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Well, no big team did lose, except those which play other big teams and so far no big team coach had to go.

One coach had to go anyway, Georgia Southerns Tyson Summers.
After a 5-7 season last year and a 0-6 start this season he was let go.

We will see, who is next.

Half of the season is now over for all teams and slowly the contenders are separated from the pretenders.
It's still not set, but if you are already inside your conference 2 to 3 games behind it gets hard to win the conference.
Without help this is not possible, but happens sometimes.

Here the 3 games I selected as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 8

Sat, Oct. 21
#11 USC @ #13 Notre Dame
That was a statement and did show USCs holes big time.
Notre Dame did dominate at home and wins the rivalry game big time.
Now the Irish will need to win all remaining games and has to hope for some losses by other teams.
They are now TOP10 in both main polls.
USC has to concentrate on the PAC12 now, with 2 losses it will be tough to get a playoff spot.
USC 14 - Notre Dame 49 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 16-9

Sat, Oct. 21
#19 Michigan @ #2 Penn State
Another dominate win.
So dominating, that Michigan did drop out of the TOP25 AP-poll.
Until halftime it was an open game, but after that only Penn State did score.
The Lions are now in best position to win their division, but has to win against the other contenders, Ohio State and Michigan State, in the next view weeks.
Michigan has to go back to the drawing board.
Maybe next season.
Michigan 13 - Penn State 42 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 17-9

Sat, Oct. 21
Syracuse @ #8 Miami
I think Syracuse might become an interesting team next season.
They did stay in the game and lost in a close one.
Miami is the favorite to win the division, but there are still some teams right behind them.
Syracuse can hope for a bowl spot.
Syracuse 19 - Miami 27 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 18-9

Other interesting games:

Sat, Oct. 21
#20 UCF @ Navy
UCF did win 31-21 and was never behind. Navy tied the game twice, but did lose their mojo a bit in 2nd half.
It seems to become a race for the last gameday in UCFs division against South Florida.
Navy has to hope for some losses by Memphis and SMU (which they still have to play) to get back into the division race.
Jacks interesting games Score: 14-9

Sat, Oct. 21
#10 Oklahoma State @ Texas
That was a defense driven game, which OSU did decide in OT 13-10 at the end.
That was a bit surprising, since the Cowboys do have a really good offense.
So Texas can hope for next season with that defense they will be a force in the BIG12.
Jacks interesting games Score: 15-9

Sat, Oct. 21
Akron @ Toledo
Toledo did win big here and secured their first place inside their division.
But Toledo has some tough games coming against Ohio, Western Michigan and NIU.
Akron has a bit easier remaining schedule, but will have to win all games, especially against Ohio to secure the division title.
Jacks interesting games Score: 16-9

Most stunning scores of week 8:
Arkansas State did destroy Louisiana Lafayette 47-3.
Oklahoma barely did beat Kansas State 42-35.
Northwestern won against Iowa 17-10.
Louisville won on the road against FSU 31-28.
Army became bowl eligible by winning against Temple 31-28.
Arizona State did beat Utah 30-10.
UCLA did top Oregon 31-14.
LSU did beat Ole Miss on the road 40-24.
East Carolina won against BYU 33-17.
Fresno State did win against San Diego State on the road 27-3.

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