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That's what I had in mind, when I saw the results of this weekend.


There were nice results and at the end of the day, those human players played their games and did win or lose, but still ....

At this point of the season, you have a feeling for the teams. You (and me) should have it.

But still did Georgia beat Florida, Washington did beat Oregon State, the Irish did beat Oklahoma and Arizona did beat USC.

Suddenly the picture of the season got redrawn and now it looks still messy, but different.

Next week eventually do this again. We will see.

Do you remember the scheduling experiment of the preview?
Toughest games for Ohio was supposed to be @Kent State?, It still is, more than ever, after Kent State did beat Rutgers, but Ohio did already fumble the last against Miami of Ohio.
The still can win the division, but it got a lot tougher now.

So much for scheduling. Still kids, playing the game.

OK, let's have a view on the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 9

#2 Florida vs #10 Georgia
Six Gator turnovers did seal the deal here. The Florida offense did basically not made the trip to Jacksonville.
Their defense did hold the Bulldogs to 17 points and the only real good scoring drive was in the fourth quarter, all other points were results of those turnovers and the bad (for Florida) field positions.
Florida did not look good, but Georgia also did not look that good on offense and you have to give those Bulldogs defenders the gameball.
Florida has to win the last SEC game against Mizzou and has to hope for a Georgia loss.
Georgia has to play OleMiss at home and Aurburn away, which might be the best combination to win the division.
7-17 -> Jacks Score: 30-14

#14 Texas Tech @ #3 Kansas State
Colin Klein looks like one of the leading candidates for the Heisman Trophy.
He did guide his team to another dominant victory and they Wildcats are in the front seat for the BCS championship game.
Texas Tech was in the game for the first half, and then KSU did adjust a bit on offense and defense and did outscore 42-14.
There are still four conference games ahead, but the tougher ones are at home.
The whole planet waits for the first dropped game, but it might not come.
24-55 -> Jacks Score: 31-14

Ohio State @ Penn State
Strange game.
First quarter: 0-0.
Second Quarter: Penn State does score a TD by a blocked punt.
Ohio State does then walk the whole field and score the game tying TD. Before that, NO drive did really last long, not of Ohio State, and not of Penn State.
Third Quarter: Penn State throws a pick-six, THEN walks down the field for a field goal and then gave Ohio State two very good drives for TD.
Why? Braxton Miller did play very good and those defense players of Penn State had to gamble on some plays.
Some gambles did pay off, some did not.
Fourth Quarter: Penn State did a great drive for TD, but failed the 2-point-conversion. 28-16.
Ohio State did counter that by a great pass play for 72 yard TD, Penn State needed 5 min. to score the 35-23 and did not get the Onside Kick.
Why a strange game? Because for two quarters the Penn State defense was sharp and then crumbled to dust.
At home in front of a crowd of over 100.000 fans?
OK, fine, The Buckeyes did win and will have to fight it out against Wisconsin and Michigan for the honour, since the can't play in the championship game.
Penn State can't also compete for the championship game and has Nebraska and Wisconsin waiting. They still can win the division, but need a little luck.
35-24 -> Jacks Score: 31-15

#5 Notre Dame @ #8 Oklahoma
And I thought Hollywood will sit in that Penn State game. No, they were in that Notre Dame game.
You don't come to Norman, Oklahoma and win often.
But Oklahoma did already lost two games at home this season after this weekend that must hurt.
Into the fourth quarter it looked like an open game. Oklahoma did tie the score 13-13 with a TD and it looked like the Sooners might get a shot for the win.
But 9 min. were left and Golson (Notre Dame QB) did guide his team down the field and score by himself.
Oklahoma did come out and tried to do the same, but an interception by Te'o (you can discuss this catch, not clear to see) did seal the deal.
Notre Dame scored another Field Goal and Oklahoma was 10 behind, 3 min. to go.
The played the fourth down on their own 20 and didn't made it.
Notre Dame did score another TD and that's that.
The Irish now have 3 weaker opponents and then have to play USC in California.
Since USC did lose against Arizona, that game and a supposed to be win might not be enough to jump KSU in the BCS standings on their own.
Oklahoma has to hope for a KSU loss and has to win. Toughest games might be the West Virginia game and against the state rivals, the Cowboys.
30-13 -> Jacks Score: 31-16

#11 Mississippi State @ #1 Alabama
OK, let's face it. Alabama is GOOD!
They did basically crush Mississippi State and the Bulldogs did only score after the Crimson Tide was in front 38-0 in the fourth quarter.
This is a juggernaut and I can't wait what will happen next week against LSU.
The Bulldogs have to play Texas A&M, LSU and Arkansas as toughest opponents and after THAT game against Alabama, I see more losses coming.
Alabama has LSU and Texas A&M to handle, the Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa will probably be boring this year.
7-38 -> Jacks Score: 32-16

Some games of interest:

- Clemson did win against Wake Forest. They need a FSU loss to win the ACC Atlantic.

- Louisville did beat Cincinnati by 3 and stays unbeaten in the Big East.

- Nevada did lose against Air Force. The Falcons still have to hope for a Boise State loss, since they did lose against UNLV before, to win at least a share of the MWC championship. Boise State is still unbeaten.

- Oregon State did lose against Washington. I love the Huskies for that spoiling spirit. Oregon State might still have a chance to win the PAC 12 north, if they win the Civil War against state rival Oregon.

- Northwestern did win against Iowa. No upset by the Hawkeyes ...

- Indiana did win against Illinois and got its first Big Ten win.

- South Carolina did win against Tennessee, but did lose Lattimore, their star RB.

- Ole Miss did win against Arkansas in Arkansas. Nice win and a nice turnaround for the Rebels, after last season, so far.

- North Carolina did win the state rivalry against North Carolina State. ACC Coastal is crazy in the standings, division winner will probably be determined by the last gameday or a coin toss.

- Boston College did win against Maryland. The Terrapin did also lose their QB Caleb Rowe with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. That freshman is out for a year.
That's the FOURTH QB, Maryland did lose to a season ending injury.
QB C.J. Brown did also tore his ACL already in August, before the season.
QB Perry Hills did tore his ACL in a game against North Carolina State on 20th of October, last week!
And QB Devin Burns did came into that game and broke his foot.
So basically they lost 3 QB in 2 games for the season and next game will be guided by a converted LB or a converted TE.
Chance for winning? Not that good, right? Yes, because they have to play GT, Clemson, FSU and North Carolina.
Good look staying healthy.

- Rice did win against Southern Miss. I hope that new Coach of the Golden Eagles has a good explanation, since losing that much with a championship team ... awful.

- UCLA did win against Arizona State. Nice win.

- Arizona made the best out of their home advantage and did win against USC.
USC now with two losses and not a single win against a winning team.
The Wildcats are one win away from Bowling!

- Duke was crushed by Florida State, still Duke can win the Coastal division.

- Minnesota did win against Purdue for the first Big Ten win.

- Navy won against East Carolina. There is still some live in the Midshipmen.

- Kent State upset #15 ranked Rutgers at Rutgers home site. Impressive. Rutgers is still unbeaten in the Big East, but did drop out of the rankings.

- Miami Ohio did win against Ohio.

- Michigan State did upset Wisconsin in Wisconsin. The Badgers are still in the front seat to go to the Big Ten Championship game, since Ohio State and Penn State are not allowed to do so.

- Florida Atlantic did win against Troy, which is their first SBC-win and the second overall.

- Which is better than Florida International, they lost against Western Kentucky at home and are still winless in the SBC and do only have one win in total.

- Nebraska did upset ranked Michigan. The Cornhuskers are now in first place to go to the Big Ten Championship game.

‘Til next time

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