2011-09-30 06:46

Hi all,

let's do it like Google, Mozilla and all the other Software companies...

For every bug you are reporting in the Bugs forum you will get a reward. Here are the conditions.

1.) There are several types of Bugs, and therefore rewards. Spelling errors result in 1 Credit per Bug, real errors (wrong page processing and so on) result in 10 Credits reward. Logical errors return 10 Credits too, but only if the Game administration confirms them as logical error (see chapter Logical Errors below) - sometimes you might think you found one and the behavior is expected, then it does not count.

2.) A bug has to posted in the Bugs forum.

3.) Another user has to confirm it.

4.) The reward will be booked on bug fixing

5.) One bug = 1 Thread - please don't mix the things!

6.) The error description is as complete as you can do it, and our native english speakers stay away from using slang please

Logical errors: A logical error is when you think a function or resource of the game is not working as it should be since we added wrong game logic here (useless example: The Coach XY at level 20 returns too much benefit, because if you pay him the Facility becomes useless).

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

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