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You've been here since the very beginning of this game. How has RZA changed since the early days of September 2011 ?

I think the biggest change has just been the development of the economy. When I started, nobody had built out stadiums, so there wasn’t much money in the game. Now, everyone has max stadiums, but pretty small payrolls, so there is lots of money out there. Eventually, I think salaries will reign in available cash.

It’s changed quickly too. At the beginning of last season, I bought one of my best players for ~$45M and it was a really big purchase for the time. Now, he’d probably sell for two or three times that at least.

Which RZA teams/managers would you consider to be your main rivals ? ... and how intense is that rivalry ?

I have a pretty good divisional rivalry with Bellj (Heidelberg Hippos). I beat him in the playoffs last season, but then he beat me twice this season. Playoff game coming up this weekend!

Pete is also in the Galaxy 1.1 league and I seem to play him every season and in the playoffs too. So that’s a pretty big game too.

Of all the currently active NFL players, which 3 players do you rate the most highly ? And why ?

These aren’t necessarily the best players, but the ones that peaked my interest:

1. Wes Welker – this guy just is always open. I find him amazing.
2. RG3 – mark my words, Robert Griffin III will be incredible in the pros too!
3. Troy Polamalu – myself, not having the thickest head of hair, I’m a little envious of his mane. Great player too!

One of the RZA topics that seems to run and run .... for O-linemen, do you consider speed to be relevant ? Do you train speed ? ....... same for O-Linemen with Agility, do you consider it important ? Do you train it ?

Agility – I’ve trained it a little for O-linemen. I’m not sure how much it does. I’ve always been confused by the definition in the manual of agility and then how that resolves with the wording of Pass Blocker special trait.
Speed – I’ve never trained this for an O-linemen. I have considered it in picking positions on the O-line. Not sure it makes any difference though.

This one is primarily "tips for rookies" .... but think of it this way ... If you were to go Bot today, and start from fresh tomorrow .... having been playing this game for some time, which 3 things have you learnt that you would definitely do ? And which 3 things would you definitely not do ? (so, we might be talking .... definitely build the stadium fast, definitely not sell any Draftees .... lol ... it's up to you !)

1. Build stadium ASAP.
2. Train PC as fast as possible.
3. Experiment with the playbook and see what works and what doesn’t.
4. Don’t be afraid to change players positions based to strength/speed caps.

1. Don’t throw games.
2. Medium/Long passing – just be careful throwing longer passes with a newbie QB.
3. Don’t overspend on a single player transfer. As a newbie, you’re more than a single player away from being a good team. Build your stadium instead.

Not sure if I was a newbie team if I’d sell a talented draftee for big cash and build out my stadium immediately. It might be worth it.

Thanks a lot for creating this to sh8888, and his "victim" Solana_Steve!

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