and the playoffs.
Alabama came back after trailing 21 points and did lead by a big chuck of points on their own when Ole Miss tried a comeback in the 4th quarter, but failed.
Alabama did not look like an unbeatable team, they just looked like a team which can fight and which can win, while Ole Miss did look like they tried to be something they are not ready to be, contenders.
There is plenty of season left for both teams, so everthing is still possible.
Alabama has just one game and the direct compare up front, which might become crucial.
Alabama 48 - Ole Miss 43 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 5-6

Sat. Sept. 17 - 7:30 PM ET
#12 Michigan State @ #18 Notre Dame
I think we now get some rest from the damn Notre Dame is a contender talk.
After losing against Texas the Irish lost against Michigan State, at home.
Welcome to the Non-Playoff-Teams.
The Spartans did lead 15-7 at the half and 36-14 at the end of the 3rd quarter.
So much for limited scoring for the Spartans. I never thought the Irish would be so weak on defense, or the Spartans so strong on offense (I prefer the defense theory).
Notre Dame did try a comeback, but failed and did score only 14 points in the last quarter, which was not enough.
The Irish are not a bad team, they are just not that good team they want everybody to believe they are.
I'm not sure what works right in the contending schools and doesn't work in South Bend, but the Irish are no contenders, period.
On the other hands I'm not sure whether Michigan State will survive tests against Ohio State and Michigan later in the season. They did not look that good and the other two teams in their division do look a lot sharper.
Anyway, Spartans have that rivalry win, Irish got their second tier teaam label officially handed to them and everybody is happy (except Irish fans, for sure).
Michigan State 36 - Notre Dame 28 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 5-7

Sat. Sept. 17 - 7:30 PM ET
#3 Ohio State @ #14 Oklahoma
Oh boy, the Sooners better grow another pair of family jewels, since Ohio State did take the old ones with them.
The Buckeyes did score 45 points, in Norman, while the Sooners had invited a lot of potential committing recruited kids. That might have backfired. Some of those kids said afterwards, he was impressed, by Ohio State.
Oklahoma did not look that bad, they just did not look THAT good as Ohio State.
If Oklahoma is really the team to beat inside the Big12, it got beaten already twice by teams outside the conference, so if they really make it to the top of the Big12 as Champ, the Big12 will not get considerations for the playoffs. I'm pretty sure.
Ohio State on the other hand is in full contention mode and there is still room for improvements.
The showdown against the Spartans and the Wolverines is highly anticipated.
Ohio State 45 - Oklahoma 24 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 6-7

Sat. Sept. 17 - 8:00 PM ET
USC @ #7 Stanford
I'm honestly not sure whether Clay Helton will survive this season as USC head coach.
Granted, the season just started and granted, the team did play some good teams already, but Helton is basically in his second season and this is USC.
He has no big name to show and he for sure has not yet a reputation to show, too, so this team has to win.
And it doesn't.
They lost in a bad way against Alabama and they lost now against Stanford, also not in a close one.
Next up is Utah and that will be a tough one, too.
Stanford on the other hand got a crucial win inside the conference and is still the team to beat as defending PAC12 Champ.
The Stanford RB McCaffrey did his best to boost his Heisman standing, his bad luck is, that Lamar Jackson of Louisville does it all wih more style and more publicity.
The season is long, so who knows, but at the moment it seems McCaffreys chances do shrink, instead of rising.
USC 10 - Stanford 27 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 7-7

Other interesting games:

Fri. Sept. 16 - 7:30 PM ET
#6 Houston @ Cincinnati
I think it is now clear that only Houston can beat Houston. Cincinnati got burned 40-16, at home, with a hugh 4th quarter by Houston, scoring 28 points.
Jacks interesting games Score: 8-4

Sat. Sept. 17 - 12:00 AM ET
#25 Miami @ Appalachian State
That was a great game by Miami and did set the Mountaineers a bit back on track in the power of conferences. ACC vs Sun Belt, should be a win by the ACC team. It was a huge win, 45-10 for Miami.
Jacks interesting games Score: 9-4

Sat. Sept. 17 - 1:30 PM ET
#22 Oregon @ Nebraska
Close game, but Nebraska did win this. 35-32.
It will be interesting to see, how both teams will play against their conference teams, but Oregon seems to have a defense problem, as Nebraska might have one, too.
Jacks interesting games Score: 10-4

Sat. Sept. 17 - 1:30 PM ET
Pittsburgh @ Oklahoma State
High scoring game, but at the end did Oklahoma State prevail, winning 45-38, showing that Pitt has some work to do on defense.
That did cost them almost the win last week against Penn State, it did cost them the game this week against the Cowboys.
Jacks interesting games Score: 10-5

Sat. Sept. 17 - 10:45 PM ET
Surprisingly low scoring game, UCLA winning 17-14.
BYU tried to come back, but failed late in the 4th quarter.
Jacks interesting games Score: 11-5

And some other results which might be interesting:
Arizona State almost fell to UTSA, winning only 32-28, with a 17-0 performance in the 4th quarter.
Wisconsin was also almost upset, winning against Georgia State 23-17.
Iowa on the other hand was upset, when the North Dakota State Bisons (FCS) did hit the game winning field goal with time running out for the final score of 23-21 for the Bisons. They have now won all games against FBS opponents since 2010, now 6 in a row, this time it was the first time the opponent was ranked. Next season can Oregon try to break that streak.
Akron did win against Marshall 65-38, with a 34 poinst 2nd quarter.
Middle Tennessee won against Bowling Green 41-21.
Penn State won a close game against Temple, 34-27.
Memphis did destroy Kansas 43-7.
Georgia Tech did beat Vanderbilt 38-7.
UConn did win against Virginia a close game, 13-10. Virginia still winless.
Also still winless is Northern Illinois, losing against San Diego State 42-28.
UMass won their first game as independent 21-13 against Florida International.
South Florida won against Syracuse 45-20.
Virginia Tech hammered Boston College 49-0. Huge win for the Hokies under new management.
Western Michigan did beat Illinois 34-10. Illinois with a new coach had started promissing, but lost 2 in a row now.
Kentucky won a shoot out against New Mexico State 62-42. NMS will have to play better defense, if they want to make a stand inside their conference.
South Carolina had their hands full, but won against East Carolina 20-15.
Cal did win against Texas 50-43. Not sure what that means for both teams, but for sure it is a great win for Cal.
Georgia won with a late TD against Missouri 28-27.
Texas A&M won against Auburn 29-16, which is not so good for the Auburn coach. The seat is getting hotter.
LSU had their problems with Mississippi State, but won 23-20.
Eastern Michigan won against Charlotte 37-19. Will Eastern Michigan break the curse of being one of the worst teams in the FBS?
Troy won against Southern Miss 37-31. Big win here.
Army is 3-0 by winning 66-14 against UTEP. Is Army really making progress?
Northwestern did beat Duke 24-13.

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