2021-07-05 21:07

Internal memo sent to all investors of the consortium that Sheik Sulaiman put together in order to buy the club

The last game of the regular season has been played so it is time to look back. As per previous announcement all focus of the club management was to put our house into order. That has now been completed.
What follows is a list of activities this season:

1. 21 players will have left the club next week:
a. 5 players were sold
b. 10 players had their contracts canceled
c. a further 6 players are transfer listed right now. if not sold, their contracts will be canceled as well.

2. 17 players were bought:
a. 3 players went into our Youth Academy
b. 14 players went into our first team
(We will introduce the new Devils in a separate communication)

3. We only invested $24,444,293 of a $50 million transfer fund showing what an amazing job the scouts and Sheik Sulaiman have done to fill the needs of the squad with less then 50% of the available funds.

4. New Fanshop opened. Merchandise is still being shipped in but from next season fans will be able to buy items to support the team and show their allegiance.

5. This means that overall financial health has been greatly increased, and that even with the investment in the Arabic market, we still made a very healthy operating profit. Which will be even more now since we...

6. ...won the AC East division for the first time (12-4 record!) in our short history. A real achievement that can only be attributed to the coach 'Magic' Muriki and the leadership on the field of MLB Suleiman Sulaiman.

7. We have revamped the coaching quite considerably to ensure that coach Muriki is supported in as many position groups as possible. We now have coaches at the following positions:
Ayubkhon Bairamov Quarterback 70.0 CP
Vilius Cekanauskas Runningback 72.0 CP
Paulus Van Zyl Wide Receiver 65.0 CP
Najub Pereiro Offensive Line 72.0 CP
Bryan Charpentier Defensive Line 59.0 CP
František Rozehnal Cornerback 71.0 CP
Gustavo Mendoza Safety 83.0 CP
Milford Carey Special team 58.0 CP

We still intend to make some changes to allow for a LB coach to be added but we are waiting for the right appointment and will remain patient. It is likely that SF coach Gustavo Mendoza will be let go to make room for this. Right now however he is heavily involved in youth development so we felt the time is not right yet for a change in this area.

We will send a introduction to our new players shortly as you are of course eager to hear what your investments were used for.

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