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The game is now online for several weeks, and it seems many managers are making the same mistakes - and therefore they are losing games, too easy. This is why I think it is a good idea to write down some basic rules. This is not an advice you have to follow, but maybe this helps you to perform better.

Check your roster, and sort the players

When you enter the game you will receive a set of players, and each of them has its position. The players are sorted, somehow. But in no way it is a fault to sort them out, based on their skills. The differences might not be that big, but keep in mind all starting teams own such crappy players and small differences might turn into win or loss.

Keep injuries in mind, use a Depth Chart

Players can be injured at kickoff time, and no one wants to put the Punter in there as Quarterback. This is why this game is offering you a Depth Chart. You can assign each player to his position on the field, and you can assign the same player to different positions. You should do that, to make sure you have a proper guy on the field. There is no harm in playing the same guy as Center or Guard as example, but keep the order on the Depth Chart in mind. It might be a good idea to put Mister X first on the Center, but last on the Guard - and Mister Y vice versa.

Have default match settings

Yep, we have a lot of games every week here in Could be you miss to set your matchorders. This is where the default orders kick in. So don't miss to set your default matchorders. This set should contain proper distances for Fieldgoal attempts, and of course a valid 4th down and go order. Without having at least default match settings no Depth Chart and Playbook will be active, and your team acts like a bot!

Use the playbook - Offense

The playbook enables you to tell your guys what to do in a certain situation in the game. Don't miss this opportunity. You could set different 4th to go orders based on the distance to the opponents goalline. I have seen so many turnovers on downs, only because the matchorders were set to go on 4th and 1. But this is a bad decision, if your 4th and 1 happens on your own 5 yard line...

Use the playbook - Defense

It makes absolutely NO SENSE to play without. At least you should add one rule per Offense formation to answer with a matching Defense formation on pass or rush. This is one of the major faults - and I have seen this a lot during the last weeks...if your defense is going with 4-3-4 all the time, put together that damn playbook ;)

I really hope this helps to enjoy the game not only because it is there, you should enjoy it because your team is (nearly) unbeatable!

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