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Location: Deventer Devils website
Date: 7th December 2020
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Person: Billy Groeneveld
Title: Staff Writer Deventer Devils

Checking in our first round draft pick

The draft is two weeks ago now so it is time to check in our first round pick, QB Albert Jacobs!

The quarter back has been allowed to get used to pro life on the training pitch which means fans have not really been able to assess the highly rated prospect. This does not mean that he has not impressed. We spoke to Ronald Vennegoor who said: "I've been really impressed with how Albert has carried himself. He has been an eager learner and is making big strides. It is true that he has not played yet but that is because we want Albert to be 100% ready to play. Right now it is fair to say that our team is not ready to compete yet. Also Meinders and Haverman have been doing a sterling job so far so there has been no rush to get him on the pitch".

We also spoke to Albert himself about getting used to life at the Devils. This is what he said: "I will not lie, it was a surprise to be picked in the first round. Being a first round pick brings a certain pressure with it. Fortunately the Devils have been really good so far and allowed me to get used to life here out of the limelight. I also moved to an appartment in Deventer now, it's the first time I've lived away from home but everyone in the city has been super nice to me. It feels good to be here. I have been learning a lot already from Jayden (Meinders) and Egbert (Haverman) although to be fair, it's been mostly about how to escape from the pocket using your legs. I must admit that with throwing the ball I seem to be more accurate already. I hope that once I've spent enough time in the gym to get my strength and speed up, I will get a chance in the first teamm as I do feel I can contribute already.

Next week we will check in on second round pick WR Haydn Williams, who certainly has been making moves on the field!

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