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Hi there,
My Name is Daniel and I’m running under the nickname jack6 for as long as this game is live (and even before that).

Before you start reading this guide or start playing the game, you should be aware of the nature of this game.

Red Zone Action is not a game like Madden NFL, where you can start up a franchise in seconds, where you are able to simulate 20 seasons over a weekend and where you are also able to control your individual players with a gamepad.


Red Zone Action is slow paced management game, much more a game you can login a few minutes a day and watch your team prosper over days, weeks and years. Quickly you will learn that a few minutes per day might not be enough and you might need a bit more time, but the speed of the game itself won’t change.

A season last in real world time about 3 months (12 weeks) and there are phases in the game where you might not need to do much, until the next season start. That heavily depends on your success during regular season and your playoff performance. Sometimes it’s a real live month or so.
You will learn that you still can do things during that time, but never the less, the next league game might be a month away.

Patience is a virtue here.

You will start with a bunch of backyard footballer of all ages and in bad shape and you will need several seasons to transform your team into a championship winning bunch of pros. That’s right, SEASONS as in several real life months, maybe years.

This guide is meant to give you an overview of all the aspects of the game from a manager’s point of view. It does not aim to substitute the manual and it also does not aim to be the complete and ultimate truth, stating the only possible way to play this game. In fact I might have missed some stuff and I’m sure some described aspects of the game are interpreted or handled different by other managers.

I think many things in this guide will help you, big time, but if you do find a different approach, a different strategy for whichever aspect of this game, try it, use it, and if you like, share it with the community. Or if you like to, share it with me to discuss it and eventually make it part of this guide.

This guide has a few limitations, but should give you a good start to make up your mind about the game and you place in it.

Remember, this is only a game, so cheating, lying or rage shouldn’t be an issue here.
If you lose, congratulate your opponent, regardless what an ass he might be (and I did not find many here, so chances are slim you meet some), analyse your team and try to be better next time.
If you win, be grateful you did, but don’t count on it as an everlasting step forward. Your opponents might come back with a new playbook, new players and then everything might be different, since also your team did change to that rematch.

If you have questions about the game, ask the community. Sometimes they have nice tips, sometime they are not really willing to share. That’s something you have to accept. Never the less, most of them are a nice bunch of people and if not willing to help openly, they might help you per personal notice (PN).

I hope I did cover most of the needed stuff in this guide.
If you see gaps or you think I should add something, don’t hesitate to write me a PN and I’m happy to discuss the topic.

Enjoy the guide!

Daniel aka jack6

PS: I did create this guide in late 2015 to mid 2016 and tried to keep it up to date. It is under continuous review. Lately some major changes did happen which I do hopefully address in this latest version.

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