2017-08-31 12:07

And the rest of season-start is up.

I have to make this preview shorter than I did planed it to be.
I had a bicycle accident some days ago and I'm quite handycapped right now to write longer texts.

But I want to publish somthing, so here comes a short version.

This weekend, from Thursday on, most teams will have their first games and there are some really good ones.

It will be tough to pick only 3 top game every week, but that's my problem, not yours.

There were some changes during the off-season, sudden coaching changes and stuff, which I will hopefully can discuss during the season.

The first week is now with that hurricane Harvey over Texas overshaddowd by the side effects of that storm.
Houston, wide areas of south Texas and parts of Louisiana are flodded by rain and the people do need help.

It's not clear whether some games will be postponed or canceled due to the rain and damages.
The Houston Cougars do have an away game at San Antonio, but are of cause in not a good mood, since friends and family are in Houston.

LSU will play BYU in New Oleans, as will Tulane.
So far I couln't find hint for cancelatons, but I did not search alot, thanks to my conditions.

I selected this 3 games as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 1

Fri. Sep. 1
Colorado State vs Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Showdown is on again and CSU will try make up for the beating they got last season.
The Buffalos Defense is not as last season and that will help the high scoring Rams offense.
But on the other hand will Colorado field a good offense, too.
I think it will be close and we might see an upset happening.
Colorado seems to be on a good way to reestablish themself inside the PAC12, so I think this will help them to reinforce the defense, which means CSU will have a tougher time than expected.
Buffaloes win.

Sat. Sep. 2
#11 Michigan vs #17 Florida
A nice matchup and it is wide open for speculations.
Michigan has to replace a lot of starters, but could be the most talented group since seasons.
Florida is getting better each season as it seems, but suspensions did reduce the starters list and the QB is still not really found.
You know what?
I belive in the coachinf saff of the Wolverinnes more than the Gators.
Expect a close game in Texas, but Michigan will prevail.
Wolverines win.

Sat. Sep. 2
#3 Florida State @ #1 Alabama
This is the top game and we might see the same matchup in the national championship game.
Alabama is ... Alabama.
The do field a good team, every Saban season.
They lost their OC, but Saban is able to repace that, easily.
FSU had last season their rebulding year and is loaded.
I think what will matter most in this game will be the teams willing to play and in this deciline is Sabans team the best on gameday 1.
Fisher will have his guys prepared, but enough, I guess.
This might not end as last season when Alabama did kill USC by halftime, but I think they will win.
A closer game in Atlanta, this season, but ...
Crimson Tide wins.

Other interesting games:
Thu. Aug. 31
Tulsa @ #10 Oklahoma State
This should be over before started, right? Nope. Tulsa is supposed to be a high scoring machine and it will likley be crucial for OSU to stop them a few more times.
Could be harder in reality than said. The home factor will likley be deciding and honestly I expect somthing like 50-30, but a ...
Cowboys wins.

Sat. Sep. 2
Appalachian State @ #15 Georgia
The Mountaineers did develop themself into a tough cookie. Not a top level team, but a good enough team to be feared, especially on season opener.
Bulldogs should win here, but maybe in an entertaining way.
SEC vs Sun Belt, you woul be nuts to pick the Sun Belts team.
I think the Bulldogs defense will win this.
Bulldogs wins.

Sun. Sep. 3
#22 West Virginia vs #21 Virginia Tech
Great matchup and I think both teams will be almost equal. My first impulse was 'Hokies win' and after analysing this I stay with that.
I believe in the new coach and his approach and the Mountaineers will be tough to play, but I see VT a bit better in talent and deapth that WV.
Hokies win.

'Til next time

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