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Yes, it is unbelievable, but the 1st season of is almost over now. I would like to take the opportunity and thank you all, you early birds.

I think it is a quite good idea to tell you a bit more about all the details for the season rollover and how to prepare your team.

When you look at your Teams calendar you will see 3 days marked as "Season Rollover" - 27th til 29th of November for Season 1/2, little more than 2 weeks from now.

Player Aging

As in real life the players celebrate their birthday once a year (season). This means in terms, they get older at Season Rollover - 1 year. Some players will retire, others will announce their retiring for the new seasons end. Please check your Pinboard / Mailboxes - you will get notified. Players start retiring from 30, but maybe they join Grandpa Brett, and stay a bit longer with your team?

Youth Academy

Be aware, players older than 20 (after the birthday celebration) have to leave your Youth Academy. And no, they won't enter your Senior team, they will leave your team and join possibly the Transfer Market as Free Agents. It is a good idea to send them to your team before the Season Rollover. Wouldn't it be shame to lose the Youngsters you developed several seasons?

HR Department

If you are using the HR Department, which is a smart move by the way (check the How to section of our block for the "why"), you have to take care. Players without a valid contract for the new season will leave your team on Season Rollover. And there is nothing worse than waving Goodbye to your starting QB only because you missed to negotiate a new contract with him.


Based on the success during the old season you might promote or relegate. At the Season Rollover your team will enter the new league level.

Bot flush

As long as you did not block the bot flush in your settings (yes, please check it twice) your team might climb up the ladder to a higher league, if there is a bot to replace. This is absolutely random, and you can not influence it - except you could block the feature. In this case you won't participate in the bot flush. On a bot flush you will never switch the region of your league, but it could be very well you will switch the division inside the league system, or even the conference.


If you don't have enabled the HR Department your players wages get calculated based on the training progress during the season. A detailed description can be found in the Manual. At the season rollover the wages are calculated and stay stable for the coming season.


The contract with your current sponsor becomes invalid on Season Rollover. You have to pick a new sponsor.

Game scheduling

The games of the regular season are scheduled on Season Rollover, this is valid for League games, for Supercup division games and - in case your are one of the League Bowl winners of the old season - for Champ of Champs matches, the first KO round of this premium competition.


Based on your settings and your season record the draft is running, at the Thursday right after the Season Rollover. Please doublecheck your set draft order, to be sure you get the best possible outcome from this seasons draft.

Exact time of the Season Rollover

The Season Rollover is a huge database task. There is no detailed date to tell. We hope we won't have to go offline during the task, but it might be we need to. In such a case, we will inform you about this fact, and we thank you for your patience in advance.

OK, enough written...if you have any questions not answered by this post, please join the forums.

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