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This might get messy.

After this weekend, the first BCS-Standings were released and (although it should have been clear to everyone without that list) it became visible, that we might run into a qualification discussion (again).

The BCS-Standing is for week 7:

4Kansas State.8963
5Notre Dame.8774
7South Carolina.6930
8Oregon State.6808
12Mississippi State.4846
13West Virginia.4793
14Florida State.4277
17Texas Tech.3572
18Texas A&M.3379
22Boise State.1978
24Iowa State.1139

Alabama got the first spot because they are basically high ranked in every poll, the humans (Coaches and Harris) and the seven computer rankings have them not lower than fifth.
Since the human polls do count as 2/3 of all points and the computer polls only weight 1/3, Alabama got fist.
The surprising second team is Florida.
They are ranked third and fourth in the human polls but receive a lot of first and second place rankings by the computer and get the second place because Oregon is simply downgraded by the computers.
Oregon get the second place votes of all human polls, but their highest computer ranking is third and their lowest is tenth.
And here you can see the power of the computers 1/3 part; they are able to kick you out if they don't like your results.

Why can it become messy now?

The first five teams are all unbeaten and only Florida and Alabama a destined to have one loss for one of those SEC teams, because of the SEC-Championship game, or maybe before that.
All others might get though the season unbeaten.
So who should play the national title game?
On top of that there are also those Big East Teams from Louisville and Rutgers, and one of those might also make it to the ranks of the unbeaten.

Of cause the season is only half through and there are plenty of games left to stumble, but this will only make it probably worse.
The first one loss team is LSU. If LSU beats Alabama they will sky rocket back into the mix.
And because of the love the SEC gets, it might happen that an unbeaten team will play LSU in the title game, while an unbeaten Rutgers team might be sitting out of reach and never had a chance.

There will be a lot of changes in the next 7-8 weeks and maybe it all will work out well, or maybe it will be ugly.

Let's have a look back at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 7

#15 Texas vs #13 Oklahoma
Oh boy, what a beating got Texas get?
How do now the Texan people feel?
Got beaten by Oklahoma in Texas by 42 points?
I have a lot of swearing in my fingers I could write right now, how bad Texas played and how ridiculous the Longhorns defense looked, but I will keep that in check, since I don't want to be unfair.
I wonder if Mack Brown, the HC of Texas gets a little heat now?
21-63 -> Jacks Score: 19-13

Duke @ Virginia Tech
It looks like the world got a little sane again.
One quarter it looked like Bizzarro world, when Duke was up 20:0.
But then Virginia Tech did react and 41 unanswered points and let Duke look like the Duke of the last few years.
I'm still curious to see, if Duke will get Bowl eligible...
20-41 -> Jacks Score: 20-13

#17 Stanford @ #7 Notre Dame
I think Notre Dame has an Offense problem and this might let them stubble somewhere in the future.
They barely won against Stanford, at home in OT with two controversial calls.
The first one was flag for unnecessary roughness, which led to the tying score for Notre Dame, but that one was understandable, since Refs have to decide in milliseconds, and not after watching replay after replay after replay.
And the safety of the players is an issue and will get bigger, so I don't blame them for that.
The second call in OT was a disaster.
The Stanford Runningback was pushing for the goalline, was stopped for an blink of an eye and then rolled out of the tackle into the endzone.
Game tying TD by Stanford in OT?
The refs did (that's what they are saying) whistle at the short stopping of the Runningback and at that point the player was NOT in the endzone.
Notre Dame won and Stanford lost.
They had an review on that play, but if really a whistle was blown, there is no chance to overcome that.
Still, some say, there were no whistle ...
13-20 -> Jacks Score: 21-13

#1 Alabama @ Missouri
Alabama showed up and basically stomped the Tigers into the ground.
That was impressive and I think the only thing that can stop Alabama from reaching the BCS-Finals is Alabama itself.
They will play tough opponents the next few weeks (Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, Texas A&M and Auburn in the Iron Bowl) and I think the hardest will be the LSU game.
Still, being sloppy only once could mean a loss against one of the other SEC opponents.
And there is the SEC-Championship game.
Can Florida or one other team beat Alabama there?
We will see.
42-10 -> Jacks Score: 22-13

#3 South Carolina @ #9 LSU
So close and it was a wild ride.
The lead did change regularly and at the end it was the LSU defense which broke down the South Carolina comeback tries.
That was impressive and I'm looking forward for the Alabama game right here in Death Valley of College Football.
The Gamecocks did drop some spots in the rankings but still can go to the SEC-Championship game.
They only have to beat Florida in Florida ... Not an easy task.
21-23 -> Jacks Score: 23-13

#22 Texas A&M @ #23 Louisiana Tech
What a game!
LT is real and they will win the WAC.
They will go into a Bowl and there they will probably win that, too.
Why do I think that?
Because the almost did upset Texas A&M. One two point conversion did fail for the OT.
I think when all games are played, LT will be back in the rankings, but they dropped out of it for now.
59-57 -> Jacks Score: 24-13

Some games of interest:

- Arizona State did win big against Colorado and are now 3-0 in the PAC 12. They could win the PAC South, but have some tough games ahead of them.

- Kansas State did win against Iowa State and stay unbeaten.

- Iowa did beat Michigan State. That's why I like the Hawkeyes. They are always good for a punish you never expect.

- Kent State did win against Army and is now 5-1. Unbelievable.

- Auburn did lose against Ole Miss and basically hit the bottom of the SEC. Does a coaching change happen?

- Big East newcomer Temple did beat UConn and are now 2-0 in the Big East.

- SMU did lose against Tulane, which records it's first win of the season. I think June Jones, the HC of SMU has a problem.

- North Carolina did beat Miami to get back into the ACC championship race.

- UCLA did beat Utah and is almost Bowl-eligible.

- Boise State did win against Fresno State, but the Broncos to still lack the offensive power of the past.

- Rice did win against UTSA, their first loss.

- Oregon State is still unbeaten after beating BYU. I'm still waiting for the Beavers blackout ....

- Oklahoma State barely beat Kansas. Looks like rebuilding year for the Cowboys, nobody expected that.

- West Virginia did basically lost all of his offensive power against Texas Tech and did lose BIG.

- Arkansas did win against Kentucky in barely THREE QUARTERS. The game was ended in the third quarter because of a lighting and thunderstorm.

- TCU did beat Baylor and id now 5-1. Not bad for Big 12 newcomer.

- Ohio State was almost upset by Indiana. The Hoosiers are not very known for their scoring power, but were able to score 49 points against the Buckeyes. I think many offensive coordinators will look at that game very closely, now.

- Southern Miss did lose against UCF and is now 0-6! Pretty bad for the defending CUSA champion ....

- Mississippi State did beat Tennessee and is now 6-0 and did sneak into the SEC championship discussion.

‘Til next time

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