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Oh yes I love it.

The top teams do fall, week by week and this only means we will have a nice time in about 6 weeks when the conference champs and the playoff teams are set.

I mean it feels just strange that so many top teams did lose this weekend, but on the other hand, it just does spice up the competition.

The PAC12 has already lost all their remaining unbeaten teams, some conference do only have 1 team left, some only 2.
Right now it looks like we will have to sort out a lot of 1-loss teams for post season games.
If we are lucky, this field will shrink down fast, too, and we have a better picture.
But I doubt it.

Here the 3 games I selected as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 7

Sat, Oct. 14
#6 TCU @ Kansas State
TCU was able to hold the lines and survived as the only unbeaten team left standing in the BIG12.
They won against the Wildcats, which is good for them.
The 3 hour thunderstorm whether delay might have helped, which happened basically at kickoff time.
TCU came out strong, Kansas State more or less stayed in the locker room.
The Horned Frogs defense was great, or maybe they just looked great against a bad performing defense.
At the end it doesn't matter.
I'm still convinced that TCU will lose over the season. Maybe against Oklahoma or Texas during their brutal schedule end of October to mid-November.
Kansas State can only look for 3 more wins to secure a bowl spot, with 2 losses they are out of BIG12 competition for a very long time, likely until end of the season.
TCU 26 - Kansas State 6 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 13-9

Sat, Oct. 14
#24 Texas Tech @ West Virginia
This one did look also as an upset, but a big 4th quarter did lift West Virginia over Texas Tech.
Big win for West Virginia, which is still adjusting to the BIG12 world, while Texas Tech again seems to play a good but not great season.
They do face some tough games in the near future, Iowa State and Oklahoma, so they will have a tough time to gain more wins soon.
West Virginia will play the down-season having Baylor and the scoring-masters of Oklahoma State.
Texas Tech 35 - West Virginia 46 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 14-9

Sat, Oct. 14
#12 Oklahoma @ Texas
This was closer than expected, but if I would be Texas fan, I would see this one as promising future trend.
New coach in rebuilding mode and still only losing by 5 is good I guess.
Oklahoma did keep it's chance to get a high level bowl, while Texas will drop a bit, but I think the team will get a Bowl spot at least.
In best case and some more BIG12 upsets happening, Texas can still win the conference.
Oklahoma 29 - Texas 25 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 15-9

Other interesting games:

Sat, Oct. 14
Georgia Tech @ #11 Miami
With a 4th quarter finish did Miami keep it's perfect record and is right now the leading team for the division.
They won 25-24. That is close, right?
Jacks interesting games Score: 12-8

Sat, Oct. 14
#25 Navy @ Memphis
Memphis gained 5 turnovers from Navy to win 30-27.
A big win for the Tigers and the American West division is for now wide open again.
Jacks interesting games Score: 13-8

Sat, Oct. 14
Boise State @ #19 San Diego State
And bam, another perfect team did fall.
The Broncos won on the road 31-14.
I don't think this will prevent an Aztec division win, but the Broncos do now have a good shot to win their division and we will then see a rematch.
Jacks interesting games Score: 13-9

Some other interesting results of week 7:
Troy lost to South Alabama 8-19.
Clemson lost to Syracuse 24-27. Now NC State lead the division.
Washington State lost to Cal 3-37. Their offense has a black day.
Auburn lost to LSU 23-27. The SEC becomes interesting, with the so far dominance of the Bulldogs and Crimson Tide as exception.
Temple lost to UConn 24-28. Two rebuilding programs, but UConn is in rebuilding since a decade or so.
Louisville lost to Boston Collage 42-45. The Cardinals now at the bottom of their division with the reigning Heisman winner as QB.
Houston lost to Tulsa 17-45. Huge win for Tulsa.
Washington lost to Arizona State 7-13. The Sun Devils do come up with such upsets whenever some unknown conditions do happen. PAC12 North now wide open.
Florida lost to Texas A&M 17-19. Imagine you lead a team in the SEC at 5-2 and the country is talking about your successor. Penn States Franklin is right now in the press focus to get the Aggies job, what ever he says.
UCLA lost to Arizona 30-47. Still live in the state of Arizona.
Western Michigan lost to Akron 13-14. The favorite to win the MAC lost and Akron sitting on top of their division. What a strange world.

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