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Anyone sure that this BCS ranking season won't end in a disaster?

I'm not going to put here in the next table of rankings, but the results of the last week and the upcoming games in mind ...
Will there be two clear teams worth the BCS-Finals-Spots?

Last week, there was an article about "no one will go undefeated, this season" and I thought "Huh? Really? I have a different schedule than you on my mind, then."

Of cause the author can be right. Every team can stumble over some team, nobody had on the screen for been a dick and spoiling the party.
Ask Florida State or USC.

When you look at the BCS-Standings and have a look at the upcoming games, it's hard NOT to see unbeaten teams.

The SEC gives us #1 and #2 in Alabama and Florida.
Both unbeaten and of cause both can struggle in the next games (some tough one ahead), but from the point of view today I would say, if Alabama beats LSU in Death valley and Florida beats Georgia next week, those two will meet unbeaten in the SEC-Finals, one will go down, the other will play in the BCS-Finals.

#3 is now seated by Kansas State and they can of cause struggle, too, but on the other hand, the will play TCU and Baylor as away games, the rest is at home. And the toughest team, Oklahoma, was already been played and KSU won.
Will they go unbeaten? Might be and then they play the SEC-Champion for the National Championship?
Not so fast.

The Spot #4 is Oregon and they play USC and Oregon State as away games. Lots of potential for a downfall. But on the other hand, they did outrun every damn team so far and I can't see the Ducks fall to the Trojans or the Beavers.
So there will also probably be an unbeaten team from the PAC 12 (after the Ducks won also the PAC 12 championship game, which might be a rematch against USC or Arizona State) and then they might get a shot for national glory?
No so fast.

Notre Dame is seated at #5, still unbeaten and the have some really tough games ahead. To be honest I think their unbeaten ride will end against Oklahoma, but whow knows, until today the found every game a way to win.
They might find additional ones and beat Oklahoma and USC in California. They might win all games and then what?
They would have one of the toughest schedule of all, at least tougher than Kansas State and Oregon.
Will they go to the BCS-Final then?


And those are only the TOP 5 in the Rankings.

There are still Rutgers and Louisville at spot #15 and #16. If one of them wins the Big East unbeaten, will this one get a shot?
Probably not, but on the other hand, if some teams struggle, they will rise. Maybe high enough.

I know I did talk about this stuff before and I might repeat myself, but i'm really worried, the system might fail big this year.
As much as I like the BCS because of its weekly finals character, as much do I hate it for its TWO final seats for the Championship game.

So, who do you think will get those two places?
Talk to me!

Let’s have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 8

#3 Oregon @ Arizona State
Arizona State did give the Ducks some test, but at the end, this was no real test.
The Ducks did score all points in the first half and the game was over.
The Sundevils did score some points in the fourth quarter, but that was no comeback try, that was just a controlled time consuming backup game by Oregon.
Real test for Oregon ahead with USC in two weeks.
43-21 -> Jacks Score: 25-13

#7 South Carolina @ #2 Florida
Here I was wrong. No close win for Florida. It was a slaughterhouse in Florida.
South Carolina did had too many turnovers and Florida did gain momentum by that and did score.
The Gamecocks did basically trail the whole game and coming back in the swamp of Florida is hard.
The so hot South Carolina team two weeks ago is now 2 defeats later back to earth and Florida and Georgia will probably fight out the SEC East winner.
44-11 -> Jacks Score: 26-13

North Carolina State @ Maryland
Close game and Maryland almost won.
A missed Field Goal is a bad thing, right?
If you lose by 2 points, it is the worst thing that can happen.
The Terrapins did lead 18-17, when North Carolina State did move down the field and kicked a field goal, 00:32 left in the game.
The Kickoff was a touchback and Maryland started at it's own 25 (yes, 25, that's the rule for touchback in college football).
four plays later the stopped the clock with 00:6 left and on the NCS 14 yard line.
An easy shot, right?
Well, Brad Craddock did miss the 33 yarder. He did hit the left upright.
The result is, that North Carolina State can win the ACC. If they win all games remaining, they can go into the championship game and at the moment it looks like who every will be the opponent, that team will beat himself.
The ACC is a mess without any frontrunner for a champion.
Even Duke can make it.
You like that?
I can understand that, but it won't help the ACC in national comparison.
20-18 -> Jacks Score: 27-13

Michigan State @ Michigan
Hand up, who did see a 10-12 win by Michigan?
I assume you are Wolverine fan, since a Spartan fan would never see his team lose.
So as a Wolverine fan you anticipated 4 Field Goals and no Denard Robinson score?
I'm impressed.
Anyway, 5 second left in the game, the Wolverine did hit the game winning Field Goal for the win, the 900th in team history and the first against the Spartans since 2007.
Now the Wolverine can enjoy (if possible, it's an ugly piece of wood) the Paul Bunyan Trophy.
10-12 -> Jacks Score: 28-13

#17 Texas Tech @ #23 TCU
Anyone thinking the same a me?
There is this state in the US, where citizen think they are the toughest and best ever seen.
Don't mess with Texas, right?
How comes, those Texans can't play defense?
56-53? Are you kidding me?
And you might remember, that was not the only Texas defenseless games, right?
What are those defense coordinators thinking?
Well, the Red Raiders did at the end score just enough to win THIS game, but with this kind of performance you can't expect to win every game ...
56-53 -> Jacks Score: 29-13

Louisiana Monroe @ Western Kentucky
Ha. Looks like those Louisiana and Kentucky players also don't know about defense.
At the end, the Warhawks did win by one point, but that's enough.
Spare me an upset after that and the Warhawks will win the SBC.
43-42 -> Jacks Score: 30-13

Some games of interest:

- Louisiana Lafayette did lose against North Texas and by that they did basically eliminate themselves from the SBC title race. Almost.
Still lots of games to play, but who ever wants back into the mix has to beat the Warhawks first.

- Purdue almost did beat Ohio State. The Buckeyes did lose their QB, so we will see, how this will change the Buckeyes games upcoming.

- Oklahoma State did beat the ranked Iowa State and is climbing pack to the top. Maybe.

- Rutgers did beat Temple to stay unbeaten.

- Clemson did win against Virginia Tech. Really a down year for the Hokies.

- LSU did beat Texas A&M in Texas. Tough game, tough win.

- Wisconsin was able to win against Minnesota and is basically destined to play in the Big Ten Championship game. They can show that they earned it by beating Ohio State and Penn State the next weeks.

- Auburn lost against Vanderbilt. I don't think the Tigers-Fans are happy at the moment.

- Stanford did win their rivalry game against Cal.

- FBS newcomer South Alabama did WIN against Florida Atlantic. No fun to be an Owl-Fan at the moment.

- Nebraska did barley win against Northwestern. The Wildcats are tougher this year.

- Notre Dame did barley win against BYU and is still in the unbeaten mix. Anyone think they will beat Oklahoma next week?

- South Florida almost upset Louisville, but the Cardinals did win and stay unbeaten.

- Ball State did win against Central Michigan. Ball State now 5-3. Shocking.

- Kent State is still unbeaten in the MAC after beating Western Michigan.

- Duke beat North Carolina! REPEAT: Duke beat North Carolina! NO, not in Basketball ... IN FOOTBALL. Duke is Bowl-eligible, first time since 1993!

- Kansas State killed West Virginia. No Offense by West Virginia and now Geno did through 2 INTs. Oh boy ...

- Idaho did lose against Louisiana Tech (no shocker here) and did fire their coach.

- Cincinnati lost against Toledo to drop of the ranks of the unbeaten.

- Remember the defenseless Texan state? Baylor - Texas 50-56!!

- Penn State did win against the Hawkeyes.

- Arizona did beat Washington.

- And San Diego State did finish off Nevada.

‘Til next time

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