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Hi all, it's already week 9, last week in October.

I have to say, that this shortened format of blog is OK, I can manage this, even if I'm right now a bit behind, and my hand is getting better.

This week we will have many TOP25 vs TOP25 games.
All are essential for the conference and playoff spots process and do have some upset potential.
I did review the games and came to the conclusion that most of them from my point of view can go either way, so I pick most of the time the underdog.

The list of unbeaten teams did not change from last week, so I left that list out this week.
The first playoff standing list is also not published yet, so let's just get to the games.

I selected this 3 games as the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 9

Sat, Oct. 28
#2 Penn State @ #6 Ohio State
The Buckeyes get the nod for their home field here and are favored by 6.5 points.
They lost already against Oklahoma at home and do now face the 2nd hottest team in the league.
Of cause this is still Ohio State, they can play, the only thing which makes me confident that Penn State will take the win home is, that Ohio State does not play as in former years.
I expect a tough matchup and a close game.
I will not be surprised over the winner, regardless who it will be, but I take Penn State as the leading candidate.
Nittany Lions win.

Sat, Oct. 28
#4 TCU @ #25 Iowa State
I love that matchup.
TCU is favored 6.5 points, but that is questionable.
TCU did win games, sure. Perfect overall, perfect in the conference. Often close games.
Now they face the team which did win against Oklahoma, in Norman, on the road.
I'm not saying TCU will for sure lose, no they have a chance to win, but I think the Cyclones are back and will give TCU a game to remember.
Matt Campbell has turned the program around in a way I did not see it happen that fast, if ever, and I think he can surprise TCU coming to town.
Maybe with a small portion of underdog love I pick Iowa State to take over the Horned Frogs.
Cyclones win.

Sat, Oct. 28
#14 NC State @ #9 Notre Dame
It would another big story for the Wolfpack this season. After winning against Clemson it would be a highlight if they could push Notre Dame out of playoff contention and themselves into the mix of teams to watch.
Yes it would be.
Vegas sees the Irish ahead by 7.5 points and after that performance last week, I'm surprised it is only that much.
They did destroy rival USC and do now face a tough team, sure, but again at home and that seems to matter this season.
Beside the UGA game, which they lost by 1, they did win all games.
I can see the Wolfpack winning, if Notre Dame does not focus, but I can also see a happy Irish Nation smiling over a dominant win.
NC State will do their best here, but that won't be enough.
I'm still not convinced that Notre Dame is a playoff worth team, but they will win here.
Fighting Irish win.

Other interesting games:

Sat, Oct. 28
#11 Oklahoma State @ West Virginia
The Pokes are favored by 7.5 points, but that means not much in a game between 2 high scoring teams.
My concern here and the reason I did choose West Virginia to win here is, that OSU was not able to score much against Texas.
Fine, they have a good defense, maybe the best in the league and West Virginia did get many points so far, so why having concerns?
The thing is, all teams now have a blue print to shut down the OSU offense and then the Cowboys are doomed.
Can this happen?
Not sure.
But I give credit to that possibility and add the home factor to that.
It's a long trip to Morgantown and that makes this home field special.
I expect a high scoring game, which can go either way. I think West Virginia can stop OSU often enough to win.
Mountaineers win.

Sat, Oct. 28
Georgia Tech @ #7 Clemson
Georgia Tech did slip a bit under the radar so far.
They lost twice so far and are the 2 score underdog in this game, but Clemson should better not be too sure about this game.
The Yellow Jackets did lose on opening day against Tennessee by 1 point and also against division leader Miami on the road.
Granted their wins were not that impressive so far and for sure is Clemson overall the better suited team, but that doesn't mean this game is already over.
Their chance to win here are slim, but if they can pressure Clemsons QB and are able to play their offense game, they can stay in the game.
The biggest problem for them will be, that Clemson now had 2 weeks of preparation after their stunning loss against Syracuse and that will likely be too much.
Tigers win.

Sat, Oct. 28
#21 USC @ Arizona State
The state of Arizona is against punishing the given rights of the California teams inside the PAC12.
Vegas does see USC ahead by 3.5 points, but I see a well performing Sun Devils team, playing at home, against a struggling USC team, coming from a big defeat against Notre Dame, on the road.
USC, Arizona and Arizona State are all with 1 loss inside the conference and the winner in this game will have an advantage.
The Sun Devils did not play perfect this season, no they are 4-3.
The Sun Devils did play like Jekyll and Hyde. Won against New Mexico State in a close one (a bit surprise, should be a high win), lost against San Diego State (surprise! Should have been a win), lost against Texas Tech (a bit surprising, should be a win), won then against Oregon (surprise, everybody expected a loss), lost against Stanford (OK), won against favorite Washington (big surprise!) and won against Utah (a bit of a surprise).
Now, at home, USC.
As you can see, it would be also a small surprise seeing them winning here, but they tend to surprise, so ...
Sun Devils win.

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