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Well, that's almost it. All which is left is the National Championship Game.

Before I start with the last preview, first some news and the reviews of the last few bowls.

The news I like to share is that first Kansas State will not need to look for a new HC, since the 78 year old Snyder is not done yet and will return.
I like it when people are determined for their job, but at some point you have to let it go, right?
The tricky part is to know, when that is the case. We will see, whether Snyder will guide his Wildcats to victories in his 27th season.

The second news is that Arizona did fire Rich Rodriguez in some weird sexual harassment allegation issue. I’m not sure I did understand it the right way, but it seems that a former assistant of the school did claim allegations against Rich Rod and a law firm did investigate this which the assistant did NOT support and instead wants 7.5 mio dollars from Rich Rod and the law firm did close the case with no evidence found. STILL did the university fire Rich Rod …… Hmmmm. I’m pretty sure I did not get it right.
However Arizona is now without a HC and will soon of cause hire a new one.


Sat. Dec. 30
Louisville vs #23 Mississippi State

@EverBank Field - Jacksonville, FL
It was the show of Lamar Jackson, in a good way and a bad way.
Without him, Louisville might never have been able to keep this a close game, and on the other side Louisville might have been not in that kind of trouble.
He had great runs, but did also have 4 INTs.
Some say it was his last game in the College world, but if he is ready for the NFL, I can't tell.
Overall did Mississippi State just capitalize the best they could from the Lamar Jackson gifts and won this.
I think the Cardinals could have won this, if Jackson would be a bit more mature and relaxed.
Louisville 27 - #23 Mississippi State 31 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 17-14

Sat. Dec. 30
Iowa State vs #20 Memphis

@Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium - Memphis, TN
Iowa State led at the half, but Memphis did play a good 3rd quarter and took the lead, only to lose it a again a bit later.
Starting the 4th quarter did Memphis trail by 1 and got a last chance to turn the game when the Cyclones did fumble the ball on Memphis 1 yard line.
So instead of a Iowa State TD Memphis got the ball and 4 minutes left to play.
Could be enough, right?
Well, the Tigers were stopped on 4th and 10 on ISU 40 yard line and that did seal the Cyclones win.
Good seasons for both teams, especially a good result for Memphis from my point of view.
Remember they did want to become part of the BIG12 and many thought they would not be good enough.
Well, they almost won against a mid-field BIG12 team, so that's pretty good.
Iowa State 21 - #20 Memphis 20 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 18-14

#11 Washington vs #9 Penn State

@University of Phoenix Stadium - Glendale, AZ
It started quite one-sided when Penn State was leading 28-7 in the 2nd quarter.
But a PSU fumble and a Washington TD did start a small turnaround, which lasted until 5 ticks in the game.
Washington was trailing by 7, when PSU did miss a FG-try at about 30 seconds left to play, which would have iced the games.
But that way Washington got the ball back and tried everything to get going.
On 4th and 10 they tried some tricks and laterals, but instead of going out of bounce after they got the 1st down with 5 left, they did throw another lateral and that went into a PSU defenders arm.
Both teams had good seasons, so we will see, what comes next year.
#11 Washington 28 - #9 Penn State 35 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 19-14

Sat. Dec. 30
#6 Wisconsin vs #10 Miami

@Sun Life Stadium - Miami, FL
Miami did start good and took the lead, but Wisconsin did answer quickly and led at the half.
From that point on it was playing catchup for Miami, which did not turn out well for them.
Wisconsin did force more turnovers and won this with style.
Still, a good season for Miami and Mark Richt can build in that to rebuild the U eventually.
#6 Wisconsin 34 - #10 Miami 24 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 20-14

Mon. Jan. 1
Michigan vs South Carolina

@Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, Fla.
Nobody can save a team, which permanently shots itself in the foot.
The 1st half was OK and Michigan did lead 9-3.
It extended the lead to 19-3 and got a South Carolina INT when the doom started to loom. (Haha, yes I know, but I could not resist …).
South Carolina scored a TD and Michigan did fumble (again, the 3rd already in the game).
South Carolina did say #Thanks' and scored a TD again and suddenly it was 19-16.
Next Michigan drive was just a punt, South Carolina scored a TD, 19-23.
The only reason the team was not completely out of competition was that South Carolina did not really play well, but well enough to secure the win.
Jim Harbaugh is again in NFL-HC talks, so we will see, whether Michigan has to end the era soon or not.
My feeling is, he will be back next season, but you never know.
South Carolina also has a lot to improve.
Michigan 19 - South Carolina 26 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 20-15

Mon. Jan. 1
#12 UCF vs #7 Auburn

@Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA
Wow, I tip my hat to the Knights.
They did outscore Auburn in the 1st half, leading 13-6.
Then they did struggle a bit and did give Auburn the lead, but their strong defense did kept them in the game.
And late in the game did they force Auburn to play catchup and Auburn did commit errors.
A great perfect season with a perfect ending.
This will lift expectations for Nebraska, where Scott Frost will be now as HC, into the sky, and UCF will eventually drop a bit or a big way next season.
Auburn on the other way seems to get better and eventually they will be a good contender against the dominant Alabama team.
#12 UCF 34 - #7 Auburn 27 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 20-16

Mon. Jan. 1
#14 Notre Dame vs #17 LSU

@Camping World Stadium - Orlando, FL
From my point of view a boring game and at the end did Notre Dame win.
A good ending for the Irish, a not so good one for LSU.
I'm curious, whether Coach O will get the team on track next season.
I have the feeling right now, that the Tigers fans do want someone like Smart to rebuild their program and got something else.
Like you wanted Ferrari and got a FIAT.
Regardless, both teams will have to prove next season that they can compete.
#14 Notre Dame 21 - #17 LSU 17 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 20-17

Mon. Jan. 1
#3 Georgia vs #2 Oklahoma

@Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA
A clash! With OT!
I like it!
Both teams did play good, at the start it was more Oklahoma, but Georgia did come back and took the lead, later in the game.
Then did Oklahoma come back and at the end of the game after regular time, both teams had 45 points.
Georgia did start 1st and scored only a field goal, but Oklahoma was also unable to score a TD and went for a FG also.
Then Oklahoma started 2nd OT with a blocked field goal, so the pressure on the Sooners defense did rise and eventually they did collapse.
Georgia did pound itself into the endzone with a 27 yard run and sealed their National Championship game participation.
For Oklahoma this will be eventually an end, since their QB will likely leave, but usually the Sooners are fast in rebuilding.
#3 Georgia 54 - #2 Oklahoma 48 (2OT) -> Jacks BOWL Score: 21-17

Mon. Jan. 1
#4 Alabama vs #1 Clemson

@Mercedes-Benz Superdome - New Orleans, LA
Surprisingly did Clemsons offense not work, at all.
They were held to 6 points and committed 2 INTs.
Alabamas defense did look so good that even they did not play in the SEC Championship game and Georgia is the SEC-Champ, Alabama was named the favorite for the Final.
Clemson will have to work further on the seasons result, but they have a good recruiting pipe and a good team.
#4 Alabama 24 - #1 Clemson 6 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 21-18

Well, now to the last bowl game.


Mon. Jan. 8
#4 Alabama vs #3 Georgia

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA
An all SEC-National-Championship game.
The last time that happened was in the BCS-era, when LSU did lose to Alabama.
Now we have Georgia-Alabama.
Both teams have not played against each other during the season.
I think both teams can win here, for sure and I hope it will be more like last seasons final or like the Oklahoma-Georgia game.
My gut feeling is, that Alabama will again run away with an improbable win, but there is no real evidence that they really will do this.
Georgia is a good team and they did show that they can score if needed, and they played likley the best offense team of the season.
Now they face one of the best defenses.
Can Alabama stop that run?
Can Alabama score against that Georgia defense?
I don't know.
Vegas does favor Alabama by 4.5 points, which is a lot from my point of view, since both teams did play so well over the season and Georgia does have won against a lot of good teams.
I'm giving UGA by vote of confidence, knowing that Nick Saban had beaten his former assistants so far 11 times in 11 tries.
But every series comes to an end, right?
Kirby Smart might be the coach to do it.
Bulldogs win.

'Til next time

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