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And another blog entry from the the Maldives.

In the last few days I say a whale shark and some Manta rays, so not a bad week in my book. LOL.

Last week in the FBS was an earthquake.

Before the weekend we had three unbeaten teams in the rankings and it looked like all three could go all the way, which would let to a BCS desaster, because one team would have to stay out of the BCS finals.
NOW, after the weekend, there is only one team left unbeaten, Notre Dame and the debates can start which one loss team is worth the finals.

And there is still one week left to play in the regular season for most teams, some even have two games left, as part of their regular schedule or because of conference championship games.

So the landscape can shift even more.

This week is traditionally a week of rivalries.

Some will make my top games of the week, so I won't explain them here.

Unfourtunately the biggest game, the Iron Bowl, played by Alabama and Auburn is not worth a second look this year.
Yes, it could happen that the game is close and there might happen an upset, but NOBODY expecting that.
Alabama is a double digit favourite in this game, so it does not make my list.

Also not on the list are:
Washington - Washington State
The Apple Cup, Washington State is too bad to be an opponent, but since the game was yesterday (fr) the really managed to upset Washington.
Not bad and a good sign for the upcoming season.

Arizona - Arizona State
The Duel in the desert, Arizona is probably better, but who knows. This could be a nice game next year.

Georgia Tech - Georgia
Clean old fashioned hate, it was almost on my list, but I thing Georgia is too much of a favourite here.

Michigan - Ohio State
That one is crucial for Michigan this year even if they can't make the conference finals no more.
The Buckeyes just fight for honor, which should be enough to play 100% or better.

Let's have a look at the conferences and their remaining decisions.

Florida State will battle as winner of the Atlantic Division probably Georgia Tech.
GT is not set yet, there is North Carolina and Miami playing conference games this week and both do have the same loss amount as GT.
It will depend on those games and the scorings, if GT or another team will win the Coastal Division.

Big 12:
Kansas State is in the front seat here. If they win against Texas next week, they for sure are Conference Champions.
It could happen that they have to share the title with Oklahoma, they have the same loss amount.
But they have to win against Oklahoma State.

Big Ten:
This is already set. Nebraska wins the Legends Division, Wisconsin wins the Leaders Division by default and they will meat in the conference championship game next week.

Big East:
This is Rutgers to lose. They are still unbaten in the Big East and they have two games left to play.
The Championship will probably be decided next week against Louisville.
If Rutgers wins this week and against Louisville, they are champion, if Louisville beat Rutgers, they will share the title.

Conference USA:
If UCF wins this week, the will win the East Division and will play Tulsa, the winner of the West Division, in the Title game.
East Carolina is the runnerup in the East.

Kent State wins the East Division, Northern Illinois the West. They will meet in the conference finals next week.

Mountain west:
Here is a three team tie, Boise State, San Diego State and Fresno State do all have the same record.
They all play this week, depended on those games there will be in the worst case a three team tie for the championship.

PAC 12.
Stanford is now in the lead for the North Division.
Oregon is right behind them.
Both will play this weekend, so this might change.
UCLA did win the South Division and will play who ever will win the North next week for the title.
It could happen, since UCLA plays Stanford this week, that they will meet again next week for the championship.

This is already clear, Alabama will play Georgia for the championship next week.

Sun Belt:
To my my surprise did Arkansas State come back and is now on top of the SBC. They play the runnerup Middle Tennessee next week.
If Middle Tennessee wins this week, they can win the title next week, if not, they can win at least a share next week.

Utah State is on top of the WAC and can win the WAC by beating Idaho, which is very likly.
If they lose, they will share the title probably with Louisiana Tech or San Jose State, depended on the winner of their game against each other this week.

Please keep in mind, that some Conferences don't have a championship game, since only conferences with 12 or more teams are allowed to play it.
Conferences with less than 12 teams do declare the leading teams with the same record the champions, regardless of points scored or what ever the tie beaker might be.
There is only a tie breaker for the Bowl seatings, like in the Big 12, where the winner plays in a BCS Bowl, the second best in a much less honored Bowl.
THERE it counts who beat whom and how.


#1 Notre Dame @ USC
This is the hottest game this week.
The last unbeaten team has to go to California and has to play USC, a team they couldn't beat in the last few years.
Luckly for the Irish, Matt Barkley is out, which should help them.
The key is their great defense, expecially the line.
If they can make any USC QB eat dirt regularly, this game is over.
The biggest gun USC has is their WR, Marqise Lee.
If they can make him catch and/or run, they can score and if they score, this Notre Dame Offense is in trouble.
So ... what will happen?
I don't know.
But with Barkley out and a tough loss last week, I see a USC team in an uphill battle.
Irish win.

#21 Oklahoma State @ #13 Oklahoma
This is probably a clear thing. Oklahoma did not show much weakness, beside their two losses.
Oklahoma State did lose three times and not against so high ranked teams as Oklahoma.
Still, THE BEDLEM SERIES is worth a look and could be a stunner.
I'm expecting a Sonners win anyway.

#4 Florida @ #10 Florida State
Ah! That means something again.
After years of bad teams on one side or the other one, both teams are very good and they facing of against each other.
I'm expecting a tough game in this one and don't think it will be a high scoring games.
Both teams have good defenses and they will hopefully play as good as it can get.
At the end ... I'm with Florida here.
The Seminoles are beatable and they took some hits already.

#5 Oregon @ #15 Oregon State
BEFORE THE SEASON it looked like a speed bump for Oregon.
BEFORE last weekend it looked like a tough match, but with a clear winner.
NOw we have a beaten Oregon Team in an away game against a tough playing opponent in THE CIVIL WAR.
I hope Oregon State can copy Stanfords defense and make this worth the hype.
I'm still with Oregon in this, but it could go from upset to shootout to shutout.

#12 South Carolina @ #11 Clemson
This will be interesting, since the ACC has only two teams ranked so high and both battling SEC opponents.
This machtup here will show, if South Carolina can beat a high flying Clemson team.
I doubt it and see the Tigers as a winner.

#8 Stanford @ #18 UCLA
UCLA did win the South Division in Jim Mora's first season here and there is room for more.
They play Stanford this week, which did beat Oregon in an away game, so don't expect a light fight here.
I'm still with UCLA here, since they look like they found the light and they might make more out of the home advantage then Oregon did last week.
So, Bruins win.

‘Til next time

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