2012-11-19 09:01

It's nice and hot here on the Maldives.

30 degree, 75% humidity, some clouds on the blue sky and some hot fat ladies in their bathing clothers.
Jippie. LOL.

The College Football Weekend was even hotter with a big jippie for Notre Dame.

Let's have a look at the BLOCK OF GRANITE TOP GAMES FOR WEEK 12

#13 Stanford @ #2 Oregon
Wow. I'm stunned.
The Ducks did lose in OT AT HOME.
They were truely the favourit and they did not score.
Stanford held them to 14 points.
The consequences are huge, the PAC 12 is now wide open, the BCS is a mess.
Good job Stanford. LOL.
17-14 -> Jacks Score: 40-19

#18 USC @ #17 UCLA
USC had a shitty first quarter or UCLA a really good one.
USC did trail 24-0, before they woke up.
Beginning of the third quarter they narrowed the lead to 20-24, in the fouth they came close by 28-31.
But they never mad it 100% and with Matt Barkley out (looks like for the next game also), the game was over.
28-38 -> Jacks Score: 41-19

#23 Texas Tech @ #24 Oklahoma State
I expected more points by the Red Raiders, but I also expected a big chunk of scoring by the Cowboys, which thez did.
I'm currious to see, how this all will turn out at the end, but at the moment it looks like the Raiders are OK with their HC and will keep him.
21-59 -> Jacks Score: 42-19

Ohio State @ Wisconsin
Next season will be a Buckeye season. Urban Meyer did came in and brought a missed winning attitude with him.
They were not able to stop Wisconsin from forcing OT, but they won in OT, so no problem here.
They are still perfect, the Big Ten Championship place is automatically Wisconsins and everybody knows thez did not deserve it.
21-14 -> Jacks Score: 42-20

Some games of interest:

- Northern Illinois did win against Toldeo for the place in the MAC Championship game. Looks like Kent State will be the opponent.

- Florida State won against Maryland for the clinched ACC Finals.

- Northwestern did beat Michigan State.

- Tulsa did beat UCF, which eventually was a preview for the CUSA championship game.

- Georgia Tech did beat Duke and are now on TOP of the ACC Coastal.

- Notre Dame won against Wake Forest to stay unbeaten and are now BCS #1 as the only unbeaten team.

- Utah State did upset Louisiana State! Now Utah State can win the WAC!

- UTSA did win against Idaho. Idaho clearly has more problems than one.

- Syracuse did win against Mizzou.

- Tennessee did lose gainst Vanderbilt, the coach was fired.

- Kansas State did lose big against Baylor. Finished, the dream of national glory.

‘Til next time

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