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Oh boy, what a weekend that was.

But before we jump right into the scoring and the results out of this, I want to give you some extra intel on the coaching changes (I already said that in the forum).

Of cause did not change 9 out of 10 schools their coach in the last 5 years.
I said in "average" 90% of all schools did that.

Well, ok, it were only around 89% (110 Changes out of 124 schools) and of cause some teams did have to change their Headcoach more than once in 5 years, like Tennessee, where Lane Kiffin did just leave, because USC did call, after 1 year.
Or Arkansas State, which had a terrific season with its new coach, but then Ole Miss did call and Hugh Freeze left for the big bucks.
But there are also schools like Akron, where after two season Rob Ianello (2-22, duh!) was let go and a Bowden-Coach (Terry, son of Bobby) was hired. At the moment they have won one game and it doesn't look like they will win another one, but who knowns, they had some close ones up to now.

By the way, Ianello, as former Notre Dame Assistant under Charlie Weis did return under Weis (Kansas HC) as assistant.

Of course there were teams with no changes in the last 5 year and more.

If you just look at the teams with coaches having 5 years or more under their belt at that program, it's 33 Teams with those coaches.
Those are just 27% of all schools in the FBS.
So this is a little bit more than every 4th school has a coach working for longer than 4 years at that school.

Still an impressive number, that 3 of 4 teams changed their coaches once or more in the last 5 years.

Longest reigning coaches at the moment are:
California Jeff Tedford 10
Missouri Gary Pinkel 11
Oregon State Mike Riley 11
Wake Forest Jim Grobe 11
Georgia Mark Richt 11
TCU Gary Patterson 12
Iowa Kirk Ferentz 13
Oklahoma Bob Stoops 13
Texas Mack Brown 14
Kansas State Bill Snyder 20
Troy Larry Blakeney 21
Virginia Tech Frank Beamer 25
Nevada Chris Ault 27

Those are 13 coaches.
All other coaches have less than ten years under their belt.

From this point of the season I would say, only 2 of those coaches might be in trouble, but I don't think they are in serious trouble.
But there are still some games to play ....

OK, back to the last weekend.

There were some really exciting games and my bad; I picked some of my games wrong.
But who cares, since that means something great did happen and that's exactly what happened.

So, let's see the review of the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 5

#8 Stanford @ Washington
That one I picked wrong, GREAT!
Don't get me wrong, I like Stanford but as I mentioned, I like the underdogs and those Huskies were exactly that.
They did stop Stanford and did enough to win this game.
I wasn't pretty and I think Washington will lose some more games, but this one, they did win fair and square.
Goof job Huskies.
13-17 -> Jacks Score: 11-10

#25 Baylor @ #9 West Virginia
I predicted a close game.
It happened, and West Virginia did win.
That game saw in sum 133 points!
That's almost the amount of the most points scored in a game (136, as far as I could find it).
Where were those Defenses?
I can assure you there were players on both side of the line of scrimmage, but I'm not sure, why those without the ball did play so poor.
Maybe they had a late party the night before ....
63-70 -> Jacks Score: 12-10

#14 Ohio State @ #20 Michigan State
And another game I picked wrong.
I'm not sure if I like it, since I like the Spartans more then the Buckeyes, but OK, those OSU-players did earn it.
It was a very close game and this could have gone the other way.
Looks like the Urban Meyer Buckeyes will bring some heat the next few years.
At least this year, all Big Ten teams can feel save, since OSU is not allowed to play in the championship game and in any Bowl.
17-16 -> Jacks Score: 12-11

Western Kentucky @ Arkansas State
Nice game and it did go as expected.
Western Kentucky will have to find some other team to battle for the Sun Belt Conference.
If you think, the Hilltoppers are irrelevant, fine.
But I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when they play Louisiana Monroe or when they play the Ragin' Cajuns.
Don't miss it.
26-13 -> Jacks Score: 13-11

#12 Texas @ Oklahoma State
That went also close and again Texas did win at Oklahoma State.
Looks like a curse.
Last time they won at home was ... 1997!
I really thought this year could be the curse breaker year, but Texas did win, again.
Now it's 1-7 all time for the Cowboys at home versus Texas.
What a shame.
Texas did win with a controversial call on a touchdown … yeah that can happen.
41-36 -> Jacks Score: 13-12

Wisconsin @ 22 Nebraska
At least this game became a great one, at it was supposed to be.
The Huskers did win this in a close match.
Montee Ball had not much yards, but he scored 3 TDs and helped Wisconsin to stay in the game, but at the end, it wa snot enough.
27-30 -> Jacks Score: 14-12

Some games of interest:

- Penn State did win big against Illinois. Illinois is in rebuilding mode with a new coach, but still, it looks like the Lions are gaining speed.

- Middle Tennessee did win against Georgia Tech. Wow, I never thought that could happen.
The Sun Belt Conference does really hit hard this year against those BCS-Conference teams.

- Kent State did win against Ball State and looks really good this year. Anyone thinking BOWL for the Golden Flashes already?
They were in a Bowl only ONCE, '72 and they had in the last 10 years only one season with 6 win (never more) but were not invited to a Bowl that year (2006).
Now they have 3 win ....

- Texas A&M did bury Arkansas.

- Duke won against Wake Forest. What's going on at the Blue Devils? They are 4-1 and are only win win short of their 10 year high 5 wins in 2009.
Blue Devils winning? Man .. it's a strange world outside.

- Purdue wins against Marshall and is also on for a winning season?

- Georgia did win against Tennessee to maintain their champion ambitions.

- Louisiana Monroe did destroy Tulane.

- Louisiana Tech did win against Virginia. The ARE the WAC-Champions and the WILL be the next ones.

- Virginia Tech loses against Cincinnati. What's wrong with the Hokies? They normally do not lose those games.

- UMass did play good against Ohio, but did lose.

- San Jose State did shut out Navy.

- Boise State did win against New Mexico, but only close. Looks like the Broncos need some more to get back on track.

- FIU did lose against Louisiana Lafayette in a big way, and I'm asking myself, why everyone was so high on the Panthers?

- UTSA (Texas San Antonio) did win against New Mexico State and is 5-0! Not bad for a FBS Newcomer. OK, they played 3 FCS (or worse) teams and also another FBS Newcomer but on the other hand, they started THE WHOLE PROGRAM IN 2010!
Before that NO FOOTBALL and they played the first season in 2011. Larry Croker seems to do a terrific job.

- Oregon State did beat Arizona

That weekend did change the rankings a bit and it's heating up.
It doesn't make sense to get into details, since there are a lot of games left and most of the TOP TEN Teams will have to play against some of the other TOP TEN teams.
It is almost impossible that two teams from the same conference (yes, it happened last year, I know) do land in the BCS-Bowl, so some will drop and some will rise.
The problem is, nobody knows, which team will go up or down, so pointing at some teams now is stupid.
At the moment everybody thinks Alabama is the team to beat.
Let's wait for the LSU game and the Iron Bowl and of cause the SEC championship game.
I can happen that the SEC (six unbeaten teams at the moment) does eliminate itself from the top spots by playing those tough teams week after week.

In the other BCS-Conferences, there are one unbeaten team in the ACC, five in the BIG 12, three in the Big East, one in the Big Ten (+ Ohio State, but they can't compete), two in the PAC 12, and there is Notre Dame (which has an extra rule for the final) unbeaten.

So as you can see, there are at least 19 teams with a good chance to go unbeaten, but most of them will lose one ore more games in the next few weeks.
That's the reason why the BCS-ranking starts later in the season, after week 7.

‘Til next time

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