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Do we really know the strength of the teams now?
Not really.
What was hip last week is now already boring again.

The good thing is, that the season might become very interesting that way.
It looks like the conferences will be not easily won by a superior team, it might be won by the last team standing with the least amount of losses.
But we will see.

First the 3 games I selected as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 4

Sat, Sept. 23
#7 Washington @ Colorado
It was open until the halftime, then did Washington pull away and the game was clearly won by the Huskies.
That means that Washington is for now the favorite for the PAC12 and we might see an rematch of this game (but I doubt it).
I think Colorado will have a tougher game next week, on the road at UCLA, than the Huskies playing Oregon State.
It is clear that all games will be a challenge, but really hard will it only get for Washington later in the season, like the Stanford game.
The PAC12 will be still interesting, because upsets are possible.
Washington 37 - Colorado 10 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 9-4

Sat, Sept. 23
#16 TCU @ #6 Oklahoma State
My pick was Cowboys winning something like 45-32, but at the end did TCU win 44-31.
The Cowboys offense was error prone on that day, having 4 lost turnovers, which did kill their scoring drives and gave TCU good field positions.
Oklahoma State is far from gone in the contention race inside the BIG12, but they will have a hard time getting a playoff spot, if not many more teams do lose a game or two.
Is TCU also in contention?
Will either of them win the conference?
Not sure.
If you let so many points happening, you get problems in the important games.
The upcoming games will be interesting, but I wouldn't be surprised, if both teams will lose again at some point.
TCU 44 - Oklahoma State 31 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 9-5

Sat, Sept. 23
#17 Mississippi State @ #11 Georgia
And there did the bandwagon of the MSU-for-SEC-Throne-supporters crash.
The MSU Bulldogs did not even stand a chance against the Georgia Bulldogs.
The 3 quarter did put it away with 17-0 for Georgia in that quarter.
Those games are the reason why Mullan is not on the hot pursuit list when some spots in high value schools open up.
He does score upsets from time to time, but when it becomes important to secure the record, something happens.
I still think he did work good with the school, but I also think that he will not exc3eed his so far results further.
For Georgia, this win was important, making them the favorite to win the SEC East.
Mississippi State 3 - Georgia 31 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 9-6

Other interesting games:

Sat, Sept. 23
#22 San Diego State @ Air Force
Close game and nothing to complain from spectators point of view I think did SDSU win the game against Air Force 28-24.
The Aztecs so far flawless and on track to win the MWC.
Jacks interesting games Score: 6-5

Sat, Sept. 23
#20 Florida @ Kentucky
Hmmm. When does Florida run out of luck? The Gators lead by 1 point and Kentucky did try to get in field goal range, but was stopped so far away that the Wildcats had to try a 57 yarder, which did fail.
Until then an open game and Florida had just a bit more luck than Kentucky, winning 28-27.
I don't think either of the teams will play an important role in the SEC East race, but you never know.
Jacks interesting games Score: 6-6

Sat, Sept. 23
#5 USC @ Cal
USC won the game 30-20. Cal did shot themselves in the foot by turnovers.
Jacks interesting games Score: 7-6

Some other interesting results of week 4:
Virginia won against Boise State 42-23. Good start into the season for the Cavaliers, Broncos more on a down note so far.
North Carolina State upsets Florida State 27-21. Some do have the Wolfpack as dark horse in the ACC race. So the Clemson and Louisville game will be interesting.
UCF beats Maryland 38-10. Looks like the rebuilding of UCF is faster on track than the rebuilding of Maryland.
Louisiana Monroe did upset rival Louisiana Lafayette 56-50 in 2OT. The Battle of Bayou was prior to the game won 3 in a row by LLU.
Arizona State did upset Oregon 37-35.
FCS team Western Illinois won against Coastal Carolina 52-10.
Notre Dame won against rival Michigan State 38-18, on the road.

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