2017-12-11 06:37

And that's the end of the regular season.

Before I cover the game, some news:

Arkansas has selected Chad Morris as new HC. Morris was the HC of SMU, where he did start the rebuilding process and he was so successful that Arkansas did hire him now, even with an overall losing record.
Tough job is ahead of him, Arkansas has a lot of expectations.

Oregon has selected their own OC Mario Cristobal as new HC. Oregon had quite good success in the past with promotion within the organisation, except with Mark Helfrich, who was fired 2 seasons ago.

Tennessee finally got their new man in Jeremy Pruitt, the DC of Alabama. Another Saban Assistant get a job. We will see, whether he can win as HC.

And UTEP has also hired a new HC, Dana Dimel, Kansas States OC.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAME FOR WEEK 15

Sat. Dec 9
Army vs Navy
I did pick Army as the winner and I got lucky at the end.
Under heavy snow this was all ground attack and after Army did score first and Navy did only score a FG in the 1st quarter it looked like Army would be a bit better this year.
But Navy came back and scored a TD and another FG over the next 2 quarters, while Army was held scoreless.
With 5 minutes to go did then Army score their 2nd TD and went ahead 14:13.
But Navy was not beaten.
They did march over the field and were stopped at FG-range, with a few seconds left.
The 48 yards FG went a bit left and missed the goal a bit, so Army came away with the win.
They have now won 2 in a row.
For both teams there are bowls to play.
Army plays San Diego State, while Navy plays Virginia.
Both games will be tough for the academies.
Army 14 - Navy 13 -> Jacks TOP 3 GAMES Score: 32-16

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