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Wow that was a big chunk of games, but we are not finished so far.


Wed. Dec. 27
Southern Mississippi vs Florida State

@Independence Stadium - Shreveport, LA
Florida State had no problems at all to win this one.
Southern Miss was able to score first, but then it was almost completely Seminoles show.
The Talent for a comeback next season is there and if Taggert is able to do the same as he did with South Florida, where he also took over a loaded team, then will the Seminoles at least compete next season.
That might be not the attitude FSU has for its team, but it is not that easy to build a winner, so only time will tell us, whether this will all end well.
Southern Miss has to think about next season.
I guess it was a good season so far for them, but the teams expectations are high, so next season they should win more.
Southern Mississippi 13 - Florida State 42 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 10-8

Wed. Dec. 27
Iowa vs Boston College

@Yankee Stadium - Bronx, NY
An open game which was tied end of the 3rd quarter.
Iowa was able to win that 4th quarter and did finish a season which is hopefully only the bottom line for next seasons to come.
I would love to see them winning more next season, again.
Boston College had a good season from my point of view and might become something bigger next year.
Iowa 27 - Boston College 20 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 11-8

Wed. Dec. 27
Arizona vs Purdue

@Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara, CA
A wild game, but at the end did Purdue win here, which is maybe unbelievable, but still reality.
With 3:20 left did Arizona score to take the lead, but Purdue did come back and scored their TD with 1:40 left to play.
Arizona tried a comeback on their own, but were intercepted.
Overall a good season to be a Boilermaker-fan, an average season to be a Wildcats-fan.
I'm still surprised that Rick Rod did survive the season, but I'm sure he will be on a hot seat throughout the next season.
Arizona 35 - Purdue 38 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 11-9

Wed. Dec. 27
Texas vs Missouri

@NRG Stadium - Houston, TX
A Missouri-player did already cry his heart out why they did lose here, it's all the leaving OC and OL-coach fault, since they did take a new job on a different school.
Regardless, Texas was the better team and did win this.
Missouri was bad on offense, yes, but as far as I know does an OC and also an OL-coach NOT through the fall for an INT.
So blame yourself, Tiger.
I'm not a Longhorns fan and I also don't like the "Leave the team before season is over"-mentality of the college football world, but at the end do the players play the game.
And by the way, the HC did not change, so if someone did not do his homework, then obviously the HC, since he should have hired or promoted a new OC.
I pity the Tigers-fans, because that is not a team I would have to cheer for.
Longhorns-fans can hope for next season, when the new coaching era is hitting 2nd season.
Texas 33 - Missouri 16 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 12-9

Thur. Dec. 28
Virginia vs Navy

@Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium - Annapolis, MD
Oh man, Virginia did suck, big time.
How on earth are you able to allow 450 rushing yards against a basically run only team?
Navy had -5 passing yards in this game. -5! Officially they tried 1 pass and were sacked at -5 yards.
And it is not like Virginia did let Navy grind them down with 3 or 4 tries per down sequence with 3 to 4 yards a piece, no they did allow major runs with 20+ yards!
They also did commit 3 turnovers to put the ice on the cake.
Well deserved win for Navy and the Cavaliers have go work on their work ethic and the Cavaliers coaches on their preparation.
That's what I hate on Bowl season, some teams just let it go after regular season.
Virginia 7 - Navy 49 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 12-10

Thur. Dec. 28
#22 Virginia Tech vs #19 Oklahoma State

@Camping World Stadium - Orlando, FL
It came down to a quite close game and the Cowboys did survive here or let's say they were able to keep the lead until the time ran out.
Because Virginia Tech did play catchup for the most of the game and did outscore the Cowboys in the 4th, but not enough to win this.
The Hokies have to build upon the season for next year, which won't be easy with the new competition inside the division.
The Cowboys will have to look for another good QB, so maybe we will see a setback next season.
At least the Mullet will stay, so shed no tears, Cowboy fans.
#22 Virginia Tech 21 - #19 Oklahoma State 30 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 13-10

Thur. Dec. 28
#13 Stanford vs #15 TCU

@Alamodome - San Antonio, TX
Sometimes I don't get it.
Like here, where Stanford was leading and only had to manage the score and what did they do? The did collapse on defense and handed the Horned Frogs the game.
The Cardinals lead 21-10 at the half, later 31-23.
Then they allowed a bomb pass to happen for a TD and allowed on the next Stanford drives punt a return for a TD.
Ding-Dong! You are in trouble.
They came back for a TD and took the small lead again, but granted TCU the game winning FG and were then not able to play football again, which sealed the drive with an INT.
Oh man, I would go crazy at the sideline.
Well, and so does a disappointing season end for the Cardinals and for TCU at least a bowl win did cap a promising season.
Next year is up for grap for both teams, because changes will come and it's not clear whether they will go up or down after that.
#13 Stanford 37 - #15 TCU 39 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 13-11

Thur. Dec. 28
#18 Washington State vs #16 Michigan State

@Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, CA
That game did end as I expected it to be, except the low scoring part.
MSU did flatten the Cougars in the 2nd and 3rd quarter and won easily.
Both teams have something to build on to next season, I hope both teams do get their thing going against the bigger teams and make their way.
#18 Washington State 17 - #16 Michigan State 42 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 14-11

Fri. Dec. 29
Wake Forest vs Texas A&M

@Bank of America Stadium - Charlotte, NC
This became an offensive shootout and Wake Forest were the lucky ones at the end.
They led at halftime by 10, but A&M did have a good 3rd quarter and took the lead short the end if the quarter.
Then added a field goal after a turnover and from that point on it was TD here, TD there.
Wake Forest did score last with a little over 2 minutes left and Texas A&M ran out of luck or juice.
They had two last chances for long distances passes, but the first was too long and an eventual interference was not called, the second was just bad and overthrown.
Wake Forest caps a very good season, which might be a good sign for next season, while A&M can close this season of change and will start new, from tomorrow on, with a National Championship coach.
Wake Forest 55 - Texas A&M 52 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 14-12

Fri. Dec. 29
#24 NC State vs Arizona State

@Sun Bowl Stadium - El Paso, TX
Well, no low scoring, but still a blowout win for NC State.
Arizona State did only score points big time in garbage time in the 4th when NC State was already the winnner.
I'm curious to see both teams next season.
NC State could eventually compete for the ACC title, which would be something new, and Arizona State does have a new HC, a former NFL HC, who did already lose all his coordinators.
#24 NC State 52 - Arizona State 31 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 15-12

Fri. Dec. 29
Kentucky vs #21 Northwestern

@Nissan Stadium - Nashville, TN
That was a close one. That close: -><-.
Kentucky was down by 7 and scored with 30 seconds left and went for 2, instead of tying the game at 24.
Northwestern did not allow the conversion and took home the win.
I like it when coaches do trust their kids and believe in the momentum, so I don't blame anyone for the failed conversion.
For both teams it was a good season, we will have to see, whether this does progress next season.
Kentucky 23 - #21 Northwestern 24 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 16-12

Fri. Dec. 29
New Mexico State vs Utah State

@Arizona Stadium - Tucson, AZ
Usually I don't blame single persons on a loss, but I guess the Aggies kicker will have to live with what could have been if he would have sank more of his field goal tries than he did, at last the last one.
How on earth can you be the specialist on a football team and miss 4 of 6 tries, including the game winner from 29 yards out. 29 yards! That’s 9 yards longer than an extra point!
All other missed field goals were from 44+ yards out, which is still questionable, but understandable, but 29 yards?
Well OK, the game did also some other rare stuff, back-to-back-Kickoff-Return-TDs. First did Utah State ran it in and then New Mexico State.
Last time you could see that in a bowl was 2009.
Overall I guess I would have been very angry as a fan on both side, but a bit more as an Aggies fan, if I would have watched that live.
New Mexico State 26 - Utah State 20 (OT) -> Jacks BOWL Score: 16-13

Fri. Dec. 29
#8 USC vs #5 Ohio State

@AT&T Stadium - Arlington, TX
Let's make this short.
The USC QB had one of the blackest days of his career and Ohio State did merciless score on that and won this game of two big programs easily.
It will be interesting to see, whether the QB, who was a Heisman-favorite at the start and the sure #1 pick of the draft will progress from here.
This game did cost him likely some spots, so maybe he will stay?
That can be good or bad, nobody knows.
Ohio State ended the season with a bowl win, which is the best they could get.
Next season will be another try for a playoff spot.
#8 USC 7 - #5 Ohio State 24 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 17-13

Now the next games for the next 3 day, including the College Playoffs Semi-Finals.


Sat. Dec. 30
Louisville vs #23 Mississippi State

@EverBank Field - Jacksonville, FL
Since 1946 is this Bowl played, also once known as GATOR BOWL.
It is of cause played in Florida, on the home field of the Jacksonville Jaguars.
At the moment it is a SEC vs Big Ten Bowl, but that did not work this season, again an ACC team was taken as filler, again.
Each team gets around 2.750.000$.
This could become a game to watch.
Louisville is more or less a one-man-show, but that could be very entertaining, and Mississippi State is in some kind of change, after they lost their HC to become the Gators-coach.
The Cardinals are 6.5 point favorite and I'm willing to say they can win this here, if Mississippi State is more distracted than they should be.
Over the season this team was very good and Louisville ... they had ups and downs, but I think that whole Heisman-Repeat-coverage did do more damage than it was good for the team.
So now they do meet and during the season I would have picked MSU, but now, under interims basis ... I guess Louisville can do it.
Expect a wild game.
Cardinals win.

Sat. Dec. 30
Iowa State vs #20 Memphis

@Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium - Memphis, TN
This one exists since 1959.
It's meant to play the Big 12 #4 vs a SEC pool pick. Well, looks like Memphis got the gig instead.
Each team gets around 1.437.500$.
It's played in the home field stadium of the Memphis Tigers, which is a good reason to believe the 4.0 points as a favorite are granted to Memphis exactly because of this.
But they do play against the top-team-killer-team from Iowa State.
I'm willing to say I have doubt, who to pick here, but at the end I was not able to see Memphis doing this.
Iowa State did play very good against the best Big12 teams, while Memphis only played one Power5 team, UCLA and won by 3.
Bottom line is, I would not be surprised to see Memphis winning this, but I expect Iowa State to stuff the Memphis offense and keep them in check while scoring often enough to win the game.
Cyclones win.

#11 Washington vs #9 Penn State

@University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ
The Bowl is played since 1971 and belongs also to the CFP-Bowls.
Last season it was a semi-final, this season it's one of the other Bowls.
The payout is part if the CFP-system.
A tough game to pick I guess at the first glance, but on the second ... not so tough.
Washington had some ups and downs and did not win when it counted most, so I guess the Huskies need to prove they can win against a very good Penn State team here.
The Nittany Lions had a great season, only spoiled by the losses against OSU (1 point) and MSU (3 points) on consecutive weekends.
I think there is enough live left in them to take one title home this season.
They are surprisingly only 2.0 point favorite, I think they will win in a bigger way.
Penn State was good on both sides of the ball, so expect a low scoring game against a tough, but beatable Huskies team.
Nittany Lions win.

Sat. Dec. 30
#6 Wisconsin vs #10 Miami

@Sun Life Stadium - Miami, FL
This is played since 1935 and is fielded at the home of the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes.
It's also a part of the CFP-Bowls, and this season it is again one of the bigger bowls.
The payout is part of the CFP-system.
A home game for the Hurricanes this can become a great game.
Wisconsin is the 4.5 point favorite, which is no surprise after the Hurricanes loss against Clemson and Wisconsin loss against OSU.
Miami was dominated, while Wisconsin had chances to win the game.
Overall this will be likely a low scoring thing and it all depends on how good the Hurricanes defense is in this game, because their offense will likely be stopped for good by Wisconsin.
Miami had won more than one game because of defense scores, but I'm not willing to give the Hurricanes my pick here.
Wisconsin is a running team and that will cause problems, for sure.
I expect a hard grinding game with a lucky Badgers team at the end.
Badgers win.

Mon. Jan. 1
Michigan vs South Carolina

@Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, Fla.
This is played since 1986 and is fielded at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the South Florida Bulls.
Another SEC vs Big Ten Bowl and each team gets around 3.500.000$.
It was quite silent around both teams, which was surprising for different reasons.
Michigan did play the media as almost no other team to make noise and suddenly after the 1st few games the buzz was over.
Michigan did not really deliver and dropped out of competition after their rivalry loss against the Spartans and their loss against Penn State.
Season over, it seems.
Add losses against Wisconsin and rival Ohio State and you have a team which might be good, but not good enough to compete, at least this season.
Some did say it will happen that way, because Michigan lost many starters, but some did see the HC-magic coming and were disappointed.
South Carolina on the other hand was quite silent, but did play quite good in their rebuilding year.
They lost some tough games and finished also 8-4, but with a HC in his 2nd season in this tough conference you can say that he did good.
My opinion of cause.
I thought he would suck, honestly.
No both will meet in Tampa and I have to pick one.
Michigan is favored to win this (7.5 points), which is a bit much from my point of view.
I expect a much closer game, but I trust Jimmys preparation skills and his motivation skills to lead the team on the field and the team will then be tough enough to win this.
Wolverines win.

Mon. Jan. 1
#12 UCF vs #7 Auburn

@Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA
Since 1968 is this Bowl played and is now fielded in the home of the Atlanta Falcons.
It's part of the College Football Playoff system, which includes the semi-finals and final, but also a list of Bowl for at-large-teams.
Because of this, the old Peach Bowl naming was reinstated 2 seasons ago.
The payout is part of the College Football Playoffs system and is hard to tackle.
I found an article which stated that each Power 5 conference gets 50 mio. regardless of CFP-participation.
Around 6 mio will get each team for a playoff spot, 4 mio for each team in the Big 6 bowls, which this is one of them.
Non power 5 conferences will get 18 mio, Notre Dame 3.75 and other independents only 1.85.
So a huge payout from the system itself, and a nice bonus from this one in addition.
This will be a great one, or a boring one, depends what you believe.
Do you believe that Auburn falls to a non-power5-team, when it was able to stop and win against Alabama?
Or do you believe that any team can win against any other team, if your game plan and execution is good enough?
Auburn is the favorite, by a mile (no, just 9.5 points).
But UCF is a offense power machine.
Expect ... something.
I fear that the machine will get stuffed by those SEC defenders, that the line will get crushed and the QB gets sacked, before he can eventually pick the defense apart.
And I fear that the UCF defense, which did allow a lot of points against good teams, will allow too many points.
So, I fear Auburn will win this, big time.
I would wish UCF will win this, because I like Cinderella stories, but I think reality will show that the SEC is better talented as the AAC.
Tigers win.

Mon. Jan. 1
#14 Notre Dame vs #17 LSU

@Camping World Stadium - Orlando, FL
Since 1946 played, under different names. Thanks to whomever, we have the Citrus Bowl back since two seasons.
It is still played in the stadium formally named after the bowl in Orlando, Florida.
Should have been a SEC against Big Ten Bowl, but instead an independent team was selected.
Each team gets around 4.250.000$.
For some reason this setup looks bad.
Sure both teams had quite good seasons compared to previous ones, but both did somehow disappoint from my point of view.
Notre Dame did miss the last big bite to get a playoff spot and LSU did start bad and did then redeem themselves a bit.
Maybe that is the reason why LSU is 3.0 point favorite.
I'm a bit ton here.
Notre Dame did play good on both side, especially on defense, while LSU did progress over the season but had some distraction lately.
Maybe the weather will be the factor, having a cold weather team coming to Florida, while LSU should be used to that kind of stuff?
Could be.
Overall I just can't believe that Notre Dame will win here, as crazy as this might sound.
LSU is a tough team and after the Notre Dame melting late in the season I guess I just trust LSU more than the Irish.
Tigers win.

Mon. Jan. 1
#3 Georgia vs #2 Oklahoma

@Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA
The mother of all Bowls is played since 1902!
It was permanently installed in 1916 and is played since then.
It was the Big Ten Champion vs. the PAC12 Champion, but with the CFP-System it's either a semi-finale, like this season or just a bowl game fielding a BIG10 team vs. a PAC12 team.
The payout is part of the CFP-system.
This year we have a semi-final between the BIG12-Champ and the SEC-Champ.
The interesting thing here is, that Oklahoma is very offense sided, while Georgia is balanced.
So who will win here?
UGA is favored by 2.5 points, which is nothing.
Will the fantastic season of the Oklahoma QB continue or will it take a small dive?
I guess the latter, because Georgia can play defense and sure they will take some hits from Oklahoma, but they will stop them often enough to outscore them.
Oklahoma’s defense will take hit after hit and Oklahoma will play catchup, which is usually a bad thing.
I still expect a close game, but a Georgia win.
Bulldogs win.

Mon. Jan. 1
#4 Alabama vs #1 Clemson

@Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LA
This bowl was established 1935 and is played since then.
The payout is part of the CFP-system and it's a CFP-Semifinal this season.
Alabama did sneak in with no title at all, but with confident and some lobby work (which left the Big10 Champ out).
Now we have a rematch of last seasons national championship game and believe it or not, Alabama is favored by 3.0 points, while Clemson is higher ranked (#1!) and won the ACC by a mile.
But Vegas does work different.
Both teams lost once during the season, Alabama against a higher ranked team (Auburn), so maybe that is a good reason for the favorite role.
Clemson did play good after the loss, very good, while Alabama’s loss was the last game of their regular season.
But since then were 4 weeks preparation.
Both coaches will setup a plan, but honestly I think this season from my point of view is Alabama worse than last season, while Clemson did show lately the same strength as last season.
Biggest factors will be their QBs and that is a mystery, because that big stage, you just don’t know what will happen.
I pick Clemson here, but would not be surprised to see Alabama advancing.
Tigers win.

'Til next time

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