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Date: 20th December 2020
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Person: Billy Groeneveld
Title: Staff Writer Deventer Devils

LB Suleiman Sulaiman: a QBs nightmare

We are back with the final episode of our look at the first draft class of the Deventer Devils. Up next is LB Suleiman Sulaiman, who, despite being a third round pick, has had the most immediate impact on the team. It turns out that the 21 year old Omani (ed: from the country of Oman) is quite the ball hawk. Currently Suleiman is second in the league so far with 8 interceptions in 8 games: quite a record for a rookie who pas picked in the last round!

Scouts attribute this to his football intelligence that jumps up from the tape. He easily diagnoses plays and seemingly knows where the oppossing QB will throw it to before the guy knows it himself. In other words, he is often in exactly the right place at the right time. The second thing that scouts will tell you that is a team player pur sang. He never gives up on a play and is often covering for other players who missed their assignment. Thirdly, despite his young age, he is a real leader in the locker room. I think we can safely say that the Devils got a steal with Suleiman Sulaiman!

We interviewed as well of course and this is what he had to say:

"My dad is a rich guy in Oman and I had a very privileged upbringing. I however did not let this make me weak. I practice the art of Voluntary Hardship. This means you put yourself in uncomfortable situations by choice despite having better options. A small example if you allow me: I always have an ice cold shower, even in the Netherlands. Things like this make you mentally tough and strengthen you in many areas."

"When I was younger I became obsessed with american football after watching highlights of the Elite bowl between OrangeCrush and Wilmersdorf Wadenbeisser (ed: 24-14) on the state channel. It is then I knew what I wanted to be. After studying the game I found that being a LB was the best position on the field. It needs all aspects of the game: intelligence, team work, strength, speed and aggresiveness."

"My dad wasn't too happy with my choice but still, he did provide facilities for me to train in. In fact, the only american football field in Oman is build by my dad's company: Sulaiman Industries. I am not the strongest on the field but I have watched all games in Elite since season 34 and have taken in all what I could learn. Therefore I think my knowledge of the game makes up for my lack of elite strength."

"I am very happy with the start I've made. It has shown me that hard work and ambition can get you almost anywhere. I see these attributes also in Mr Vennegoor and I appreciate a kindred spirit when I see one. Together I feel we will be the foundation of the Deventer Devils as they make their way to Elite! "

Well, there you have it people. That is one ambitious kid and he is showing his potential already on the field. I for one am really excited to see where this kid can take the Devils D! This concludes the look at the S41 draft class.

As soon as the planned elite youth academy is opened we will start a series where we will feature the future Devils.

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