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Oho, that was a nice rivalry week, with some surprising results, which could lead to chaos in the playoff seat selection process, or not, depended on the upcoming Championship games.

Let's start with the reviews of last weekend’s games.

Sat. Nov 26
#3 Michigan @ #2 Ohio State
This was good game, which stayed interesting until the 4th quarter.
Both teams did throw punches and took the lead at some point.
Ohio State did lead 20-17 at the half, which was closer than expected, I think.
Then Michigan came out of the locker room and scored on the 1st drive to take the lead and then the 3rd quarter became a defense battle.
Until Michigan got the ball late in the 3rd quarter and orchestrated a drive, which swapped over into the 4th, and which was sealed with a TD.
Now Ohio State was behind by 11 points.
But they were unable to deliver an answer.
They scored a field goal a bit later, but in the next drive the whole defense of the Buckeyes collapsed, and the star RB of Michigan did score on a 75-yard run.
NOW Ohio State, playing at home, was in deep trouble. They started a drive and got intercepted on the Michigan 8-yard line.
That was basically already the final shot, but Michigan gave the ball on 3rd and 3 on their own 15 again their star RB and he went through the line like being a glowing hot butter knife and that DL of Ohio State being melted butter already.
Untouched for 85 yards.
The Buckeyes lost the most important game, at home.
What brings the future now?
Michigan wins the division, perfect, and plays Purdue for the BIG 10 Championship.
Ohio State has lost 1 game, this game here, and will lurk around in the playoff rankings behind the other unbeaten teams.
If something happens, means the underdogs win in the Championship games, Ohio State could sneak into the TOP 4.
If not, they will play for sure one of the biggest bowls available outside the semis.
#3 Michigan 45 @ #2 Ohio State 23 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 23-11

#12 Oregon @ #23 Oregon State
It must be a great day to be a Beaver.
This program is overlooked most of the time, they were bad for many seasons and this year, they were able to not only win the game, they did also deny the Ducks a spot in the Conference Championship game by that.
At 1st the game was open, both teams did lead at some point.
Halftime score 14-10 Ducks. Not really a surprise.
The did the Beavers made errors, turnovers, which gave the Ducks an extensive lead by 21 points!
But the Beavers did stay in the game, scored a TD on their next drive, held the Ducks for a field goal and scored a TD again.
Now down by 10.
The Beavers defense came up and forced a fumble, Oregon State recover and scored a TD on the next drive.
The Ducks started a drive, and it did look OK, but were stopped after 6 plays with a go for it on 4th and 1 on their own 29.
The Beavers scored AGAIN after 4 plays and took the lead!
Now the Ducks did need a good drive and they did deliver, went down the field and were on 4th and goal on the Beavers 3-yard line.
The pass attempt did fail, and the Platypus Trophy went to the Beavers, including the good feeling as described.
The Ducks had all the bad luck available and fell out of the Conference Championship game by that loss and will play one of the bigger bowls, as will the Beavers.
#12 Oregon 34 @ #23 Oregon State 38 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 24-11

#18 Notre Dame @ #7 USC
The score is not telling the real story, since Notre Dame was able to score in garbage time a bit.
The truth is, USC did outplay Notre Dame from the beginning onwards.
The Irish did not play well in the 1st half, trailing 7-17 at the half, and become worse in the 2nd half.
Turnovers and bad execution did limit them to play catch up the whole game and they failed.
At the end USC won by a great performance, which will give them a boost in the playoff standing.
Next up for USC is a rematch in the Conference Championship game, which will be tough.
And Notre Dame will snack some mid-level to high-level bowl spot, depended on the results next week and which spots are available.
They are still ranked, so likely a bigger one.
#18 Notre Dame 27 @ #7 USC 38 -> Jacks TOP GAMES Score: 25-11

Other interesting games:

Tues. Nov 22
Bowling Green @ Ohio
Ohio made no prisoners and did beat Bowling Green in stile 38-14, which makes them a favorite to win the MAC.
Both teams can hope for bowl spots, even they will be only mid-level to low-level.
Jacks interesting games Score: 24-15

Fri. Nov 25
#21 Tulane @ #25 Cincinnati
What a bad day for Cincinnati.
They had to play with their backup QB in a win or die game and lost after a nice comeback, because their offense was unable to get drives done, when needed most.
The Bearcats lost, 24-27, which gives Tulane the hosting spot for the American Championship game and Cincinnati can wait on a bowl invite.
On top they also lost their very successful HC, who accept a spot on a BIG 10 school.
To be fair, the HC did stay longer than anyone did anticipate, when it became clear he shaped a winning team.
Still, losing such a coach is always sad.
Jacks interesting games Score: 24-16

Nebraska @ Iowa
Well, I can't figure out Iowa this season.
They play at home, they play a losing team under interims management, and they lose the rivalry game 17-24, after trailing 0-24 in the 3rd quarter.
Nebraska did hire now already a new HC, but the season is over.
Iowa waits on a bowl spot.
Jacks interesting games Score: 24-17

Sat. Nov 26
Kansas @ #15 Kansas State
Kansas State wanted the win and the spot in the Conference Championship game, and they got it.
They came out strong, lead 23-7 after the 1st quarter and then did cruise the lead to the end.
In the 2nd quarter it did look like Kansas could eventually turn the game around, but the Wildcats did answer with a 0-point allowed defense in the 3rd and won 47-27.
Kansas State will play TCU for the BIG 12 crown, Kansas will wait for a bowl spot, the 1st since a very long time.
Jacks interesting games Score: 25-17

#17 Washington @ Washington State
Washington had a lot on the line and delivered.
They did beat the Cougars 51-33 in the Apple Cup.
Because of some circumstances I will describe later, the Huskies won and did still not make the PAC 12 Championship game.
Bad luck.
Jacks interesting games Score: 25-18

Minnesota @ Wisconsin
Wel, that could have gone better for the interims HC of Wisconsin.
The Badgers had fired their regular HC after a 2-3 start and the interims HC did then lead the team to a 4-2 record after that.
The interims HC was on everybody’s list to eventually become the permanent one.
Then the Axe was on the line and Wisconsin did lose, 16-23.
That was the game to seal the deal and your team did suck, big time, at home.
Minnesota did score with less than 4 min. left and Wisconsin did throw an INT and almost allowed another FG by Minnesota AND sucked on the final drive.
The team was 1st and goal on the Minnesota 5-yard line.
You want the worst; you GET the worst!
1st play offensive holding -> 1st and goal on the 15.
2nd play false start -> 1st and goal on the 20.
3rd play incomplete pass -> 2nd and goal on the 20.
4th play false start -> 2nd and goal on the 25.
5th play false start -> 2nd and goal on the 30!
6th play incomplete pass -> 3rd and goal on the 30.
7th play complete pass for 5! yards -> 4th and goal on the 25.
8th and final play incomplete pass.
You want the job? You don't GET the job!
Both teams will play in a bowl game, Wisconsin has already selected a new HC, not being an interims HC anywhere.
Jacks interesting games Score: 25-19

Other scores:
Mississippi State won the EGG BOWL against Ole Miss 24-22. The Rebels HC was in the chatter for the Auburn job, but decided to stay at Ole Miss. Maybe the bad finish of 3 consecutive losses had an impact on that.
Florida State won the Sunshine Showdown against Florida in the highest scoring game since ever on that rivalry 45-38. A much-needed progress by the HC of the Seminoles.
NC State won against UNC 30-27 in OT. That had no impact on the ACC, except that UNC now lost 2 in a row before the Championship game.
Eastern Michigan won against Central Michigan 38-19 and won by that the Michigan MAC Trophy, played by CMU, EMU and WMU, for the 1st time since 2012. They also won a tie on the division title, even Toledo will play for the Championship.
Western Michigan did win against Toledo, which did cost the Rockets the unshared division title. They lost the last 2 games before the MAC Championship game.
Arizona won the rivalry game, the Duel in the Desert, against Arizona State, 38-35. They snapped by that a 5-game losing streak against the Sun Devils. For both teams the season is over, Arizona State has already hired a new HC.
Missouri did win the Battle Line Rivalry against Arkansas, 29-27. Missouri got by that bowl eligible. Both teams will play in bowl.
Georgia won the Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate rivalry against Georgia Tech, 37-14. GT did start strong but was toothless in the 2nd half. Georgia now on a 5-game winning streak in that game.
Texas A&M won against LSU 38-23. LSU now with 3 losses, which will end their bid for a playoff spot, even of they win the SEC.
Alabama did beat Auburn in the IRON BOWL 49-27. Auburn in search for a new HC, most chatted candidate is Liberty Hugh Freeze.
South Carolina has beaten Clemson 31-30 in the PALMETTO BOWL. South Carolina has snapped by that a 7-game losing streak and did likely kick Clemson out of the playoff considerations.
Utah did beat Colorado, 63-21 and did at the end win the 2nd spot in the PAC 12 Championship game! How that? I was sure they are out, but there was a slim, very slim, chance to still make it and all pieces came together. They needed to win, check, Oregon needed to lose, check. Washington needed to win, check. Why all this? Now we have a 3-team tie and direct compares are irrelevant. Then the conference opponents record is important (basically the strength of schedule) and here Utah had all the luck they needed, when UCLA did beat Cal on that last weekend, their conference record become higher than of Oregon and Washington (which had the lowest) and Utah sneaked into the 2nd place. Congratulation.
Kentucky did beat Louisville on the Governor's Cup, 26-13, extending their winning streak on the game to 4 in a row.
New Mexico State won against Liberty 49-14. Liberty with the worst game of the season, as it seems. NMSU in a strange position, now 5-6 with a postponed game against San Jose State. That game will not happen, the team will play FCS team Valparaiso. NMSU has already won against a FCS team this season, so technically the win won’t count against the 6-wins needed. But right now there are less teams eligible than bowl spots and the program seeks a waiver to play in a bowl, the team has not played in since ages.
James Madison did win against Coastal Carolina, 47-7. By that did James Madison basically co-win the division, but CCU will play in the Championship game, since JMU is not allowed for post season. Fantastic 1st season for JMU on FBS level.
Purdue did beat as expected Indiana 30-16 and got the Old Oaken Bucket and the division title to play in the BIG 10 Championship game.
Duke did beat Wake Forest 34-31. Duke with a great 1st season under the new HC, will go bowling. Wake Forest had a bad season as defending division title holder.
UNLV won against Nevada the Battle for Nevada, 27-22. They got the Fremont Cannon back after Nevada had is 2 seasons in a row.
Tulsa did beat Houston, 37-30. Houston overall with a disappointing season, but still bowl eligible.

That's that for week 13.

Let's have a look at the playoff contenders.

For the rules on the list, please look at the blog entry for week 5-7.

I did mark the week 4 TOP 10 teams with a ‘*’.

The playoff contenders on the list got slim, still a lot left for TOP 4 spots.

#1 * Georgia Bulldogs - SEC (12-0, won against Georgia Tech, next week against LSU in the SEC Championship game)
#2 * Michigan Wolverines - BIG10 (12-0, won against Ohio State, next week against Purdue in the BIG 10 Championship game)
#3 TCU Horned Frogs - BIG 12 (12-0, won against Iowa State, next week against Kansas State in the BIG 12 Championship game)
#4 * USC Trojans - PAC12 (11-1, won against Notre Dame, next week against Utah in the PAC 12 Championship game)

#5 (AP) * Ohio State Buckeyes - BIG10 (11-1, lost against Michigan, moved to HOPEFULL because they can't win the conference, but might sneak in as 1-loss team, if something happens, next week BYE)

ELIMINATED this week
Clemson Tigers - ACC (10-2, lost against South Carolina, now a 2-loss-team)

Now let's play some if-thens.
If all of the top 4 teams win, the settings are done, that's the easy case. 2 of the games are very narrow from the betting line point of view, PAC 12 and BIG 12, the others are double digits.
Now, what if USC loses, the rest is OK? I think Ohio State would sneak in, I don't believe that any 2-loss-team, like Alabama lurking at #6 or even Clemson, right now on #9 as potential ACC-Champ would jump Ohio State.
The same would likely happen, of TCU loses and USC wins.
Now, if BOTH lose? Ohio State in, sure, but then? I think TCU could get in, they are unbeaten und would have lost against a strong opponent. Or would the committee make an example and would put in the 1st 2-loss-team, likely NOT even a Champion on any conference, like Alabama?
I don't believe it.
As you can see, the if-then-scenarios do become complicated and even more, if we talk about Georgia or Michigan losing.
The good thing is, it usually does sort out OK, the rest is a problem for next week.

Conference Championship games are set, so the list of the conference standings vanishes here.

Before I start the previews, some coaching news.

Florida Atlantic did fire Willie Taggart after 3 seasons and a 15-18 record, including 5-7 this season. Taggart did rise in the ranks with good results at WKU and South Florida, but failed at Florida State, where he got fired after 2 seasons and now at FAU after 3 seasons, he is also history there. Not sure what his future will be, also open is, whom FAU will offer the HC job now.

Tulsa did fire Philip Montgomery after 8 seasons, with a 5-7 record this season and overall, 43-53. His best season was 2016 with 1o wins and a division title in COVID-19-season 2020.
Last season it did look like the team got a turnaround with 7 wins, but the drop in win total did seal his fate. It was his 1st HC gig.

And Texas State did fire Jake Spavital after 4 seasons with the team. He managed to get 4-8 this season and overall, 13-35. It was the 1st HC job for Spavital.

On Monday did then Western Michigan fire their HC, Tim Lester, after 5 seasons with the team. His record this season was 5-7, overall, 37-32. The problem was likely, that after last season’s 8-5 the drop in production was too much and the programs expectations were much higher, this season.

Also on Monday was Marcus Arroyo let go at UNLV. Honestly, I don't understand it, he took over a program which posted a record of 4-8 under his predecessor, had in 2020, his 1st season, under COVID-19-conditions, zero wins, extended it to 2 wins in 2021 and to 5 wins in 2022. He did even win the rivalry game against Nevada. So, a bad team, had at least a tendence for improvement, but he was let go. Strange.

Then did David Shaw calls it quit at Stanford after 12 years, likely to solve the uncomfortable situation the program was in. Stanford had a 3-9 season this year, and Shaws overall record with the team is 94-54. As you can see, he was successful with the team, in fact, he won 3 time the conference and several times more the division, but since 2019 the program is 10-28, which nobody can ignore. I think all hoped for a turnaround, but it did not happen. Shaw leaves a program, wanting to win, but with a tradition of being a losing team.
He was in discussion for an NFL job often, not sure the results of last few seasons did help.

Now we get to the spots filled, but the 1st one did already open another one.
Luke Fickell leaves Cincinnati, as written above and did accept the job at Wisconsin.
He is a BIG 10 / Norther State guy and did wait until a good position came up.
He left a Cincinnati team which was the 1st to become a playoff team as group of 5 team, his team has won the conference twice and his record overall is 57-18, which is not too bad.
The job at Wisconsin will be demanding, expectations are high and the team did not deliver a conference title since 2012.

That leave Cincinnati right now open, the university had some great hires in the past, so we have to wait, what will come up.

And a second change was also announcing on Monday, Auburn DID hire Hugh Freeze away from Liberty. Freeze was the HC of Ole Miss before his Liberty gig, but had to leave, because ... it was discovered that he often called an escort service, which his described as 'misdialed', unfortunately, he misdialed quite often. Well, that did of cause not affect his hire at Liberty, a quite conservative, christian, school in Virginia, where he did lead Liberty to very successful seasons in their transition to the FBS. Now he can show, what he can do in Alabama.

Which of course leave Liberty’s HC position to be filled.

Charlotte found their guy with Biff Poggi, assistant HC of Michigan. The program will join the American next season, so the team will be in big transition. It's his 1st HC job.

Nebraska made splash hire by getting Matt Rhule as new HC. Rhule was the HC of at Temple and Baylor and then shifted in 2020 to the NFL to become the HC of the Carolina Panthers. He was let go after 5 games this season and everyone was asking whether he will step into any ring this season. Well, he did and has a big challenge ahead of him, since Nebraska did look uncoachable for the past 5+ seasons and the demands are high, and the environment seems to be bad. Rhule might step into this and will turn things around easily, or he will suffer, we have to wait.

And Arizona State did hire Kenny Dillingham, Oregons OC and QB coach. It's his 1st HC gig, so it will be open, how that program with open NCAA investigations will perform.

One great news is, at least I think it is, Brent Key, who was named interims coach at Georgia Tech after a 1-3 start and who guided the team as such to a 4-4 record including 2 upsets against ranked teams, was named the real deal on Tuesday. I think he deserves the position and has shown that interims coaches CAN make a difference.

So much for coaches changes until Tuesday.

Now let's have a look at the games next week, of which the most are Conference Championship games.


Fri. Dec 2
Pac-12 Football Championship Game presented by 76
#11 Utah vs #4 USC

This is played in Las Vegas, so neutral site.
USC is favored by 3.0 points; the community thinks roughly 66% Utah will win.
Utah did play a good season, lost only 3 times, at Florida in week 1, UCLA on the road mid-season and at Oregon 2 weeks ago.
They DID win against USC at home mid-season in a high scoring game by a single point on a bold 2-point-conversion.
USC did therefore lose against Utah once, which was their only loss of the season.
I think everyone knows that rematches are often very tough and hard to predict.
Based on the results and the season I think this will be again a close game and both teams can win.
Since I have to pick a winner, I go with USC in this case, because they have the rematch, it seems the team go better together and Utah did show it can lose, especially on an away game.
Yes, it's neutral site, but it's also NOT at home.
I will not be surprised by any name as a winner but pick USC.
Trojans win.

Sat. Dec 3
Dr Pepper Big 12 Championship Game
#10 Kansas State vs #3 TCU

I think this is TCUs game to lose.
The majority expects TCU to win, the betting line is TCU -2.5.
So it's not THAT clear TCU will win this.
It's played in the home stadium of the Dallas Cowboys, neutral site.
Kansas State lost 3 games during the season, one against Tulane early in the season, which is still a mystery for me, at TCU by 10 points mid-season and 2 weeks later against Texas at home by 7. They did win 3 straight since then, earning by that the spot in the game with a win more than any other team had.
Beside TCU, which went perfect the whole season.
They were close a defeat against Oklahoma State, but won in 2 OTs, had a nice comeback against Kansas State and had that sensational quick field goal try against Baylor to get the win there.
For me that showed heart and discipline on the team, so TCU will come out focused and Kansas State will need all they have to stay in the game.
Also here, I would not be surprised to see Kansas State actually winning this, but TCU is for me just the better team.
The key will be how the teams will perform on the field on that day (what else of course you ask), meaning you never can anticipate day form and the dynamics of a game.
TCU can win, Kansas State can win, but I believe the Frogs will get away with the title in a not so close one.
Horned Frogs win.

SEC Championship Game
#14 LSU vs #1 Georgia

This game is played on the home field of the Atlanta Falcons, neutral site.
Well, with LSU losing the last game and having now a 9-3 record, 6-2 inside the conference, it's clear that Georgia with 12-0 as perfect team is favored by 17.5 points.
Not the amount, but it's clear they are highly favored.
Georgia was close losing a game only against Missouri, which was roughly in the 1st half of the season.
They rest was not always a 50-burger, but the team did manage their lead carefully and avoided late game comeback attempts.
One thing is clear, if Georgia has to air it out, they will be in trouble, since the QB is OK, but not THAT star you would expect on the #1 team of the country.
The running game is great, the defense wins the games.
LSU did show some toughness and willingness for risks, but did also show weaknesses, especially last week.
No wonder I will pick Georgia here.
IF LSU wins this, they of cause deserve it, but the playoff picture will make a lot of less sense.
Bulldogs win.

Big Ten Football Championship Game
Purdue vs #2 Michigan

I have to admit, I was surprised by the Michigan performance against Ohio State, after I saw them playing Illinois so bad a week before.
But they won, in a convincing way, and are clearly favored as perfect team, 12-0 overall, to win this game here.
Purdue had some struggles during the season, but came out as division champ, thanks to an easy schedule at the end of the season.
The Boilermakers have 8-4 overall and lost 3 games inside the conference, 6-3.
Most notable are end of October / start of November back-to-back-losses against Wisconsin and Iowa.
They saved the season likely with the win over Illinois the next week afterwards and have not lost since.
Vegas has Michigan ahead by 16.5 points and roughly 90% of the community thinks Michigan will win this.
Played in the Indianapolis Colts home dome, this is on neutral site.
Purdue will need to stop the run to win this, if they let the star RB and the o-line have their way, this will be a massacre.
Do I believe in Purdue?
No way.
Wolverines win.

Other interesting games:

Fri. Dec 2
Ryan Conference USA Football Championship Game
North Texas @ UTSA

UTSA is the defending CUSA Champ and did play almost perfect this season.
They lost 2 times in non-conference games, inside the conference they are unbeaten, including a close win against North Texas, mid-season.
North Texas is 7-5 and lost twice inside the CUSA, against UTSA and UAB.
The Roadrunners are favored by 8.5 points and 75% of the community sees them as the winner.
I have a hard time picking against UTSA, playing at home and with North Texas losing against UAB 2 weeks ago on the road.
So ...
Roadrunners win.

Sat. Dec 3
Rocket Mortgage MAC Championship
Toledo vs Ohio

Man, I'm surprised.
This is play on the home field of the Detroit Lions in Michigan, neutral site.
Toledo is 7-5 over the season, 5-3 inside the MAC and lost 2 in a row, did not play Ohio.
Ohio is 9-3, 7-1 inside the MAC and won 7 in a row.
The betting line is Toledo -2.5 and the community also sees Toledo ahead by 55%.
Sure, things can happen, but on paper did Ohio win against all the teams, Toledo lost to. The only exception is Kent State, which Ohio lost to in their 1st MAC-game, while Toledo did win against them.
Likely the story is that Ohio lost their starting QB 2 weeks ago, who was the leader of the MAC.
But the team did play against Bowling Green in a do or die match and WON, while Bowling Green did beat Toledo a week before to stay in the hunt.
So, I will not pick against Ohio here.
It might come different, but for me, the team did show spirit and strength and Toledo has to prove they can win against tough teams.
Bobcats win.

American Athletic Conference Football Championship Game presented by
#22 UCF @ #18 Tulane

Tulane got the home right by winning all games inside the conference except 1, against UCF, at home!
They are 10-2 overall and won the last 2, after that crucial loss against the Knights, which did look at that time, like a shift in momentum and Tulane would actually drop from the TOP 2 spots.
But Tulane did win the last 2 games against good opponents and made it as #1 seat.
UCF on the other side is 9-3 overall and inside the conference is 6-2, with losses against East Carolina on the road and Navy at home 2 weeks ago.
They won against South Florida to get to #2 and play in this game.
Roughly 60% of the community believes in Tulane and the betting line is in their favor by 3.0 points, which is not much.
I do expect a high scoring game and likely the momentum in the last quarter will decide the game.
This is tough for me to pick.
On one hand we have the rematch, which is hard, so Tulane, playing at home, should be in good position.
On the other hand, we have UCF already beaten Tulane, which is still hard to believe to be THAT good.
But I'm willing to pick the Green Wave, since they DID play good against Cincinnati, and they had a close one against UCF.
This time they win a close one.
Green Wave win.

Hercules Tires Sun Belt Football Championship
Coastal Carolina @ Troy

Troy earned the home rights with their better conference record of 7-1 (10-2 overall).
They were in a tie with South Alabama, but since Troy did win over the Jaguars, Troy got the ticket.
Coastal Carolina did also share the division title with a 6-2 (9-3 overall) record with James Madison, but here JMU got the direct compare to their favor, still CCU got the ticket, thanks to the post season ban on JMU, because of their transition to FBS.
Troy is favored by 10.0 points, and it would a bit be surprising seeing Troy losing this.
Coastal Carolina did show some weaknesses and is playing on the road.
Trojans win.

Mountain West Conference Football Championship Game
Fresno State @ Boise State

The game is played at Boise’s home turf, the blue so-called smurf turf.
That will give the 9-3 overall, perfect inside the conference Boise State a big boost for sure.
The Broncos have won against Fresno State this season already at home by 20 points.
So, I'm wondering, why the betting line is only at -3.5 for Boise?
Sure, the Bulldogs are 8-4 and 7-1 inside the conference, did only fall to Boise State inside the conference and did since then win, win, win.
I think we will see a closer game, but also a game where Fresno State will play catch up in Idaho.
Broncos win.

Subway ACC Championship Game
#9 Clemson Tigers vs #23 North Carolina

This feels like a bad matchup this season.
They play inside the Carolina Panthers home stadium, neutral site.
Clemson had all the hopes for playoffs and a great season, but their inconsistency at QB did cost them 2 games, 1 against Notre Dame and 1 against South Carolina.
Both not too bad, but 10-2 as ACC team is not enough to get into the playoffs, even perfect inside the conference.
I think Clemson will not get a spot, even if they win here.
UNC is 9-3 overall, but 6-2 inside the conference and they lost 1 against Notre Dame early in the season and then 2 in the last 2 weeks (Georgia Tech and NC State).
That does not sound too good.
On paper is Clemson much better.
If they find their plays and the QB can shine, this will be a Tigers win, big time.
78% of the community think Clemson and Vegas says Clemson -7.5.
That's fair.
But if UNC can play consistent through the game, and play aggressive to confuse the Clemson QB, they have a chance.
I'm right now not willing to bet against Clemson, but I would not be surprised to see them fall.
Tigers win.

That's it for the upcoming weekend.

'Til next time

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