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It seems to become a trend in football to drop the ball before you reach the endzone by starting the TD celebration a bit too early.

Last week we had an Oklahoma player dropping the ball right before the endzone against Ohio State and he was lucky the Zebras didn't see it. It was ruled a TD and at the end it didn't matter.

We also had a Cal player dropping it before the endzone on a play which would have sealed the game for good with another Cal-TD, making it a 2 score lead. This time the refs did see it, but not the rest of the players. The ball did bounce around, into the endzone and after some time a Texas player picked it up and gave it to a ref. The refs did decide that this fumble was ruled dead after some time and the ball was given to Cal at the one yard line, running down the clock and wining the game. If a Texas player would have picked up the ball right after the drop, inside the endzone, it would have given Texas the chance to win the game, either by going down the field in about a minute and score a TD, or even better, by returning it right there for a TD.

And such stuff did happen in the past, all over the leagues, High School, College and even in the NFL. Google for example for Utah - Oregon 2014. Utah did almost score a 14-0 lead, but at the end Oregon did return the fumble and scored for 7-7.

Now seriously, what is going on with those people?

The most important sound on a play is the whistle of the ref, and on a TD, you just drop the ball only AFTER that whistle.
Or best, give it to a ref. Rumor is, David Shaw, Stanfords HC did train exactly that with his kids this week.

I was fortune enough to never had this happen when I was a coach in Germany. I had to deal with a lot of other stuff, which did cost my team games, but luckly never such a stupid stuff.

How do you coach such a thing?
The hard way? Means pain and work until the players involved will never let go of the football?
The soft way? Means causing an environment where it is simple embarrasing doing such a mistake?
Some other way?

I hope after that weekend, the coaches do give their players some extra lessons and we won't see that again. But of cause we will see it again, maybe not this weekend, but some weekend, somewhere.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 4

Thu. Sept. 22 - 7:30 PM ET
#5 Clemson @ Georgia Tech
Both teams are unbeaten so far, but Clemson got better marketing and is ranked at #5, while at the moment GT is just playing through their easy non-conference games and did win those.
GT got some ranking points, but by far not enough to get under the top 25.
Clemson did look not dominant in their wins against Auburn and Troy, only the FCS game was a big win.
The Yellowjackets did win a close game against BC, a bit more convincing against Mercer and almost similar against Vanderbilt.
Now do the Tigers visit the Jackets on a short week in Atlanta.
They are favored by Vegas by 9.5 points, which can be valid.
If there were not concerns on offense of the Tigers.
I'm not sure what to make out of this, but the idea of Clemson losing to GT is interesting, but seems to be a bit off the mark.
I think Clemson will have much to do, but at the end will they win this.
Tigers win.

Fri. Sept. 23 - 9:00 PM ET
USC @ #24 Utah
Man, I would not like to be in Clay Heltons shoes.
USC has lost 2 of 3 and they now face Utah, on the road.
Vegas line is -3.0, so they expect a close game and a Utes win.
I'm not sure whether I'm sold on the close game.
The 2 important games by USC were both lost by a mile.
Fine, they lost to Stanford only by 17 points, but they changed their QB now.
Good move? Bad move?
I don't know.
I trust Utah to be more mature and good enough to win the game.
By more than 3 points?
Much more?
Maybe, but likely not.
Utes win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 12:00 AM ET
#12 Georgia @ #23 Ole Miss
This will be crucial.
Georgia did start good under the new coach with 3 wins, even when they were not all convincing.
Ole Miss did lose 2 of 3 after leading with 20+ points in those games.
You know what Vegas says? Ole Miss by 7.0
So Vegas does see something the rest has not seen from Ole Miss so far, the ability to beat a team?
Ole Miss should have won 2 more games, but they did not.
Georgia won against North Carolina and was smart enough to win against Missouri.
Before the season I would have picked Ole Miss here, without a doubt.
I'm not sure.
Ole Miss should be able to beat the Bulldogs, especially at home.
But they did blew 20+ point leads.
So I made up my mind and pick them as the winner, but in a close one.
Rebels win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 12:00 AM ET
#13 Florida State @ South Florida
This could become the end for the Seminoles for this season.
At least for their playoff ambitions.
South Florida is hot at the moment and FSU is ... not.
Vegas sees them 5.5 points ahead, I see them losing against the Bulls, on the road.
They have a hot offense.
Granted, the Bulls did so far not play top material.
I'm still positiv that they can score against FSU, more than FSU can score against the Bulls, hence ...
Bulls win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 12:00 AM ET
#11 Wisconsin @ #8 Michigan State
One of the top games, if not THE top game of the day.
Which team is for real?
They won barely against LSU, big against Akron and barely against Georgia State.
Michigan State?
They won quite close against Furman (FCS) and with a similar margin after a bye week against Notre Dame.
Both teams are not 100% so far, that's my take here.
Only one of them will be unbeaten after the weekend.
MSU is thought to be the favorite by Vegas, -5.5 points.
I have doubts.
But are the big enough to call for an upset at Spartans Stadium?
Honestly, no.
I think both teams can win here and I wouldn't be surprised, if the Badgers would win this, but overall, I think MSU will survive, barely.
Spartans win.

Other interesting games:

Sat. Sept. 24 - 3:30 PM ET
#19 Florida @ #14 Tennessee
Some think this will be the decider for the top spot inside the SEC East. I think there is a lot of season left and so far both teams do not look like a worthy participant for the SEC crown, so this game might not decide #1.
Volunteers win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 7:30 PM ET
Oklahoma State @ #16 Baylor
The question is, can Baylor play like Baylor of last season?
If yes, then Bears win, if no, Cowboys win.
unfourtunately I have to pick right away.
I think the Cowboys will get this done in the distracted Baylor environment.
Cowboys win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 8:00 PM ET
#7 Stanford @ UCLA
Could be a preview of the PAC12 final. Could be just a game.
UCLA will have home advantage.
Enough to stop Stanford? No.
Cardinals win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 9:00 PM ET
#17 Arkansas @ #10 Texas A&M
Very interesting game, but I'm not buying the Aggies so far, that's why they did not made my top list.
Razorbacks win.

Sat. Sept. 24 - 1:30 PM ET
Pitt @ North Carolina
Could decide the Coastal division of the ACC. Pitt did look good so far, but had some weaknesses, especially on defense.
Tar Heels win.

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