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Date: 13th December 2020
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Person: Billy Groeneveld
Title: Staff Writer Deventer Devils

WR Haydn Williams: Hitting the ground running

Having looked back at our first round draft pick, we now turn our attention to the second round pick, WR Haydn Williams who has hit the ground running. He has been in the line up since game one and has excelled, especially considering he is only 19 years old.

In his first seven games he is averaging 42 yards per game, with an impressive 147 yards coming after the catch. Especially his speed has jumped off the film and he has embarrased many CBs already in this league. He leads the team in TD receptions, 3, together with veteran Daan Nuis. The one blemish has been his drops (10) but when we interviewed him he was not shy to come up with an answer for the drops. Here is what he had to say:

"I love playing professional football. I feel in every cell in my body that I was made to make plays down the field. I mean, when I start running, there is just no catching me. Mr Vennegoor certainly recognises that, as all the tells me to do is run Go routes. Fine by me, but in college I did run the whole route tree, you know, kinda dumb to waste my football intelligence that way. On the other hand, I do run past these suckers like they're not there, so yeah, maybe Mr Vennegoor is just smart. The drops, yeah, that's a thing for sure, but I am telling you, if you ain't throwing it to my hands I am not gonna catch that ball, you know!"

With that the press officer suddenly remembered that Williams had another place to be and yanked him away. So you see that he is not lacking in confidence which is a thing we like to see in our youngster here at the Devils. It makes us to conclude that there is a bright future ahead for this 19 year old.

Next week we will feature our last draft pick, third rounder LB Suleiman Sulaiman that has proven himself quite the ball hawk!

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