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Week 3 is over and it's clear the season will have some more surprises.

Like this week and the last weeks before.
I think some coaches do already feel the heat under their seat.

The AD can assure as much as possible his support for the HC of a program, if the team loses more games, the coach will be toast, latest at season final.

It is always hard to anticipate such move, but some coaches did turn the heat on this week, for sure.

Here are the 3 games I selected as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 3

Sat, Sept. 16
#23 Tennessee @ #24 Florida
This could be the closing line for Butch Jones.
If Tennessee does not turn things around quickly, this Hail-Mary-Loss against the Gators might be the crack in the surface which will let Jones fall latest at the end of the season.
The Gators were not really good, but Tennessee was just careless and topped that with that TD they let happen to lose the game.
The QB did throw 3 INTs. 3!
The only funny thing of that game is, that Florida, which did lead by a few points more or less the whole game did almost lose, even with those turnovers.
I have the feeling that whoever will take the SEC East will get buried in the championship game.
The Vols will play UMass next and then Georgia.
The Gators do visit Kentucky and host then Vanderbilt.
Tennessee 20 - Florida 26 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 8-2

Sat, Sept. 16
#12 LSU @ Mississippi State
Wow, that result was stunning and makes me think that Coach Orgeron will have a tough season, if he survives it.
LSU fans are thin skinned and losing by 30 points against MSU will not help to ensure a smooth transition from the Les Miles era to Ed Orgeron.
I mean they fired one of their most successful coaches ever and will likely not settle with a losing team, not now.
Likely he will survive, if he does not lose too many games, but this was not helpful.
The Bulldogs are suddenly in discussion to compete, which will maybe last for several weeks or just until next weekend.
Next games are road trips to Georgia and Auburn.
LSU will face Syracuse and Troy.
LSU 7 - Mississippi State 37 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 8-3

Sat, Sept. 16
#3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville
And this one ... oh man.
Talk about chances and missing them.
Louisville had it all and the whole team just sucked on that day.
Now we know that Clemson is again the team to beat in the ACC and that with a so-so-offense and a good defense.
Louisville on the other hand has just a good QB with no support and any team which can control that QB can win against them.
Clemson will play Boston College and Virginia Tech next, Louisville will try to get some style points against Kent State and FCS team Murray State.
Clemson 47 - Louisville 21 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 8-4

Other interesting games:

Sat, Sept. 16
Kentucky @ South Carolina
The Wildcats did beat the Gamecocks 23-13, which is not impressive, but enough to have some questions marks behind Muschamps future.
Yes, it's his second season only, but Kentucky is not a football powerhouse and should have been beaten.
Jacks interesting games Score: 5-3

Sat, Sept. 16
Texas @ USC
Close, but at the end did USC prevail after 2 OTs 27-24.
For Texas fans eventually a good thing, since USC is a quite good team and beating such a team almost is also a good sign that the team is improving, but on the other hand it's a loss.
Jacks interesting games Score: 6-3

Sat, Sept. 16
#18 Kansas State @ Vanderbilt
OK, Vanderbilt won 14-7, which means KSU has an offense problem.
We will see, what that means inside the Big 12, but they might have problems.
Jacks interesting games Score: 6-4

Other interesting stuff from last week:
South Florida won against Illinois 47-23. Great result for the Bulls.
Wisconsin did thrash BYU 40-6. Not a good sign in Utah. Wisconsin now the favorite to win their division.
Memphis did beat UCLA 48-45. Is Memphis that good? Or UCLA not THAT good?
NIU won against Nebraska 21-17 and made Mike Riley one of hottest candidates to get fired soon.
Ohio did beat Kansas 42-30, which means Kansas is still a mess.
Duke won against Baylor 34-20 and did sink Baylor to a 0-3 start.
Purdue won against Missouri 35-3. Tigers HC should also feel the heat.
San Diego State did win against Stanford 20-17. Not a good sign for the PAC12, but maybe good for the Mountain West.
FCS team Idaho State won against Nevada 30-28.
Texas Tech out lasted Arizona State 52-45. Todd Graham, Sun Devils HC, is likely the guy with the hottest seat in the FCS right now.
Cal won against Ole Miss 27-16.

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