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Chapter 12 - Hire and slash you staff
Version 1.2.0 - 17.07.2018

These are the little Heinzelmännchen in the background providing you with some nice benefits.

In general there are several levels of staff you can have, starting with a level 1 staff member and it ends with a Level 20 staff which is the best you can get. Most do have several levels in between, but honestly, I would not bother with those.
For each level you want, you have to pay 2.500$ wage per level (so level 1 is 2.500$, level 2 is 5.000$ and so on), but if you increase the level at some time you also have to pay a onetime signing bonus of 3.000$ (medical staff) to 5.000$ (all others) per level!
That means from level 1 to 2 on medical staff you pay 3.000$, to level 3 6.000$ and so on until level 20 with 57.000$ (19*3.000$). The odd thing is, if you like to reduce the level a bid, say from level 20 to 19 you have to pay the same bonus as from level 0 to 19, 54.000$.
But normally, if you like to reduce the level you want to reduce the wages big time, so a reduction to level 1 is normal which does cost no signing bonus at all.

You can increase your stuff directly from level 1 to level 20 if you like (and afford), which is in terms of the signing bonus most desired (since otherwise you have to pay a bonus AGAIN if you like to increase further), but of course you have to be able to effort the weekly wage of 50.000$ then.
Please be aware that the Facility Manager is an exception to the level rule. That type of staff comes only as level 1 (which mean basically no manager at all) and level 20 (which means full service).

But let’s just tackle each staff member in detail and how you can use him and whether it’s worth the effort or not.

The staff members in detail
I have to admit I did never really play around with various numbers on this topic, but I will for sure state my point of view.

Medical Staff
The Medical staff does help you team to perform better in general.
How so?
Psychologists do increase the moral of your team and depended on your strength and league level, you might need him very much. The thing is, moral does influence your players effectiveness on the field. Everything below 100% is a factor which does lower that effectiveness.
Each game which generates income except the friendlies (so only league games, Supercup games, Champ of Champs cup games and all playoff games in those competitions) do have an influence on the moral. League games do hit you with in general roughly with a 10% loss on MOR of every participating player in case of a loss and it will grant you a 10% bonus to all the participating players with a win. All other mentioned games do even increase that loss or bonus to 12%. Please be aware that the moral loss and gain is now depended on the ELO score of your team and your opponent, so now it can happen that you lose a game and you lose only slightly in MOR, since the difference of ELO was so much in favour of your opponent that a loss was very likely. But it can also happen that you lose a lot of MOR, since the opponent was supposed to be a cup cake and did blast you out of the stadium.
With no Psychologist you will get in trouble very fast, if you don’t win often and regularly. You can also increase moral by training facilities, but that will take away some training bonus on other skills and training is only once per update, while the moral does recover slowly on a daily basis with Psychologists.
What does that mean now?
If you are bound for a great season, lots of wins in all competitions, you can save a big chunk of those 1.200.000$ per season if you like, because your moral will be quite high, regularly.
If you are sure you will have a hard time in the upcoming season, it’s very wise to invest the money over the whole season. Because if you don’t do that, soon enough your team will be very depressed and will lose regardless of your strength.
You can try to avoid that with a Psychologist a bit and maybe you can win some crucial games, get some bonus money, stay in the league and eventually even make the playoffs.
So good team, no Psychologist and bad team need a must-have-Psychologist? Not so fast!

Even a good team does lose, sometimes.

That one loss at the wrong time and no Psychologist in the staff, the next game might be the next loss coming, especially if this is a playoff game and the opponent is on the same level or that game is a crucial division rival game. Think about it this way: Lose a Supercup game on Monday and face one of the toughest division or conference rival on Tuesday with a Moral of 88% instead of 100%. That gives your opponent already a big favour. With a Psychologist you can’t overcome that 12% gap in total, but you can narrow it a bit. There is no guarantee you will win that rival game, but for sure your chances are better with a slightly better moral than 88%. Now think about this: If you lose also that rival game, you are without a Psychologist in a 78% Moral hole and suddenly you are no longer a competing team, you swim for live. Of course there could be the next BOT bashing supercup game the next Thursday and you get a boost for the next league game, but sometimes the schedule is a … well, let’s say when it starts raining, it pours.

Imagine your so nicely planned bowl run season did end already prior the playoffs, because you did not invest in a psychologist worth a few dollars. Your star player will likely will cost you more than twice the money than the level 20 Psychologist, sometimes 8 times and more.

Since it’s a risky gamble to hire and fire such a staff member, I suggest hiring them and forgetting about it. But it’s up to you.

The same is valid for Physiotherapist.
They do help to lower the injury risks on training updates and if injuries happen, they will speed up the healing process.
You can gamble on that staff member and hire and fire him, if needed.
Or you can hire him and forget about him.
Remember that every time a hire does require a signing bonus. Remember that a hired Physiotherapist will not help if an injury happens during a game, only for the regular updates. But imagine this: Suddenly your TOP QB is out for a game, because he injured himself during training. Now you have to play with the backup or even worse, you did not set a backup, because that TOP QB was bound to play 100% (by game settings). Now you are really in trouble, because the game did pick ANYONE of the roster and let him play QB. Wouldn’t you not like to limit that situation to a minimum? A Physio will eventually even heal your QB until the crucial game happens, or at least he will be only limited a bit, but will play.

It’s up to you.
My medical staff is fully staffed, even in offseason, because I don’t won’t to think about them anymore. That does cost me a few bucks more, but a bit less to think about.

The next group of stuff members are the Consultants.
The Public relations department will help you to raise the amount of tickets sold. That’s well spend money and does pay every invested Cent back.
You can fire them if you don’t have deep playoff runs, but remember to hire them once the season rollover did happen or will happen, because they do also negotiate with your sponsor for some extra money in all kind of payments and some do almost pay the public relation people alone, some are more or less a joke.
For example you can get a bonus on the regular sponsor payments or the won games bonus, which is great. On the other hand you might end up with a few thousand bucks extra for a Bowl win. To set this in relation, a Bowl game does give you alone on ticket income millions extra, the sponsor deal brings you a few thousand bucks (normally a 4 digit number) which is just pity money.
I do keep my department stuffed, basically only because I don’t want to think about it during off season.

The next crucial guy is the Playerscout, who is essential for four things.
Find young players, scout the draft players and scout other club players or free agents are the first three things.
As major bonus there comes also a nice alarm on your own players hidden physical caps and the talent caps. While you KNOW the talent caps and the warning is a nice to have with a nice yellow “!” next to the value, the warning for the hidden physical cap is essential for a good youth player management.
For each level higher, the better the results (and the earlier the alarm).
A level 20 scout will give you a five skill points alarm range, exact scout reports and the best youth player prospects.
Of all the staff members, I would never reduce that level, ever.
But some do decide because of the expenses to reduce the staff level on the scout to 1 and only do increase it to 20 prior the draft to scout those players in detail.
It’s a business decision you will have to make.

Facility Manager
And there is since a few seasons this guy on top, the Facility Manager.
That guy comes only in the level 1 or level 20 flavours and does only help for one thing, keep your Stadium in shape.
After every game, the Stadium is set to 100% back again.
The Costs for the repair do stay the same, so no shortcuts or savings here. This includes also the one-time-charge per repair. In numbers this are cost of 100.000$ one-time for the order and 156.000$ for the repair per home game.
Financially does this guy not make much sense. It’s cheaper to do this on your own, manually (means that guy is at level 1).
Biggest catch here is, you have to remember your repair duty, which should happen every one to five home games.
You will get a warning at a certain level (I think that was 80% condition), but there is not much of a failsafe otherwise. At least now you see the stadium shape on your overview page, which makes it harder to forget the repair. Still you need to check your stadium regularly if you want to avoid big losses in ticket sales and bring it in shape every few homes games.
The lazy managers do hire that Facility Manager at level 20 and never have to worry about their stadium again. That Costs you 1.200.000$ a season on top of the repair costs. In return you get every home game the max amount of visitors calculated (so not 144.400, but if the system sees a potential of let’s say 135.000 you get those. A less than 100% stadium might lead to a reduction on that potential visitors).

Regardless how you do decide, the Heinzelmännchen are an essential part of the game and will help you big time in those aspects you hired them. They will cost money, but all of them do offer a service in return which will help you or your team.

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