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Location: Deventer Chronicler website
Date: 16th November 2021
Time: 13:48

Person: Bart Kampman
Title: Beat Writer Deventer Devils

BREAKING NEWS - report: QB Albert Jacobs to start game tonight

Since the start of the season I've been hearing reports of increasing tension between owner Vennegoor and coach Muriki about the role of last season's surprise first round pick, QB Albert Jacobs, who has so far not played a meaningful game so far.

The internal strife seems to come from the increasing irritation by Vennegoor that Jacobs is not the starting QB. My sources tell me that coach Muriki does not rate Jacobs at all and that he does not possess "the neccesary levels of dark energy to play at the position". Apparently things have come to head in the last few days and my sources tell me that owner Vennegoor issued an ultimatum: start Jacobs or be fired. Looking at practice yesterday it does seem that Jacobs will indeed start tonights game.

If true, this would mean a dramatic check to the growing power coach Muriki was gaining inside the organisation. What this means for his postion as head coach remains to be seen. It is worth noting that the draftnicks were on the whole happy with the Devils drafting strategy which means that, going on last season's draft, Muriki was in charge of making the picks.

Editor Note: A review of the draft will be published soon-ish

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