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The stadium is the main source of income for your club. When you start the career as Team Manager your stadium will consist of 10000 regular seats, 1000 executive seats and 100 VIP seats.

There are 3 different categories of seats available on all 4 stands.
StandRegular seatsExecutive seatsVIP seats
Home sideline400004000400
Visitor sideline400004000400
Opposite the clock250002500250

Price per seat and maintenance
CategoryBuying priceIncomeMaintenance/w
Regular seats300402
Executive seats10002008
VIP seats3000700120

Restrictions: You cannot build more Executive seats than 10% of the regular seats per stand. You cannot build more VIP seats than 10% of the Executive seats per stand. For example, if you build 1000 additional regular seats, you can build only 100 additional executive seats, and 10 additional VIP seats.

A manager won't be able to build less than 100 seats and 10 executive seats and 1 VIP per construction session, as long as we are not talking about the very last construction cycle to create a full built stand.

The attendance for friendly games is a maximum of around 30000 sold regular seats / 3000 sold Executives / 300 sold VIPs, and there is an influence if you won or lost during the last 10 regular games - tickets costs are at half of the table above. In non-friendly games there is no attendance cap, but the influence of won/lost games is still there. If you hired a PR consultant, this has an influence as well. Please note: Supercup finals or Champ of Champs finals and League Playoff games including the Bowl are always sold out - but the Stadium Condition might decrease the number of sold tickets.

It is possible to play friendlies on league match game days in the postseason, when you are out of the competition already - or even on bye weeks during the regular season. Those games have a max. attendance of around 45000 seats / 4500 Executives / 450 VIPs! The ticket income is at half ticket prices too, and gets split between both opponents.
If you play a game at a bot team’s stadium you get a minimum income out of 10000 seats, 1000 executive seats and 100 VIP seats.
The ticket price changes in Bowl games and during the league postseason. Here are the factors:

TypeFactorMoney for Hometeam / Fanshop sellsMoney for Awayteam / Fanshop sellsaffects "form"
League matches
Regular League1x/x-/-x
Wildcard playoffs1.25x/xx/xx
Divisional playoffs1.5x/xx/xx
Conference Championship2x/xx/xx
League Bowl3x/xx/xx
League Relegation1.5x/xx/xx
Champ of Champs Cup
Champ of Champs playoffs1x/xx/x (Shop: half of Home team)x
Champ of Champs final2x/xx/x (Shop: half of Home team)x
Supercup division1x/xx/-x
Supercup playoffs1.25x/xx/-x
Supercup final2x/xx/-x
Friendly (Friday)0.5x/-x/--
Friendly (on League Gameday)*0.5x/-x/--
Friendly (all other days)0-/--/--
Friendly Cup0-/--/--

x = yes, - = no, O = no decision made yet

The attendance on regular league games gets lowered based on your teams league level. Teams below the top division will earn about 15% less per league level below the top division.

The attendance on regular league games gets lowered based on win/loss situation ("form" in the table above) of the past 10 official games - including league and cups, but except friendly cups. Each loss in these 10 last games lowered the attendance by around 3%.

The attendance on Supercup Divisional/Playoff games and Champ of Champs "non Bowl" games gets lowered based on win/loss situation ("form" in the table above) of the past 10 official games - including league and cups, but except friendly cups. Each loss in these 10 last games lowered the attendance by around 1%.

* You can play friendlies on League game days (Tuesday, Saturday) if you are out of the competition or on a bye week or in the offseason. Those Friendlies don't cost Credits.

Hint: The constructed seats are available on the completion/finish date.

Starting from Season 6 there is a new element, called Condition of Stadium. If the manager has the rank of being a "Top Manager", this Condition of Stadium is going down by 2 percent for every game played at home, that is generating income - except Friendlies. The attendance gets reduced on gamedays when the stadium is in bad condition. A Stadium with 0% condition is reducing the ticket income to 50% - you see this is quite an impact.
You can fix your stadiums condition by going to the Stadium-section. There you'll find a repair-button, and an offer for how much the repair will be. The manager has to pay the amount of $20 per seat, $200 per Executive seat, and $2000 per VIP-Box. The total amount will be reduced by the condition-value. A 50% condition means 50% costs, the numbers above therefore are valid for 0% condition. All functions are working linear, so the math should be easy. Keep in mind: there is a Onetime Fee per Repair-session, it is $100,000. The repair of the stadium happens immediately on pressing the repair-button.