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So that's it. The end of a very long period without a National Championship for Georgia.


Georgia won the last time in 1980 and now they did beat Alabama for their 3rd National Championship.

And in an unpredictable streak I did again pick the wrong team. LOL.
That was reversed psychology at its best.

CFP National Championship pres. by AT&T
#3 Georgia vs #1 Alabama

@Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN
So what happened?
Well, it turned out in the 1st half not much happened.
Alabama came out and got the ball but was held for a field goal for the 3-0 lead.
Then both teams did stop the opponents for multiple ties after a few plays and when Georgia had a long drive going, Alabama did prevent a touchdown happening and Georgia did strike for a tying field goal at 3-3.
Alabama got the ball back and managed a big play to bring them in scoring range just with the 1st play on that drive, but the engine did sputter, and the Tide had to settle for a field goal to take the 6-3 lead.
Georgia managed to do nothing, and Alabama managed another field goal drive to extent the lead to 9-3.
The Bulldogs answered with a field goal drive by their own and we went into the half after both teams managed to do nothing at 9-6 for Alabama.
So far, no real excitement, just a close game with the potential that one touchdown could decide the game.
Then came a period of errors and missed opportunities.
Georgia punted on their 1st drive, Alabama did throw and INT.
Lucky for them it was in mid-field and Georgia did punt again after 3 plays.
Alabama came to play and got a long drive going, only to have it blocked.
And Georgia had enough and got their own big play to get into scoring range again.
And this time, they punched it in on the ground for the lead, 13-9.
The Tide got another long drive going and was held to a field goal, 13-12.
On the next Georgia drive did the Alabama defense come through and sacked the Georgias QB and caused a fumble, they did recover.
4 plays later did Alabama score a touchdown and took the lead back at 18-12, failing the 2-point-conversion.
The Bulldogs got the ball back and on a free play did they throw the ball over half of the field and scored a touchdown to reclaim the lead, 19-18, also failing on the 2-point-conversion.
Now the excitement was there.
Alabama was stopped and Georgia got the ball back, playing the clock, slowly marching and finally scoring a touchdown for a little more comforting lead, 26-18.
The Crimson Tide had roughly 3:30 left to get a score and tried it.
But with a minute left to play and 3rd and 10 did Alabama throw a ball too short and Georgia intercepted it.
And while Kirby Smart did signal the runner to get to the ground, Georgia did return the ball for a touchdown for the final score of 33-18.
This scene did show why team sports are how they are perfectly.
The coach had all the scenarios in his head and wanted the runner to kneel down, so the offense could end the game in controlled manner.
But all players were so pumped up with that event, they did what they learn to do in 99% of the cases, returning the ball.
At that point the game could have changed again, dramatically, there are example of that on the net, but in this case, it just sealed the game off.
I'm sure the player will think of this in delight for the rest of his live, knowing rationally his coach was right.
Anyhow, Georgia did it!
Jacks BOWL Score: 22-16

And with that the college football season is over.

Thanks for reading!

'Til next time

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