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And the National Champions are the

Alabama Crimson Tide!


And you can like or hate Nick Saban (the HC of Alabama) as much as you like, everybody has to admit he can coach.

In today’s College Football world it is hard enough to win a national title once.

He won it 4 times with two different teams and of those 3 times in 4 years with the Tide.

With that he is in VERY good company regarding legendary coaches and he is not done yet.

For comparison, Bear Bryant won 6 National Championships with Alabama in his very long career with the Tide and he is one of the most respected coaches ever.

So, what happened last night?


There was a lot of buzzing before the game.
Notre Dame with its rich football tradition (earned mostly in the early 20th century) against Alabama as one of the most successful programs of all time (some say THE most successful ever, earn also in the early 20th century and during Bear Bryant legacy in the sixties to eighties).

I think nobody really wanted to get into the deep analysis before the game, because all signs were there to have one sided match.

Alabama had won the tough SEC, Notre Dame did play a tough schedule, but by far not as tough as that SEC schedule.
Alabama did basically dominate the whole season and had not many close games; Notre Dame did almost stumble in almost every game and did survive one or two only by luck.
But nobody was interested in that, since the story was so nice.
Good to sell.

Well ... Alabama did score 35 unanswered points until Notre Dame did score the first time deep in the third quarter.

The Crimson Tide did look terrific on offense and that offensive line did dominate that so praised tough defense line of Notre Dome at will.

Manti Te'o, the Heisman Finalist Linebacker of Notre Dame had one of his worst games I've seen of him. He missed several tackles and did lose the sight of the ball carrier more than once.

Notre Dame had some bad luck also, especially on a punt return, where the Alabama returner did signal a fair catch and a Notre Dame player did ran into him, because he was pushed by an Alabama player.
Instead of ruled as a fumble and the recovery by Notre Dame, the refs did rule an interference call and Alabama had the ball for their next scoring drive on mid field.

But honestly I think that did not matter much.
The game was 0-28 in the half and Notre Dame still was not able to get points on the board, when they came out of the locker room.

Good sign for the future of Notre Dame, there are a lot of people left for next season.
Bad news for them, this is also true for Alabama.
And with a perfect Ohio State team from this year, the challenges for next year will not become less. More the opposite is true.

At the end of the day, Notre Dame did finish this season in the TOP 4 (AP) and probably the same with the coaches (not public yet), which is very good.
For Alabama, it will be interesting to see, how many of their players will declare for the draft and then build around the rest.

And of cause all have to look at Nick Saban.

It might be that the NFL sirens will start singing again.

That's it. The last Bowl was played.

Now comes the off season, which includes recruiting and the remaining coaching changes. I will see what I will do in that time.
That blog is not dead until August.

‘Til next time

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