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On Saturday many teams will have their last regular game for this season, because they get no playoff spot in the league or supercup. The first league game of the Season 3 will be at 25-02-2012.
This is a long time, but there are many reason to log in at RZA.

Playing Friendlies

You can play on every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday Friendly games. You can sell tickets for these games. ~45000 on Tuesday and Saturday and ~35000 on friday. The ticketincome will be split 50:50 with your opponent. So it is no problem to play away. In these games you can try new thing and prepare your team for the next season. Your players gain experience, moral and teamchemistry during the game.

These games are all for free and cost no credits.

Prepare your draftboard

You should sort your draftboard, if you don't made this until now. It is advisable to scout the players with a Scout level 20. The best way is to sort all players from #1 to #96. You have the option to pick player only in one round. For example you want to pick a QB only in the 1 round. Normally you don't need these option, because you need better players at every position.

Promote your Youthplayers

If you want to keep the 20 year old youthplayer, than you must promote them until the 18-02-2012. If you don't promote them, than thy will become a Free Agent.

Keep an eye on your economy

It is very importent to have some money in your pocket until the next season. You will have a small income from friendlygames and your sponsor. You must pay every week the salary of your players, coaches or staff and the maintenance for you buildings. So don't spend all your money for your stadium and on the transfermarket.

Good luck for the next weeks. This is the best time to prepare your team for the next season. Now you can make mistakes, which you don't want to do during the next regular season. Use the time and you will have a good chance to gain a playoff spot in the next season

Thanks to Buffalo for putting this together from a managers point of view!

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