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To aid understanding of the love for the red and gold, can you explain the significance of "Sfniner08" , I thought it was because you were born in 1908 :lol:, but apparently it's not, so what is it all about ?

Growing up as a young boy in the state of Washington one would think I would be a Seahawk fan. I lived in a family that didn't watch football so there were no allegiances to worry about. So I ask you, if you had to choose the Dave Krieg led Seahawks at 7-9 in 1989 or the Superbowl bound 49ers of 1989 who would you choose? I chose a winner, and stuck with them. That was towards the end of the Montana era and the beginning of the Young era, Young being jersey number 8.

Right, let's get straight down to the nitty-gritty, I know what's coming next from you, so I'll just put my earplugs in. OK, hearing successfully blocked-up, so ...... What are your views on MOTY ?

I like it the way it is. In the past it didn't make sense to have it in the playoffs as everyone in the playoffs is already pumped up to play. In the regular season though it is not uncommon for a team to rise up and pull off an upset of a perceived better team. The better team may indeed not play at that 100% level. But they are professionals is what I hear from opponents of MOTY, yes but they are also human beings.

Ahhh, now that onslaught is over, a follow-up question to MOTY (difficult to do a follow-up question, as I don't know your answer yet ! .... but I can guess) ..... so, if MOTY is good because it simulates the 'motivational effects' of a head coach, can you answer me this one .............I've heard in the past (from you and others) something along the lines of "I used MOTY against Team A because I thought they were going to use MOTY against me" ..... so how does this fit into the "MOTY is like motivation in real-life" scenario ? ..... because it seems extremely artificial to me.

If you are equating it to coaches motivational effects isn't it plausible, and even likely that in a big game both coaches are giving those kind of motivations?

In fact, a further question .... What do you say to people (like me) who think MOTY is more Poker than Football ? Why do you think MOTY is NOT artificial ?

First, I don't see poker and football as all that different. Perhaps that analogy isn't what you're looking for? As an avid poker player (and pretty darn good) and football watcher I notice the following the same about the two. The mental side of football is huge, there is psychology in it as in poker. In football you are trying to create misdirection to gain advantages, do you not also in poker do the same? In poker you sometimes use your power of chips to force your opponent into a bad play, how is it different in football when you take your "strength" and force your opponent to change their tactics?


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