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Week 3 is coming.

I can barly type, so I will keep this short.

There are some nice games coming up and my not so nice.

By the way, the Hurricane Irma does still effect the games, Flrorida International canceled the road trip to Indiana and the Miami - FSU games is at least shifted, to a so far unknown date.
Georgia Tech - UCF is also cancelled.

The conference games are in the majority not happening yet and we only have a few really meaningful games.

Still, also the non-conference games can be fun, like the Sooners-Buckeyes game last week.

This week?

I selected this 3 games as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 3

Sat, Sept. 16
#23 Tennessee @ #24 Florida
This game is much more important for Butch Jones, 5th season HC of Tennessee, than for Jim McElwain, 3rd season HC of Florida.
Jones was supposed to win the division last season, but at the end did Florida win it and Tennessee finished 2nd.
There are talks that the patient in Vols country is running out.
The good thing is, Tennessee could win here, maybe.
Florida has not solved their offense problems and did not look very impressive in their first game on defense.
Add a troubled week to that and you get a good starting point for Tennessee to win on the road.
That's maybe a bit unfair, you think?
Well, the Vols did not call for Irma and the rest is McElwains problem.
I think we will see a close game and my gut feeling is, that either Gators will keep it close until the end, or they will collapse.
Overall I see Tennessee with the better preconditions, hence ...
Volunteers wins.

Sat, Sept. 16
#12 LSU @ Mississippi State
Ed Orgeron did get his 2nd real HC gig by ... luck? Chance? Work ethic?
I don't know, but I think he deserved the chance to become LSUs new real HC after last seasons results as interims coach, after his interims HC results at USC and his first gig as HC at Ole Miss.
Yes at Ole Miss he lost more games than he won and he was fired. But he did mature as coach more and more and LSU might become his best gig.
He might fail, but I doubt it.
I think he might just fail the expectations, which is totally different.
LSU will play on the road against Mississippi State where Dan Mullen is in his 9th season and he might become the best coach the Bulldogs ever had.
The Programs overall record is under .500 and beside Jackie Sherrills' years 1991-2003 there were never more bowl seasons than under Mullen.
Jackie Sherrills' record by the way is exactly .500, Mullens record so far around .600.
This could be interesting, since MSU did rebuild last season, as did LSU.
The Tigers should be better, but the Bulldogs have outplayed their talent over the last few seasons more than once.
I'm not expecting an upset, but I would not be surprised.
LSU will need to play better offense than in the first 2 games to win here, but I think they will.
Tigers win.

Sat, Sept. 16
#3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville
The most interesting game of the week.
Clemson is the reigning national champion, but they have to rebuild this season.
Louisville has the Heisman-winner of last season under center and will try to use that.
This is a road trip, which will help Louisville and will be a problem for Clemson.
I pick the Cardinals to win this, because their offense did click very goof so far and Clemson has issues to counter that with their offense.
The Tigers have a new QB, playing on the road in a hostile environment, likely in a close game or from behind.
Cardinals win.

Other interesting games:

Sat, Sept. 16
Kentucky @ South Carolina
Kentucky is looking to improve further, which will be tough, and South Carolina tries to become what it was a few seasons ago, a winner.
One team will lose here and I pick Kentucky to be that team. Road trip for Kentucky and a 2nd season South Carolina team under Muschamp?
Gamecocks win.

Sat, Sept. 16
Texas @ USC
No chance for Texas on the first sight, but we might see improvements and an overconfident opponent.
Still ... Trojans win.

Sat, Sept. 16
#18 Kansas State @ Vanderbilt
Very interesting game.
I think Kansas State will win this and will be a contender in the Big 12.
They will not lose against Vandy, right? Well ... we will see.
Wildcats win.

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