2022-01-16 21:04

After the first edition 4 seasons ago, the RZA Teams World Cup is back! The best teams, according to the ELO ranking, from 16 countries will face each other to decide who is the greatest of the World! Nothing less!

Before introducing who is in, let's talk about the absents. The biggest one is probably Switzerland and Letaidans who is currently busy with the Monarchs Cup. But it is worth mentionning the Free Agent Mascots from Hungary, the Växjö Warriors from Sweden and Poznan Knights from Poland either declined or ignored the invitation. Those teams will be missed, definitely!

Now, who is in? First of all, Austria and the Green Mark Packers will defend their title, proudly obtained against Germany and the Salt City Pirates. Actually, most of the teams who took part to the first edition will have another shot this year. The only exception being Ghost of Bautzen (Japan), Chelt Nam Bobbers (UK) and vamosahi (Spain).

After the draw, we now have 4 quite balanced groups.

We can still consider the group 4 as maybe the toughest one.

The competition will start next Sunday and until then you can have a look at the tournament draw replay or share your favorite on the forum.


And do not forget to also follow the Game of the Celebration Cup II from our friend JonnyP!

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2022-01-13 20:18


We are right in the middle of the draft for season 46. The sixth draft of the Deventer Devils. During the first draft in season 40, It was six seasons ago that, during the first draft of the then new team Devils, that the owner of the Devils was very much present, so much so that he forced the GM to make the controversial pick QB Albert Jacobs (who has since then left the team).

He was there in the press room when coach Maliki was presented to the press. He was right at the forefront during press visits to the club and he was right there during the first three seasons.

Then after he sold a 51% to the Sheik Sulaiman he disappeared from public view. Not like taking a backseat but like gone, as not even spotted at games or any function related to the club.

Meanwhile, the new majority stakeholder, Sheik Sulaiman, has not visited the club once since he bought the 51% share from Vennegoor. So the question then arises: who does the day-to-day running of the club. The question becomes even more pressing when you realise that since the effective ownership of the club changed, the club has gone through an unbelievably successful period: getting promoted and winning the AC South and making the play offs in their first season in Dragons 1.

We have spent the last several months investigating the situation at the club and will reveal all during this investigative reporting series in the Deventer Chronicler. Part 1 coming up soon...

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