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It was big shakeup of the current leaders.

Some of the destined favourites did stumble over some other contenders or even teams which were meant to be only speed bumps and those losing teams lost their leading position in the polls.

Welcome to another wild week at college football!

LSU, Florida State, Georgia and Texas did fall from grace and it will take some serious losses by those undefeated teams to get back into the BCS-Championship-Game-Picture.

Of cause there are still a lot of games to play and some of those will have almost the same spicy setup as the LSU-Florida- or that South Carolina-Georgia-game but, one thing is sure, if those one-loss teams want to get back on TOP, they have to win and they have to hope for losses for the unbeaten teams.
Sounds familiar at RZA, right? LOL.

Let's see the results in detail for the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 6

#4 LSU @ #10 Florida
LSU did not play very well in the first half, but did score two Field Goals, and did leave Florida with nothing to work with.
But they did got worn down by those Gator Runningbacks in the second half and did basically collapse on defense, while they still were not able to move the ball on offense.
It resulted in a Gators win an that way, LSU did fall to 9th place in the rankings, while Florida did rise to 4th.
Still a lot of SEC-games left, so don't get to excited, if you are a Gator fan.
6-14 -> Jacks Score: 15-12

#8 West Virginia @ #11 Texas
Again a high scoring game and again did the Mountaineers win in a close one.
Texas is beaten, at home and so the Longhorns did drop some spots (only a few, since they lost against a good team in a close game).
Biggest win for West Virginia, they rose to 5th place and will have, if they keep winning, the waiting seat behind Oregon, since most, if not all SEC contenders will get eliminated one way or another way.
I'm very concerned regarding the non existing VW-defense, if their offense does not work at the wrong time, they will lose big.
48-42 -> Jacks Score: 16-12

#5 Georgia @ #6 South Carolina
OK, it looks like Cocky has some teeth and can bite a bulldog quite good.
This was pure 100% is not enough of Georgia that day. What ever 100% means on gameday.
Georgia was simply not able to make first down, they were not able to score and they were not able to stop the Gamecocks.
You can't blame single players for that, the team of Georgia did lose and the team of South Carolina did win. Period.
South Carolina is now at 3rd place on the rankings and will have to play the same way or better to stay there.
They travel to LSU and Florida in the next 2 weeks and if they are still unbeaten AFTER that, consider them fit to take on Alabama.
Georgia will have a bye week and then an easy opponent and beside the Florida game in the next 3 weeks, the schedule looks quite manageable.
They are not out of the SEC-championship game, but they need to win against Florida.
7-35 -> Jacks Score: 16-13

#21 Nebraska @ #12 Ohio State
Because of the Buckeyes penalties the whole season looks like a prelude for the upcoming seasons.
The Meyer-Buckeyes are already good and they will probably be very good, in the next season and will challenge the SEC big time.
Nebraska did not stand a chance against Ohio State and who every will play in the Big Ten Championship game from the Leaders-Division will play only because Ohio State is not allowed to play.
38-63 -> Jacks Score: 17-13

#23 Washington @ #2 Oregon
Just to make it short: Oregon did win big and Washington was not able to keep up with this.
Oregon still at the 2nd spot and if they do not stumble they will play for the championship game of the BCS.
Biggest games ahead from my point of view are USC and Oregon State, both are away games, so big chances to stumble.
21-52 -> Jacks Score: 18-13

Some games of interest:

- Navy did beat Air Force with a recovered own fumble in the endzone by an offensive linemen in OT. Wild finish .....

- Arkansas did win against Auburn for their first SEC win this season. Who had thought, that could happen? In Auburn?

- Penn State did win against the ranked Northwestern team at home. For me no wonder, but that's how rankings work. They often do NOT represent the strength of teams, more the accomplished wins and losses.

- Temple did win against South Florida for their first Big East win, and South Florida is winless in the Big East. Is the seat of Skip Holtz heating up?

- Army did beat Boston College. Looks like BC has a down year, again.

- Kansas State did crush State rival Kansas big time. KSU now ranked 6th!

- North Carolina did win against Virginia tech, which means, all bets for the ACC Coastal division are open again.

- Stanford did win against Arizona and gains some ground again in the rankings. Arizona is 0-3 in the PAC 12.

- Duke (again ... Duke!!) did win against Virginia and is now 5-1 and 2-0 in the ACC!

- Clemson did win against Georgia Tech and did send the Yellow Jackets deeper in the negative zone.

- Louisiana Monroe did win against Middle Tennessee and does that way gets the favourite role in the SBC.

- Iowa State did upset TCU. TCU did suspend before that game their QB, because he got arrested because of driving intoxicated.

- Michigan did win against Purdue in a big game and did not fall to the strong Boilermakers.

- Vanderbilt did win against Missouri. The Tigers are still winless in the SEC.

- Texas A&M did win a close game against Ole Miss.

- Rice did fal to Memphis ... yes, that Memphis which got beaten until now by everybody except the mascots.

- Notre Dame did win against Miami big time. I was worried, the Irish would lose that one, because they might underestimate the Hurricanes, but they did play strong.

- North Carolina State did win against Florida State in a close game and did that way knock the Seminoles out of the BCS-Championship race.

- Cal did win against UCLA. Nice Upset.

‘Til next time

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