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And we have a first playoff list. Yippee!

The winner right now is ... Georgia!

Instead of putting them on #2 as the polls did, the committee did put them on #1, likely because they did win against Notre Dame and Alabama has so far only won against a struggling FSU team and a good Texas A&M team.
But Georgia did also play not many very good teams? You are right, but the list is only valid for a week and then things will be shaken up again.

And behind Georgia and Alabama are Notre Dame, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Penn State, TCU, Wisconsin and Miami.

Right now there are still many more teams in the mix, since we still have 4+ weeks to play.

The good thing is, many of the ranked teams will play against each other in the next few weeks, so this will help to sort things out, or to start a deep debate whether THIS win was worth more than THAT one.
Or THAT loss was not so bad as YOU KNOW this one of that other team.

Fancy a headache?

What will happen if Alabama and Georgia do win all remaining games and play a close one for the SEC title, while all other high ranked favored teams do win and win their conferences, with Notre Dame also winning?
So, Clemson wins the ACC, Notre Dame all remaining games, Oklahoma wins the BIG12, Ohio State the BIG10 and Washington, which is listed as #12 as highest ranked PAC12 team wins the PAC12.
All of the teams will have 1 loss, except Georgia or Alabama and we then have 7 teams for 4 spots.
If Notre Dame, right now listed at #3, wins all, they are likely in, means 2 other champs are left out, at least.
Does Georgia fall to #3, #4 or deeper?
If Georgia does get a playoff spot, which would be a new development regarding 2 teams from a conference are in, and Notre Dame is in, 3 conference champs are out.

Sounds like fun?
It will be.

The good thing is, this weekend and the next few there are chances that some or the teams wil sort themselves out while playing a bit lower listed teams.

Here are the selected games for BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP 3 GAMES FOR WEEK 10

Sat, Nov. 4
#5 Oklahoma @ #11 Oklahoma State
The Bedlam-Rivalry is on again, one of the most one-dimensional rivalries in the nation.
Of 111 meetings so far, OSU was only able to win 18 and had 7 ties.
Oklahoma won the last 2 meetings.
This season it is played in Stillwater, which might help OSU.
Could be, but of those 18 wins, 10 were done in Norman, on the road, 1 in Oklahoma City.
As you can see, it is not that easy.
Some think, in this rivalry, Stillwater is jinxed.
I don't think so, but hey, whatever suits you ...
The Cowboys are slightly favored by 2.5 points.
We will have a quite massive Oklahoma team against a high scoring fast offense team of OSU against each other.
I'm willing to go with Oklahoma State, but I would not be surprised if Oklahoma win this,
The main difference will be the defense.
If the Cowboys can stop the Sooners, they will win.
Because I think the offense will work for OSU.
Cowboys win.

Sat, Nov. 4
#4 Clemson @ #20 NC State
Hands up, who thinks NC State can win here.
Well, Vegas thinks Clemson do win this division title game by 8.0 points.
I'm not sure, but my gut feeling is, they will beat the spread.
NC State can count on their home field and a good team, but Clemson is almost at 100% again and that makes them a very good team.
Both teams do have a chance to win, for sure, like last season, when only a missed NC State kick did secure Clemsons win.
My feeling is, that this season a kick opportunity will not be enough to turn the game, for NC State.
Tigers win.

Sat, Nov. 4
#13 Virginia Tech @ #10 Miami
And the other ACC division is on the line with this game.
Miami is perfect so far, while VT has lost once against Clemson.
The thing is, Miami has a good defense, but has so far not played many really good teams.
Best win so far?
Likely that 1-point-win against Georgia Tech.
That's not much.
The Hokies are favored by 2.5 points, but I think they will win by a higher margin.
VT will stop the 'The "U" is back train' and will win here.
Hokies win.

Other interesting games:

Sat, Nov. 4
#21 Stanford @ #25 Washington State
Stanford went a bit under the radar after they have lost 2 in a row against USC and San Diego State in week 2 and 3.
Since then they have won all games and are right now in shared position with Washington for the PAC12 North, both have 1 conference loss on the clock.
Sometimes it was close and ugly, but they won and can still win the division.
Crucial win would be to beat Washington State.
The Cougars have lost 2 away games in the last 3 weeks and are now right behind Stanford and Washington with 2 conferences losses.
They cannot afford to lose here, at home.
With both teams a bit struggling, it will be interesting who will survive this. Vegas spread is -2.0 for the Cougars.
I pick the home team.
Cougars win.

Sat, Nov. 4
#19 LSU @ #2 Alabama
LSU fans were close to quit on Ed Orgeron and then he won 3 in a row.
A win over Alabama would silent the critics for sure.
But is this likely?
Alabama is a 21.5 point favorite.
That is a lot.
Do I think LSU will win in Tuscaloosa?
For sure not.
Alabama might see a tougher opponent as the spread does show, but I'm sure they will win.
Crimson Tide win.

Sat, Nov. 4
#7 Penn State @ #24 Michigan State
For both teams it is 3 min. to midnight.
That loss against Ohio State did ruin almost everything and Penn State needs help to win the division, for sure.
Michigan State is in a similar mess, they lost against Northwestern.
But the Spartans could win the division by themselves.
One team will sink so deep this weekend, that they are more or less out of competition.
But which one?
Vegas has the Lions as the favorite, by 8.5 points.
But it is played in Spartans country and that means ... hostile environment.
I pick Penn State as the winner, since I believe the Spartans did profit so far from some easy matchups, but be aware that MSU can play.
Nittany Lions win.

Sat, Nov. 4
#22 Arizona @ #17 USC
And an extra game for fun.
This could be the final act for USC to win the PAC12 South, if they keep on winning.
Arizona is right on the same spot as USC, just 1 win less, but with the same amount of losses.
Played at home, this game is favored by USC, by 7.0 points, and Arizona will need some magic to win this.
I could imagine an upset here, but honestly I think USC will get this done good enough to hold the Wildcats off.
Trojans win.

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