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Hmmm. My last Blog entry did not receive a lot of feeback star-wise.

And basically no feedback at all in the forum.

So, was it too short?

Not "worthy" enough?


The thing is, I can only write about stuff I know and which I use.

And the meta raking at Massey is from my point of view a great thing.

Anyway, let's get to the gameday 10.

All favourites in the championship hunt did win, so no big changes at the top of the BCS-rankings.

Biggest surprise was probably the almost-defeat Notre Dame had to suffer.

So right now, the BCS-Standings are heading into a epic failure season with four teams unbeaten and claiming to be worth the Championship game.
But only two can play there.

I'm sure the BCS-guys are praying for some losses by 2 of those four teams, doesn't matter which one, and are hoping for new story which does not involve the SEC.
Having SEC-teams winning it all since 7 years does destroy the product and that means at the end, less money. So I think they would like to have an Oregon - Kansas State matchup or even more an Kansas State - Notre Dame matchup. Notre Dame is still very popular and would probably get a lot of attention.

But it looks like Alabama will play only the next thing to a worthy opponent in the SEC-championship game and probably win that one and then will face who ever is left in the BCS-Finals.

There are many articles about the chances of any of the 3 contenders, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame and all claiming the same two things:
- Because of THIS you will be in
- Because of THAT you will be out

There are several strange and not really transparent procedures in the background of the BCS-rankings, since the six computer rankings are more or less a mystery and the Harris Poll is also a well guarded secret as a human poll.
Only at the LAST gameday it will happen that all pieces will fall in place and there will be discussions over the places.

Maybe then will the meta-ranking be interesting? LOL.


#20 Nebraska @ Michigan State
They met on eyesight and did play tough. MSU did have a 10 point lead, but did play poorly in the last quarter and did lose the game because of this.
They had twice the chance to run down the clock in the last quarter and were not able to get the needed first downs.
The Cornhuskers did cruise down the whole field in their last drive and scored the game winning touchdown.
The Spartans defense were there for three quarters, but did lose focus when it counted most.
Nebraska is heading further in sight of the Big Ten Championship game, Michigan State still needs one win to be Bowl-eligible.
28-24 -> Jacks Score: 33-16

#4 Oregon @ #17 USC
Well ... let's say, the defenses were not on the field.
If there are 113 points scored in ONE game, well ... there was not much resistant, right?
Oregon did score more in the first quarter, did come out more focused and better prepared and did basically carry those 11 point lead though the game.
USC was able to cut this down to 3 points at some points, but Oregon did basically score in the next drive to get the double digit lead back.
For USC there are two crucial games ahead, UCLA and Arizona State.
One of those three teams will win the PAC 12 and will have to face (probably, we have to wait for the Civil War) Oregon in the Championship game.
Oregon has to play Cal, Stanford and the Civil War against Oregon State.
It looks good for Oregon to reach the PAC 12 Championship unbeaten and even to win the PAC 12.
62-51 -> Jacks Score: 34-16

#1 Alabama @ #4 LSU
It really was a hard fought game and LSU almost had it in their pocket.
LSU did score the 17-14 lead in the beginning of the fourth quarter.
It looked good and the Death Valley magic started to work.
Two times it was 3 and OUT for Alabama.
LSU cruised over the field and did kick a field goal. Missed it.
Alabama started at their 28th yard line and needed 5 plays to score the game winning touchdown.
0:51 were left and LSU was not able to get into scoring range.
Alabama is almost through to reach the BCS-Championship game, LSU can burry all hopes for it, since two losses are too much this season.
21-17 -> Jacks Score: 35-16

#24 Oklahoma State @ #2 Kansas State
The good new is, the Wildcats did win.
The bad news is, Collin Klein did leave the game and did not return.
His injury is yet unknown. He watched the rest of game from the sideline, his helmet kept away, to avoid him getting back in the game on his own.
We will see, what his injury is in the week, and if he can play the next games.
TCU and Baylor are away games, and then does Texas visit for the final game.
Without Klein this might get tougher than expected.
The Cowboys did play well, but their defense did allow 44 points, which was too much.
They still have to play four Big 12 opponents including the battle against Oklahoma.
30-44 -> Jacks Score: 36-16

#22 Arizona @ UCLA
This went pretty much one sided.
I did expect a shootout, but the Wildcats were not able to play.
Maybe the game against USC was too much for the team, maybe UCLA was too much at all?
Don't know.
An impressive win for the Bruins and they have to win against WSU, USC and Stanford to seal the PAC 12 Championship game.
If they lose against USC, they might fall back to second rank, depended on the USC games.
Arizona has to win one more to be Bowl-Eligible and I think many would love them to see.
Should be possible, since Colorado, Utah and Arizona State are no class A programs and beatable.
30-44 -> Jacks Score: 37-16

Some games of interest:

The favourite in the BCS-games did not fall, but some teams did basically shoot themselves this weekend and did open the Conference Championships wide open again.

- Miami did win against VT and is now the leading candidate for the ACC Championship game from the Coastal Division. At least this week.

- Middle Tennessee did win against Western Kentucky and is now in a three team tie in the Sun Belt Conference, after Louisiana Monroe did stumble over Louisiana Laffayette.
The Warhawks had it all, but with this stumble, they now have to face Arkansas State next week to get back in the driving seat of the Sun Belt.
Middle Tennessee also has to play Arkansas State in the upcoming weeks, so we might get a clear champion here or a split one.

- Florida almost lost against Missouri. Florida still has to wait for a loss of Georgia to have any chance for the SEC Championship game.

- East Carolina did beat Houston and might slip into the CUSA-Championship game, since the leader of the East Division, UCF, has to play three more games, including Tulsa (leader of the West Division) in Oklahoma.

- Texas A&M did win against Mississippi State and brought them back to earth. Two losses in a row, one away, one at home. Next one @LSU, prepare for the third loss in a row.

- Air Force did lose against Army, the first in seven years.

- Buffalo did beat Miami (OH). Their first MAC-win this season.

- Tennessee almost lost against Troy. If they had lost, I think the HC of the Vols would have to leave right after the game. His stuff would have been send after him.

- And Tulsa almost won against Arkansas.

- Virginia did win against North Carolina State, their first ACC win.

- TCU did beat West Virginia in double OT. Big win for the Horn Frogs.

- Indiana did win against ... Iowa. It's hard to be a Hawkeye-Fan at the moment.

- Biggest finish this week in the Notre Dame - Pitt game. 3 OT and this Pitt Kicker had the win on his feet in the second OT. He missed right about a few inches and Notre Dame won the game at last.

- Texas did beat Texas Tech. Still some life from the Longhorns.

- Rice beats Tulane. Battle of the bad teams ..... defense left at home.

- South Florida did win its first Big East game, maybe not enough to keep Skip Holtz in his job.

- Duke lost big against Clemson and it showed, that whoever will enter the ACC Championship game, will be slaughtered by FSU or Clemson.

- UAB did beat Southern Miss. Their first CUSA win. There are only two teams left with ZERO wins. UMass, a FBS newcomer, and Southern Miss.
UMass is understandable. Maybe a bit unlucky, but OK. But Southern Miss was the CUSA champion last year and they did not lose THAT much players. They lost the HC to a big money program.
The new HC is probably in his first and last year. There is no excuse for this kind of letdown.

- One of the biggest stunner, Boise State did lose against San Diego State AT HOME.
Now the Mountain West is wide open again.

- And at last, Arizona State did lose against Oregon State. Oregon State that way still in the mix for the PAC 12 North crown.

‘Til next time

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