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The RZA Insider Magazine

Welcome to the second edition of the RZA Insider . With this week a look into the very psyche of RZA itself, some cool analysis and a look at surprising games in Thunder 1.

What is RZA?
It's a weird question perhaps as obviously RZA is an American Football simulator. The best one around! But for many, if we are honest with ourselves, I think we have to give a different answer perhaps. Because RZA is also a close knit and very friendly community.

I therefore decided to see if I can create a few personas of who plays RZA :-)

These players have been around since the beginning or at least a very long time. The game itself holds no challenge anymore. They conjure up match winning play books in their sleep. The real thing that keeps them here is the community and Pete. Some rumour that these players also sit on billions of dollars of cash!

These players have survived the very hard early seasons and have mastered at some level the game. They are getting to the play offs and if lucky, can make it to Elite for one soul destroying season. They are active in the community but also are perhaps secretly upset at the the dominance of the above group.

Same as above but only reads posts and hardly ever posts in the forum. We still love you though as you are a big part of RZA as well as you struggle as well to keep your team growing and to keep challenging for honours. Hopefully, perhaps, the Editor believes that maybe by reading this magazine they might be inclined to become more involved in the forums ;-)

These teams can be part of RZA for a long time but they just don't break into the top 10 of their division. Drafts come and go but they struggle to turn their team into a challlenging machine. Can be active on the forums or not. The editor has not spotted a correlation here.

They come often and leave often as well. We all feel for the N00BS. They join RZA thinking they will be establising a super bowl winning team within a season of two. Only when it's often too late they realise that this is a slow burning simulation where the marathon-running planner wins from the reckless sprinter.
The editor believes that we all owe it to the N00B we all once were, to reach out to there new manangers and make them feel welcome via a PM and especially to make it feel like they can reach out for help to any of us whenever they feel overwhelmed. This can turn around the dwindling user base of RZA!

Ah, everyone loves Pete. And although he can sure as hell be the topic of many a fierce discussion when it comes to the evolution of the game engine, the simple truth is that Pete is like a real Yoda to all of. His wisdom outshines our feeble minds at all aspects of the game. We demand, we ask, we complain. The Yoda merely listens and enquires and he only acts when he feels the need is to do so is really there. Slowly but surely he is weaving a simulator that always had no comparison and keeps making it better and better. We all thank Pete for being our Yoda!

So which category do you belong you think? And did I forget any personas? Let us know in the discussion thread!


any game or play can be featured here. If you think you've seen something worth mentioning here, send it via PM to Cheesehead.

Dumpling has been known within Thunder itself for scrutinising every game and play after every week to bring us the coolest, weirdest and most exciting games and / or plays. He is now bringing his skills to the wider RZA community. Thanks dumpling, keep 'em coming!

Statement made
Skunks produced a great winning performance against the Sultans. These two teams were both in the playoffs last season and are amongst a group of teams capable of winning the conference. Skunks however put in a great balanced performance with a mistake free passing game complimented by a solid running game and a punishing defensive sackfest !!!

Back from the dead
Knuckleheads scored 17 unanswered 4th quarter points against Pamplona Walls to pull off an excellent comeback with the last touchdown coming with only 34 seconds left on the clock.

Magnificent seven
After 3 weeks there are only 7 teams left with unbeaten records (with 4 teams losing for the first time this week) - is this an indication now of how strong Thunder is as a League.

Powerranking Admirals

Here are some of my thoughts behind this powerranking: Top group should be the best from last season -promoted teams + relegated teams.
2nd group are for those not quite good enough for the top, but tood good to be in the relegation figth.
3rd group are for those who need to step it up to avoid relegation. All teams promoted from league 2 are in here.

Editor: I took the liberty to export report to Excel and take a screenshot from there


This is a space where I will post interesting threads / posts from around the forums. If you wrote or have seen anything that you want featured here just PM Cheesehead.

In Elite League Solana Steve wrote an article on Elite Stats on Passing Yards and TDs by QB but the resulting discussion is also entertaining to read.

(Btw interesting side note here. QB Hategka is the second highest transfer fee ever in RZA. A staggering 245mill for a 19 year old! Seems it was worth the investment though.)

Not to be left behind Buziano did the same thing for Sea Devils 1.1. Article can be found here

Great work guys. The editor personally loves these kinds of stats. If anyone else has someting like this, contact me so I can publish them!

That was it for the second issue of the RZA Insider. As always the accompanying discussion thread can be found here Go there to comment on anything in this issue of the RZA Insider!

Your intrepid reporter Cheesehead

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