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Physical Skills:
SPE - Speed
STR - Strength
AGI - Agility
PC - Physical Condition

Non-Physical Skills:
VIS - Vision
POS - Positioning
TAC - Tackling
Car - Carrying
BLO - Blocking
PAS - Passing
CAT - Catching
FOO - Footwork
PUN - Punting
KIC - Kicking

Player-Values which are not skill related:
Constant Values:
INT - Intelligence
TW - Teamwork
TAL - Talent

Non-Constant Values:
MOR - Moral
TC - Team Chemistry
RAT - Rating
EXP- Experience (also for coach)

PN - Private notice / personal notice
EXP- Experience (of a coach)
CON - Consistency (of a coach)
TFL - Tackle for loss (a ball carrier is tackled behind the line of scrimmage)
MOTY - Match of the year (a type of play intensity)

You will get used to those names very fast, so don't be frustrated early.
Lots of names at the start, but you will learn them quickly.

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