2018-01-09 06:47

The last blog entry for this season.

The brand new National Champion of the FBS is Alabama!

A short review of the game down below.

Some stuff has happened in the last week.

First, Central Florida did declare themselves after their perfect season National Champion.
You might say, they are nuts, but reality is, that many schools did that in the past, but only a few did in the last 2 decades.
Sure, UCF has a case here, they did beat all teams, including the only team which did beat National Champion Alabama, so why not.
On the other hand I guess the team would have stumbled more often with a full SEC season under its belt.
Anyway, only history will tell, whether this will stick.
It does at least put some pressure on the CFP-system, since the only reason why a team like UCF can do name themselves National Champion is that there is no fair system to play for it.
Non-power-5-teams, regardless how strong they are, have basically no chance to play for a National Championship.

Second is that Notre Dames great DC did decide to leave the team after 1 season (he did turn around the Irish D from being bad to being great) for a well paid job as DC at Texas A&M.
That means Texas A&M goes all in on their National Championship aproach. We will see, what will happen next.


Mon. Jan. 8
#4 Alabama vs #3 Georgia

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA
The big rival game, the border war.
Name it as you like it.
The game started bad for Georgia, throwing an INT after a few play, but they got away with an Alabama missed FG.
Then did Georgia score, while Alabama was held to zero points, which lead to a 13 point lead for Georgia at halftime.
In the 3rd quarter did Alabama then play better and did win the quarter by 3 points, still did Georgia lead by 10.
But Alabama came back and outscored Georgia in the 4th by 10 points to force OT.
And Georgia was lucky to get that OT chance, because with 3 ticks left on the clock had Alabama the chance to kick the game winning FG.
The kicker missed it and so did Georgia start the OT and made a field goal after 4 tries.
Now all Alabama had to do was to score a FG to stay in the game and they did ... throw a 41 yard TD pass for the win!
Nick Saban did that way tie the score of National Championships with Bear Bryant, another Alabama great HC.
Many say Saban is the greatest now, but honestly, for me, that doesn't matter.
For sure he is one of the best coaches in history, but I would never weight his impact and success against other great ones in the past.
But that's the American way, so if you like that, you can discuss that, it's an infinite pool of conversation, or over after 5 min.
Anyway, the season is over and next season starts in about 8 and a half months.
My National Championship pick was again off, so looks like my gut feeling is from in that case.
#4 Alabama 26 - #3 Georgia 23 -> Jacks BOWL Score: 21-19

As closing words, I like to say thanks if you did read my stuff over the last few weeks.

'Til next time

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