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Now they keep on coming and they keep on been what they should be: Interesting.


LITTLE CAESARS BOWL: Western Kentucky vs Central Michigan
This was a close game and at the end ... my prediction was wrong.
Western Kentucky trailed a long time but were able to get the lead in the third quarter.
But in the fourth, Central Michigan were able to score again and did take home the win.
21-24 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 3-4

I have to admit, Bowling Green had all the tools to get a victory here, if not the turnover did just killed them.
The Spartans had some crucial picks and fumble recoveries and at the end, SDSU won by 9.
Not that high scoring as expected, but OK.
29-20 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 4-4

BELK BOWL: Cincinnati vs Duke
Duke led 16-0 before Cincinnati did show up and did come back.
About 1:30 before the end the game was tied at 34.
I have to admit, I would never expected such from the Blue Devils.
The Bearcats did then a 83 yard TD pass and the game was basically over.
48-34 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 5-4

Oh boy, Baylor looked good in that game and UCLA never stood a chance!
The game was over at the half and starting of the 4th quarter it was 42-13!
Then did Baylor some stupid things and at the end UCLA did score some, but far from enough.
49-26 -> Jacks Bowl Score: 5-5

And now let’s take a look at the next upcoming games.


AdvoCare V100 INDEPENDENCE BOWL: Ohio vs Louisiana Monroe
This is played on Friday.
Since 1976 is this Bowl played and they field it at Independence Stadium in Shreveport, Louisiana.
Because of the 200 year celebration of independence at 1976, this Bowl has its name.
The SEC 10th team should face an ACC team (7th).
The SEC had only 9 eligible teams this year, so a replacement was needed here.
And because North Carolina and Miami are not eligible because of NCAA investigations or sanctions, also an replacement for an ACC team was needed.
That's how this matchup did come together. (and of cause there was this thing with Louisiana Tech see my blog a few entries ago...)
Each team gets around 1.100.000$.
Ohio did start well in the season, but did suffer some losses at the end of the season; They ended with an 8-4 record.
ULM did had a great season, including that stunning win against Arkansas, until they ULL and Arkansas State.
That did end all hopes for a championship in the SBC.
This will be close, I think. If ULM comes out in their first half of the season form, Ohio will lose.
But if Ohio does match that with their first half of the season form .. it will be fun.
I will pick ULM and I put my money on the QB of the Warhawks and the fact it is played in Louisiana.

RUSSELL ATHLETIC BOWL: Rutgers vs Virginia Tech
This is played on Friday at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium.
It's played since 1990.
The ACC should face up against the Big East.
Each team gets around 2.325.000$.
This will be a nice defense against an explosive offense (once they get going this year).
This year was the worst for VT (6-6) sind 1992 (2 win that year) (same coachsince than, by the way).
Their best win was maybe against Georgia Tech in OT at the start of the season.
Rutgers did play good the whole season, but did fall to Kent State, Pitt and Louisville, which resulted in a share for the Big East Crown, which could have been theirs all alone.
I think Rutgers has a small edge here.
I will not give up VT at all, so I think the Hokies will fight, but it looks like this year is not A Hokie year.
The Scarlet Knights will win.

This is played on Friday at Reliant Stadium at Houston, home of the Houston Texans.
It's played since 2006.
The Big 12 should face up against a Big Ten Team.
Each team gets around 1.700.000$.
I would Texas Tech the edge here.
Even or maybe because they lost their HC (boltet to Cincinnati).
The Red Raiders had a 7-5 season with some tough wins and losses, while the Gophers had a 6-6 season with honestly only weak opponents wins and all losses against bigger programs.
So Texas Tech will win in Houston. Period.

This is played on Saturday.
Since 2003 is this Bowl played and they field it at the moment at Amon G. Carter Stadium, Home of the TCU Horned Frogs in Texas.
A MWC team should face a CUSA team. If either conference can't field an eligible team here Army or Navy can play.
Each team gets around 1.200.000$.
Rice had a 6-6 season and is the underdog in this matchup.
Air Force had a 6-6 season, too, but does not field that losing tradition as does Rice.
Sorry for that, but it is true.
I asume here, that Rice will play tough. but will come up short.

NEW ERA PINSTRIPE BOWL: West Virginia vs Syracuse
This is played on Saturday and does operate since 2010.
It's played in Yankee Stadium in New York and does field Big East teams (#4) facing Big 12 teams #7 or Notre Dame.
Each team gets around 2.000.000$.
West Virginia had a rough year in their first year in the Big 12.
With 7-5, this is far from being a regular Mountaineers season.
Syracuse on the other hand had a very nice season compared to former ones and did finish also 7-5.
The Orangemen are still the underdogs in this.
I can decide here.
I love how the Orange did play and I thing West Virginia did play not as good as they might could.
So ... who will win?
I pick the Orange as the winner and will probably suffer from that, but who cares.

KRAFT FIGHT HUNGER BOWL: Navy vs Arizona State
This is played on Saturday.
Since 2002 does this Bowl operate, even under different names.
It is played at AT&T Park in San Francisco and home of the San Francisco Giants (Baseball team)
This is a PAC 12 Bowl facing Navy, BYU or some teams from the ACC, MAC or WAC.
The PAC 12 team gets 900.000$ the other team only 750.000$.
Arizona State did play really nice this season and did had a 7-5 record.
Navy did also play nice, fielding a 8-5 record and the Commander in Chief Trophy. Yeah.
I'm not sure, if this will help here, but maybe it does in the Midshipmen heads.
The Sun Devils are the favourites here and I go with that.
Navy was too inconsistent and had a lot of close games they won against very weak opponents.
So I think the Sun Devils will win easily.

VALERO ALAMO BOWL: #23 Texas vs #13 Oregon State
This is played on Saturday.
This one exists since 1993 and has tie ins to the Big 12 and the PAC 12.
It is played in the Alamobowl in San Antonio.
Each team gets around 3.000.000$.
The Longhorns did really not had a season worth the money this program is worth or it does earn.
There were questions regarding their HC, but as it looks now, he will stay and will not be fired or send into retirment.
With 8-4 they did play better than last year, but the expectations were higher.
Opposing to that, the Oregon State Beavers did have a season which did beat any expectations anyone had in them.
With 9-3 they have a terrific result and it will be fun to see, if this team can beat Texas.
I think they will.
Texas looked very weak in their games and they had some close ones which could have been a loss also.
So the Beavers will win and the Longhorns fans will be mad.

This is played on Saturday and does operate since 1989.
It's played in Sun Devil Stadium in Arizona, home of the Arizona State Sun Devils.
It does field Big Tean facing Big 12 teams.
Each team gets around 3.300.000$.
If this would have been the matchup LAST year, I would have been excited, but TCU and Michigan State did not play as last year.
TCU is 7-5 and Michigan State is 6-6.
So this is a bit of a downer.
Still this will be tough and a tough defense matchup.
I expect TCU to come up with the win here.
The Spartans were to on and off this year, I think TCU will just be better prepared and better suited for that.

No games on Sunday!

‘Til next time

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