2013-04-21 08:50

Hello all,

the first gameday of the new season is over. We have seen some upsets, other teams are celebrating their game of the season already.

We would like to introduce you a change on the Draft, many of you were asking for it.

The Draft is now a 3 days draft, happening on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Pre-season. On each of these days there is 1 Draft round. After the processing of each round you can adjust your own sort-order again.

We hope to see some more fun, less disappointments due "I got 3 Punters", some banter on the forums as well.

At the same time the draft board sorting got an update, since we have seen some strange processing especially for users using the Microsoft Internet Explorer. We hope this helps, and ask you to report if you get strange messages out of the draft board. The Bugs-Area is the right one.

Enjoy the update, which will go live soon!

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