2021-02-03 20:03

Location: Deventer Chronicler website
Date: 1st February 2021
Time: 15:45

Who: Rufio
Title: Investigative Reporter

Report: exclusive look inside the Deventer Devils organisation

Rufio on the Scene is back! I figured with my crazy adventure to the Netherlands cut short, I should try again to see what's going on inside the Deventer Devils football club. So this trip I decided I wouldn't take no for an answer and I'd get to interview some decision makers for the team. As much as I'd like to explore the city and it's.... eclectic transformation, this trip was all about how this team would approach it's 2nd season and it's goal of reaching D1 in the Dragon region.

I first tried to reach out to the owner Ronald Vennegoor, who is proving to be a very difficult man to get in touch with. I did however catch up to Billy Groeneveld who seems to be the PR director and he sat down with me a little bit. We talked about the culture change and Ronald and how the building and city were positively ecstatic with the direction the team was headed.

Talk moved to the new coach Itso Muriki and his ... unique... background for a professional sports coach. As soon as I mentioned his name Billy's eyes got a little bigger and he seemed to search a little harder for the correct words. He said coach Muriki's style was certainly different but the players completely embraced the change and his personal touch on their development. He's incredibly invested in their personal development, on and off the field. I said that's great! Far too many coaches use players, especially young ones, as a means to get what they want, rather than helping them become better humans and players.

Billy sighed and began to explain when coach Muriki opened the door. "Rufio my friend! I heard you were asking about me?" He seemed to glide across the room as he motioned Billy to leave. "You've done well Billy, I'll talk to you later." We talked about general strategies, nothing in depth since I wouldn't want to write about actual gameplans anyways. (Casual readers find it boring and I'm certainly not going to be getting in the middle of teams' subterfuge strategies.) Coach Muriki seems to have an excellent grasp on what it takes to win in this league and his demeanor is surprisingly calming. I decided to dive a little deeper into some concerns I had with his "interns." Without blinking an eye he claimed those are his disciples who are dedicated to learning everything he has to teach to further their progress. "Oh wow! That whole group wants to get into coaching?" He laughed as if I had just told a hilarious joke. "Oh no, my friend, these are people who are just trying to advance through life."

I suddenly felt a chill rush through my body and had a strong desire to leave this office. Next thing I knew I was standing in the welcome area with my notes in my hands and Ronald waving to me from his glass office 2 floors up. I really wanted to talk to him about his attempts at a meritocracy system, here in the U.S. that rarely happens. It's all about who you know, not what you can accomplish. At the same time, I really wanted to get out of this place. I didn't even to ask Itso about this energy mantra he keeps reciting. I think this team is certainly worth following, and has a bright future..... or a dark one.

This has been Rufio on the Scene who is now exiting the scene very quickly!

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