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Let's talk about the students, the players.

In the FBS, almost all players do have athletic scholarships.

Some players like Kickers and Punters do often get onto the team as walk-ons, means they did qualify for the team, without a scholarship. It can happen that some of them get later awarded a scholarship, but that is up to the coaches.
Sometimes players even have academical scholarships, which helps the team of cause in a big way.

FBS-Schools can offer up to 85 athletic aids to students in total and each aid, which could be a full or a partial scholarship in theory, do count as 1 FULL scholarship against that cap of 85 in the FBS.
Hence, in the FBS basically all athletic aids for football players are FULL scholarships.

There are some exceptions for some programs, like the IVY league schools (FCS-schools like Princeton, Harvard, Yale and so on, I think you heard those names before...) which do only allow student aids on the same rules as for all other students. So no athletic scholarships there (those normally have lower standards on grades and a lower entry level) which also means, the schools are less competitive, but that’s no problem, since the play in one conference.

Also an exception rule do have all three military schools in the FBS (ARMY, NAVY and AIR FORCE) because ALL students of those academies do receive aids. Their problem is that they can't recruit as normal schools, since there is still that military thing in addition. No very talented player will go to those academies, if he dreams of an NFL career, since AFTER graduation you have to do military service.

But all other schools do offer those scholarships and of cause they find people to fill their roster spots each year.

Players can lose their scholarship because of various reason, most of the time because of money or behaviour.

Players with a scholarship are basically not allowed to receive more (extra) money from external sources and they are not allowed to receive more (extra) money from the institution than a regular education at that school would cost. This also includes not only money, but services, like complementary clothes, cars, or what ever they receive without paying for it.

But often players DO receive extra services, which then often lead to investigations and often the player AND the schools get punished for those actions.

This is a situation many schools have issues in, because if you want to stay competitive, you have to get the best recruits and those often get offers way beyond the legally allowed parameters.

And if not services are offered for the student himself then the family gets additional benefits.

So if you, as an Athletic Director, do decide to not counter such behaviour, you might end up with the medium level athletes, the other schools did left.

This is my personal opinion: I think most big time schools do violate the NCAA rules, and only a few get caught, because of laziness of the students, the coaches or because there had to be a case of "Detection", to give the people in front of the screens the impression, the NCAA does really care.
I think they don't care and they like the way it is.

At the moment, each scholarship has to be renewed on an annual basis. That means, schools can get rid of players every year, without much effort.

That's the main criticism on that actual system, since that way if you are a "bad" players in terms of school rules, or you have a serious injury, you might lose your scholarship, which often means, you also lose the chance to graduate.

There are plans to give multi year scholarships in the future, which are a good thing, but I don't think this will solve the main problems.

The main problems are, that those players get those scholarships under the false impression they are at schools to PLAY.

Yes, they are allowed to play, but the main reason is, to LEARN.

The third stringer of Ohio State did Twitter a few weeks ago something like "Why should we attend classes? We are here to play football, not to play school."

Ohio State is proud that they are regularly in the TOP 10 of all schools regarding graduation.

I'm sure Urban Meyer, the HC of the Buckeyes, had a long and constructive chat with that kid after his tweet and hopefully he learned that he should not talk that way (as a public visible student of that school).

But I think he just stated what many players do think: We are here to play, not to learn and THAT is for me a perversion of the intention of the whole system.

As much as I like college football, this system is broken and needs a fix, because many of these kids do have a lot of problems, once their 4 years of glory at any school are over.

Yes, some of them become pros and the ironic in that is, that also two third of those get bankrupt, once those few pro years are over, too.

Imagine those kid would really intend to graduate and to learn. I think a lot of problems would be solved then.

Instead of unemployed young men, you would have a lot of good educated men who could work efficiently and even start up new companies and would create jobs.

Of cause not all college players do end unemployed and bankrupts, but the numbers are way too high, if you think about it and keep in mind that every year each of those 120 schools do grand 85 scholarships for FREE education for some of the best schools in the USA.


#15 Texas vs #13 Oklahoma
The Red River Rivalry is played in the Cotton Bowl since a very long time and Oklahoma has won the last 2 in a row.
Since 2007 it didn't happen, that BOTH team went into that game without a perfect record, so we can expect a game for inches here.
From my point of view, the Sooners have all the tools to get this done and earn the win.
On the other hand is this since ages a homegame for Texas and they are better than the last two years and Oklahoma is not the same as in the last two.
Hence the expected close game.
I have to admit, I don't like the Longhorns and but I always try to look over this emotional aspect.
Bottom line for me is, I think Oklahoma is better coached and Texas will get a second defeat in the row.

Duke @ Virginia Tech
This is a crazy world.
Duke got some ranking points (3) in the last rankings (not enough to reach the TOP 25, but still some did give them a spot worth 3 points in sum) and VT did not .....
For those of you who are not that familiar with the ACC or College Football in general, here some facts.
Duke record high the last ten years: 5 wins in 2009
Overall record in ten years: 25-93
Last bowl game: 1994 which they lost to Wisconsin.
VTs record high the last ten years: 11 win in 2005, 2007, 2010 and 2011
Overall record in ten years: 102-33
Last bowl game: 2011 which the lost in OT against Michigan
So, now we have a 5-1 Duke team taking on a 3-3 VT team.
If you would ask me for a prediction the last ten years ... well Duke would never get the win.
This year?
I don't know!
Duke did basically beat second string teams at best, VT did lose against second stringer and that even at home.
Will VT lose at home against Duke?
My gutts are saying NO!
But I have doubts ....
So I'm expecting a close game and VT does survive.
Fair? Don't know ....

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame
This rivalry is also a very old one and Stanford has won 3 in a row, thanks to some Andrew Luck magic.
But this year looks like the series will break.
First of all, Stanford is not the offensive juggernaut they were the last few years.
They don't click in perfect synchronicity and Notre Dame has the best defense since years, maybe ages.
Second the play at home, which will be an additional boost.
And third ... if you win, you get confidence and THAT Irish team is undefeated and beat Miami big last week. So there will be a lot of confidence.
I'm not saying, this will be an easy game, but they will win.
If Stanford wins this game, I will be impressed and will look forward for those Oregon and Oregon State games.

#1 Alabama @ Missouri
This game is for me very interesting, since it will give us all a look at the 'Tide real strength.
You don't think Missouri is an opponent worth looking?
You might be right, but I would never underestimate a Tigers team at home.
Alabama did basically play nobody in the SEC worth a second look this year, since Arkansas did hit the self-destruction button at that time.
Missouri did play Georgia, South Carolina and Vanderbilt.
Yes the lost all those games, and the loss against Vanderbilt is a little bit concerning, but I still believe the Tigers can cause trouble for some overconfident teams.
Maybe Alabama, maybe Florida or maybe Texas A&M ....
I'm looking forward for this game against the Crimson Tide and I think Alabama will get more challenges than they would like to have.
Will it be enough for an upset?
I don't think so, but I would like to see a close game.
So dear Tigers, please bring your A-game and proof me wrong.

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU
Probably the best game of the week.
South Carolina has played very well and LSU did stumble.
Now the Gamecocks are the favourite and the Tigers have to win at home for an upset.
Who had anticipated that a few weeks ago?
No one!
For those how think South Carolina will win this ...
Les Miles did only lose twice in a row once in his Tiger-live (2008 at home vs Ole Miss and then @Arkansas) and I don't think he will lose at home in the night, where he has a 34-1 record.
The Tigers will get the Gamecocks drop in the rankings with an upset.

#22 Texas A&M @ #23 Louisiana Tech
Anyone curious for this game?
Me too.
LT is basically the monolith left in the WAC and they will win the WAC with one arm behind their back.
But are they worth a TOP25 ranking?
We will see that against Texas A&M, the new SEC team, ex Big 12.
IF LT wins, see Texas A&M drop deep and LT rise a few spots.
If A&M wins, LT will vanish from the rankings, probably for good for the season and A&M will more or less stay were they are.
But who WILL win?
I can't think of an upset here, sorry.
I would love to see one, but I think LT will lose in a close one.

‘Til next time

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